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Yorkshire (West Riding) / Re: Reuben SMITH of Leeds
« on: Thursday 27 March 14 18:32 GMT (UK)  »
Do you know for certain that he was still alive at the time his wife died

THere was an administration for the estate of Reuben's wife, granting the administration of the estate to Reuben on 11 Feb 1925.

Yorkshire (West Riding) / Reuben SMITH of Leeds
« on: Wednesday 26 March 14 22:18 GMT (UK)  »
I'm looking for the death of Reuben Smith.
His wife Annie Louise died in 1924 (at the asylum in Burley in Wharfedale) - at this time Reuben lived in the Meanwood/Harehills area of Leeds.
He was born c. 1863. I can't see any relevant death entries - there is one registration entry in Leeds North in 1936 but the age in the index would be too young.  A family story says that he drowned  as he was in debt (possibly in Roundhay Park Lake).
Is the Yorkshire post (or other local Paper) searchable anywhere for the period after 1925 ? I'm in Leeds early next week so will look in the library.

Many thanks,

Montgomeryshire / Re: Edward Evans - Where is this birthplace?
« on: Monday 24 March 14 21:56 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks for your replies.
sorry - I omitted the 1851 census reference. I think Habberley did change county at least once - parts of it were either side of the border at that time.
The Caersws entry could be interesting - I know from a potted chapel history that Edward was preaching at the chapel in Caersws around 1830 before he moved to Shropshire in 1832/3 to become the Baptist Minister.
I'll check out the LLanllugan entries.

Montgomeryshire / Edward Evans - Where is this birthplace?
« on: Sunday 23 March 14 18:46 GMT (UK)  »
I have an entry from the 1851 census for Edward Evans.
He would be born approx 1798 but I can't identify the exact birthplace from the 1851 census entry (in Habberley, Shropshire) I have attached the birthplace entry image below. I would be grateful if anyone could suggest where this is.
The nearest I could match is Montgomeryshire LLangyniew. (though the ending looks like "ion" in the census image)
According to a marriage certificate for his 2nd marriage in 1865  (at the age of 67) his father was Evan Evans, Flannel Weaver
Incidentally I could not find Edward on the 1861 census and the 1871 entry not very helpfully says he was born in "Wales" so this is the only cenus I have showing a birthplace.

Many thanks,

The Common Room / Re: Rev. Edward Evans, Lords Hill, Shropshire
« on: Tuesday 11 March 14 20:12 GMT (UK)  »
I have just obtained a copy of Edward's will from the Probate office.  It mentions a wife called Elizabeth. His first wife (Mary) died in July 1864 - she is buried in Snailbeach just outside the chapel door.
THe will is dated June 1870 so at some point in that 6 year period Edward remarried. Does anyone have the details? THere are a couple of possibilities in freebmd for marriages in 1867/68 in NEwtown/Welshpool and a couple more in Birkenhead. I can't see any in Shropshire for that period.
The will also says that Edward is resident of Willaston of the parish of Wybunbury in Cheshire (near Nantwich) at the time of writing.
On the 1871 census Edward is with his daughter in Shrewsbury so I can't check Elizabeth's details.

THis is the photo I have marked "edward Evans Evangelist" can anyone confirm if this is the same Edward?


Derbyshire / Re: LUCY BURGOINE (or BURGOYNE) - married Daniel EATON
« on: Monday 24 February 14 21:51 GMT (UK)  »
I'm still looking for Lucy Burgoine's baptism (c. 1779) or details of her parents if anyone has any suggestions?

many thanks,

I am trying to find the baptism of Lucy Burgoine.

She married Daniel EATON on 2 Jan 1797 in Darley Dale.

At the time of her marriage in Darley to Daniel Eaton in 1797, she was from Bonsall, and from the age given at her death/MI, she should be born c. 1779 ish.   I have checked the Bonsall and Darley Dale PRs and a few others in the surronding area.

many thanks,


Derbyshire Lookup Requests / Re: Ann Topham Pentrich
« on: Monday 24 February 14 21:48 GMT (UK)  »
I haven't got definite details for Ann Topham's parents - it is a few years since I did any research on this side but I was told by another distant relative that  Anthony's mother Ann Eaton, nee Topham's family have a grand(ish) grave in Pentrich churchyard, which is under a big yew tree there.


Derbyshire Lookup Requests / Re: Ellen Bott Anthony Eaton Winster
« on: Monday 24 February 14 21:28 GMT (UK)  »
I have Anthony Eaton on my tree.

THe detials I have is that Anthony Eaton married Jane BOTT in Winster in 1690.

The date in Feb 1691 is unclear as to the year as it is pre 1752 so using the old calendar when the year changed on 25 March.

ANthony Eaton was baptised in Bonsall on 4 November 1660, the son of Thomas and Joan Eaton.
The Bonsall PRs for this period are hard to read and have some gaps in them so I haven't found a marriage for THomas and Joan as yet.
It is fortunate that Lichfield Record office hold marriage bonds and wills many of the Eatons in this family line which help to provide additional clues.

I did find on checking the entries that thtere are some errors in the INce Pedigree for the Eaton family, one section being transcribed by Ince under the wrong person but a few wills and cross checking with PRs showed the correct lineage.

your comment regarding the will:

Anthony EATON left land adjoining land belonging to George NEEDHAM and Anthony GREENSMITH;   
this tells us that the land given to Anthony Eaton by his father lies adjacent to other land which is owned by George needham.

Shropshire / Re: Edward EVANS/LordsHill Baptist Chapel, Snailbeach
« on: Saturday 01 February 14 18:44 GMT (UK)  »

I am a great grandson of Edward Evans. I have his bible which has been passed down & a nice colour-wash picture of him which is a little faded. When I visited the chapel about 25 years ago, his church organ was still intact as were some of the original pews & pulpit. I couldn't get access at my last visit, due to a service. I don't know if he is buried in the chapel, but I will ask my mother, his grandaughter, who is now 95.

This is the picture we have which is labelled Edward Evans, Evangelist.  Pleae can you let me know if the picture you have is of the same person.
I think Edward moved to Northwich for a while after leaving Snailbeach in about 1864 but can't find any details of him until the report of his funeral at Snailbeach.

Many thanks,

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