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Good day!

Oh boy it has been many years...over ten since my original post. I read through all the postings here to try to refresh my memory on this chap. I have to tell you...that at this point in time all that I remember is that my great-grandfather William DOUGHTY's middle name was Ohman which was apparently his mother's maiden name. That helped to explain why my uncle's middle name was Homan...the proper spelling was not known so this was an attempt.

As to what the records showed that I was provided with, I do not know. It would have been received via the internet and my computer took a nosedive and all that information was gone. Anything that I saved to a floppy was lost as well as it turned out that all the files were corrupted. I cried. Many years of research all gone. I had a skeleton printed out...but that was it.

As a result...I decided that my time in the world of genealogy had ended. And I don't do any family research at all anymore....leaving it for the next generation to do the sleuthing.

Sorry that I could be of no help.


Lancashire / To Michel
« on: Wednesday 28 February 07 16:22 GMT (UK)  »
Have you plans to write a book at the end of all this - or at least an article for a magazine or newspaper?

Surrey Completed Look up Requests / Re: John FULLER 1881 Census
« on: Wednesday 27 September 06 18:43 BST (UK)  »
Great work Mary! This hunt was rather thrilling to read about as it unfolded on the page. You have provided many leads to follow up with that will certainly bring forth more ideas and information.

The old grey mare

Thanks again for your help Mary. Hope that you are having continued success with searching your lot.


Hello all!

Doncaster library was kind enough to provide me with a transcription of the page in the book that was relevant. This was done in a timely matter and much appreciated.


Thank you Bee - this is indeed a help.


This entry is dualfold -

Firstly, I heard back from the Sheffield Library, ask a librarian post. Actually the query was sent to the York Reference Library for their action and although they did not hold the book that I mentioned, they found mention of another OHMAN who made violins and built organs in a scrapbook about York musicians. They directed me to links for Doncaster libraries as this is where Tickhill is near and they may have a copy.  I have sent an e-mail to them.

Thank you Linda for your input - I had wondered whether the surname OHMAN might have been of Swedish origin. Hard to say whether there may be a connection between our families. Toronto, being a large city, is a magnet for immigrants as there are many opportunities there. You might want to make a posting asking if someone will consult ship passenger lists(I believe that offers a search of some records) to see whether perhaps your two OHMANs left for Boston on the same ship.



Now that is a thought about the church having a copy of the book. Thanks for suggesting it!

I am still waiting to hear back from the library but imagine that they get oodles of requests and will try to be patient.

Where in Ontario did your OHMAN settle? My Jane, daughter of Henry, married Richard DOUGHTY and they moved to Toronto by 1851. They left England in 1850.


Hello all!

I am wondering whether businesses in England(specifically organ builders) might have advertised in large city newspapers(such as York)? Was this the practice of the period from 1820's through 1830's? And are old newspapers in existence for this timeframe?

I wondered whether my ancestor, Henry OHMAN who was an organ builder in Yorkshire might have placed such an advertisement? He apparently lived in Aberford (1828) and Tickhill (1831).

Any thoughts on this?


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