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Australia / Re: Gray Family - Obley NSW
« on: Thursday 26 August 21 09:51 BST (UK)  »
 Hi Thegrahs,

I would love to hear back from you regarding your potential connection...


Australia / Re: Gray Family - Obley NSW
« on: Saturday 21 November 20 22:57 GMT (UK)  »
I am wondering if anyone has any information on a lady named Jessie Graham from Obley NSW who was assaulted in 1867 (image attached)

The accused was found to be not guilty.

Armagh / Re: Edward Slavin/Slevin and Margaret McBride of Armagh
« on: Saturday 13 July 19 06:15 BST (UK)  »
Hi there all,

My great grandfather was Francis Slavin, who on his marriage and death certificate states that he was born in Melbourne Vic.  From his age on marriage certificate I estimated that he was born +/- 1847.

On his marriage certificate it states his father was Edward Slavin and mother Maria Callaghan.  From his death certificate it states that his father is Edward Slavin and mother Bridget Cahill.

I  have looked for 25 years to find Francis' parents or any siblings, but without success.

My great grandfather marries my great grandmother in 1875 in Wellington NSW, a long way from Melbourne.  No documentation found about Francis other than I have already stated.

I told my mother (nee Slavin) before she died that it was as a good thing that her grandfather was dead because I would have to the kill the bum for being so damn hard  to find.   

I am hoping folks out there will have relieve some frustration and give so peace before I too died  ;D.


Australia / Re: HELP REQUIRED....Slavin Family in Australia and a Broad
« on: Thursday 14 December 17 20:23 GMT (UK)  »
I would love to make contact.  Can you tell me how you are connected to Arthur Slavin.  Arthur is my grandfather.


Australia / Re: Gray Family - Obley NSW
« on: Tuesday 18 March 14 21:08 GMT (UK)  »

Re Jane GRAHAM, baptism 1845... I think this would be worth investigating .... it is the right year  :) and the right name  :) ....... and there have been flaws in transcribed records before  :) so Gloucester may be questioned.....  Alternatively, it is possible the circuit clergy may have been based in the Gloucester area (I am wondering if perhaps Australian Agricultural Co's clergyman may have taken a circuit out across say via what is now say Muswellbrook and across say to Gulgong, baptising and marrying along the way  :)   If so, then his parish registers may well record Gloucester Flats for his main location.

Cheers,  JM

I can rule out the Graham family from Gloucester with the details contained in this link:

Jane never married.

Australia / Re: Gray Family - Obley NSW
« on: Friday 07 March 14 05:43 GMT (UK)  »
Do you have a transcript or a copy of the Baptism of a Jane GRAHAM, listed at NSW BDM as 1845, with parents as James and Harriet?  Likely she had an older brother names John J, baptised 1843.

NSW BDM references:
V1845 3047  30A/1845 (Volume 30A is Church of England) Baptism for Jane
V1843 2635  27A/1843 (Volume 37A is Church of England) Baptism for John

This may be Jane's birth date and then his baptism at Gloucester, NSW 

This may be John J's birth date and then his baptism at Gloucester, NSW   (John J being John James)


Molong Police District
Robert GREY (with an ‘e’) of Tinby, residence Buckinbah. 

Forbes Police District
William GRAHAM, of Currajong, residence, Currajong

Grevilles 1875 PO Directory

Wellington : John GRAY, farmer, Mitchell Creek
Dubbo : John GRAHAME (‘e’) grazier, Dillederry

Further ADD
GREVILLES 1872 for OBLEY includes :
GRAHAM J.stockman Dirribong, Bogan River
GRAHAM John farmer Obley
GRAY Robert labourer Buckenbah
HARPER David superintendent Gunanagei
HARPER William storekeeper Bogan River

Cheers,  JM

Thanks.  On your list there is Robert Gray my GG Grandfather.  Under his name there is David Harper, who as one of the witnesses at his wedding long with a John Harper which I had not noticed to your pointed him out on that list.  Also present on your list were 2x Graham's who could have been Jane's father...  unproven by a far mile or two

The title superintendent when applied to David Harper seems to refer to the fact that David Harper was Manager of Gunanagei station. 

Robert Grey is my GG Grandfather because Tinby Station is listed as residence at the time of Daniel's birth in 1871.  At the time of his death, his surname is again spelt GREY, the only two occassions I have found so far.

As to the Graham finds at the start of your post, I have not investigated this to date.


Australia / Re: Gray Family - Obley NSW
« on: Thursday 06 March 14 04:43 GMT (UK)  »
Seems like she didnt marry until she was of age re 1867. Maybe she was orphaned and had no one to sign a consent if she tried to marry beforehand.

Her second name Graham ... Possibly her mother's maiden name.

Do any of the certificates you have state where she was born?

There is not parents listed on marriage certificate.  Certificates states born in Obley NSW. 

From you suggestion of adoption, and my knowledge of aboriginality in the family ... maybe she was aboriginal as well, but there is no wording on certificate as there is on other extended family members though.  Review other posts for fuller picture I had indicated there.  Thanks

Australia / Re: Gray Family - Obley NSW
« on: Thursday 06 March 14 04:39 GMT (UK)  »
Re the 1861 NSW birth cert....

The first we see of Robert GRAY in my district of Molong/Yeoval is in 1861 with the birth of a "male" child to Jane Graham SINFIELD when Jane is 16 years old (from birth Certificate).  In 1867 Robert and Jane marry.   

I empathise with your confusion..

Would you please type up the info from that registration.  You see, it should include the details provided by the informant as to when and where the couple were married, and also where each were born.     

You have them as marrying in 1867, yet the 1861 birth is indexed under the GRAY surname,  but NOT under the Sinfield surname, so I am a tad confused with the info you have posted.   

(Male) GRAY, parents given names: Robert and Jane registered Molong District. NSW BDM #9556

I notice that Robert and Jane G are listed as the parents for George GRAY whose birth was registered Molong in 1869 (#13483).   That birth cert should give you the details of all the older siblings for George, and of course the details about George's parents. 

NSW BDM has authorised official transcription agents.  This is a cheaper and quicker version of the NSW BDM birth cert, and is ideal for family history purposes.,300394.0.html

Cheers,  JM

I empathise with your confusion.  From the birth certificate 1861/009556 18 November 1861.  Name of child "Unnamed" male, Father: Robert Gray bushman Age: 21 Birth: Cape of Good Hope  It then states child as Illegitimate Previous Issue: none   Mother: Jane Graham Age: 16 Birthplace:  xxxx at Wellington  Informant:  Mrs Pinkerton at Obley  Witness:  Crapp

Yes I had noticed mother is stated as GRAHAM

My Robert and Jane's son Daniel (my gg grandfather) birth certificate lists Robert as born in London and 31 years old.  Jane is listed as Jane Graham, formerly Sinfield, being 26 years old and born at Obley NSW (which is in between Wellington and Parkes NSW)

On the marriage certificate the column of father and mothers names are empty, as well as their occupations.  Place of Residence is Yullandry (between Yeoval and Molong NSW).  Witnesses are David and John Harper. Jane signed with cross.  Robert signed name as GREY

I do not have Jane's death certificate but in the place where father is written it states online as "88 Year Old, Peak Hill" and mother is blank, so I do not imagine getting the certificate would shed any light on the details.

It is great to have other eyes to look over the details... because sometimes familisation breeds blindness.   Thanks

Australia / Re: Gray Family - Obley NSW
« on: Thursday 06 March 14 03:41 GMT (UK)  »
A photograph of Bob Gray and family at the time of his son Robert GRAY's wedding shows that the extended family were of Aboriginal descent, whom my grandmother's line experienced the negativity from society at the time.

NSW ER 1903 ROBERTSON, polling at Wellington
All with surname GRAY
Frances, of Hospital, nurse
George Henry, of Percy St, tailor
John, of  Nanima, Crescent Street, plasterer
Sara of Simpson street, domestic duties

NSW ER 1903 CANOBOLAS polling at Obley
All with surname GRAY
Eliza, of Obley, domestic duties
Emma, of Obley, domestic duties
Daniel, of Glenloch, Obley, labourer
Robert, senior, of Glenoch, Obley, farmer
Robert, of Glenloch, labourer
(Peak Hill and Molong were in the Canobolas electorate, but in 1903 none listed with surname GRAY at either polling place.   )
(178 people were enrolled to vote at Obley,  which included Yeoval, Obley Vale, Derowie Creek, Washpen, Greenbah, Goodrich, Wandoo Wandong, Chapman’s Flat, Wambangalang, Dilladerry, Jernie, Emmagool, Killaloolah, The Meadows,  Yoorooga, Timbil and other nearby addresses).

It was not compulsory to enrol to vote in NSW until the mid 1920s.  To be eligible to vote in 1903 you needed to be aged 21 years and over, and reside in the electorate, and be a British Subject.  The 1903 elections were in December, and this was the first election that females were eligible to vote.   Any person born in NSW was automatically a British Subject, without regard to their parents places of birth.   May I please note that Aborigines were of course eligible to enrol to vote in 1903.   For example, the Wellington roll includes persons whose address is recorded as Aborigines’ camp.   
(Edit to add these two AEC links)
Australian Electoral Commission "Indigenous Australians and the Vote"

There have been a number of threads at RChat that may be of interest, including these:

The NSW State Records has published a Guide online regarding their Archives relating to Aboriginal People. 

Back in the convict era, a chap named William SINFIELD was transported to NSW on the Minerva in 1821.  In 1828 he was in an Iron Gang, working on the Bathurst Road, in the Bathurst district.  In 1843 his Ticket of Leave was issued in the Wellington District.   Do you have any connection for your Jane Graham SINFIELD and this chap?

Cheers,  JM (Edit to add the AEC link)

Thanks JM for all this impressive information.  The Wellington Grays are not known to me but all the Grays CANOBOLAS polling at Obley are relatives.  I did not know the voting and aboriginal information and I will read up of this from what you have pasted.  Thanks

It was known to me that William Sinfield was a convict.  I have traced Sinfield family coming to Australia, John and Ann Sinfield on the "John and Lucy" to Sydney NSW.  A William Southwood (Darlinghurst area) is recorded as being John Sinfield's uncle and William Sinfield as brother (Camperdown or Campeltown area).. No proven connection

Are you able to tell me whether there STEIN listed in the ORANGE area in 1903 Voters List.  Also in Wellington for STEIN for the same period?  Thanks..

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