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I have an Irish convict ancestor, from Ballintober South, Roscommon. In 1830 he and one of the sons were convicted and transported for life (NSW) for 'stealing a mare'. The trial took place in Galway. Other than the obvious, that the crime took place in Galway and they got caught there, is there any particular reason why someone from county Roscommon would be tried and sentenced in Galway (instead of Roscommon)? The rest of the family were living in Roscommon as he later tried to bring the family to NSW.

One other related question: if the trial was reported, what Galway or Roscommon newspaper would have carried the story?

Any info most appreciated.

Thanks Gerry- will do



I have a general question re the history of Clare (and district, particularly Jamestown) in South Australia. I know that the town of Clare was named after County Clare but are there any (general) records of the early Irish make-up of the district, as in where individuals were actually from, as in Irish county/ district? Can’t see anything obvious from internet searches but I see that there have been a couple of books written by the local historical society on the history of the region which I intend to follow up.

I’m guessing that a large proportion of the Irish who settled in the area were from County Clare originally.

Any general info appreciated.


Australia / Re: Eliza HAMPTON (born 1866)- death details
« on: Sunday 28 April 13 11:20 BST (UK)  »
Hi Geneaglutton

Yes, that's correct. Ellen (Nelly) May (1899?-1987) married to Stewart (Blue) Bannerman and before that Bernard Deignan. She was a widow twice.


Thanks Sandra and Alexander for the quick response.

After checking his bio, it does indeed appear to be Lachlan McAlister, early Goulburn police officer.



Good afternoon

Attached is a signature I can’t read in support of a convict petition from 1831 for my four time great grandfather who was then living in the Goulburn NSW region.
The first is Dr Andrew Gibson, a local landowner, but I can’t make out the second one- thought it might be 'Richard Alison/ Alister'? No record of a person with that name, however.
Would anyone know what this signature says or who it belongs to?
(Goulburn NSW circa 1830s).


Thanks Elwyn- I think it would have to be Derrynaglah- the name sounds too similar.

Thanks Giblet- saw that record too- as Duffy seems to be very common in Monaghan, there may be a connection between the two.



My partner has found details of her four time great grandmother via the Irish Famine Memorial website which lists details of the around 4000 Irish teenage (mainly) orphans who arrived in Australia between 1848 and 1850. She was apparently from somewhere called ‘Durneyglass’  in county Monaghan.

Details as follows:
•   Surname : Duffy
•   First Name : Ellen
•   Age on arrival : 15
•   Native Place : Durneyglass, Monaghan
•   Parents : Owen & Jane (father in Durneyglass)
•   Religion : Roman Catholic
•   Ship name : John Knox (Sydney Apr 1850)
•   Other : shipping: nursemaid, cannot read or write, relations in colony: cousins, Margaret Hanratty and Catherine Duffy

We cannot find a location with the name ‘Durneyglass’ in Monghan.

Would anyone know if this is a village or perhaps some estate or house?

Or, any idea on what the village could be if mispronounced?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.



Could I ask a big favour of someone who has unrestricted access to the British Newspaper Archives to locate and send me an article?

There is reference to a John Hawes in the Page 3  Ipswich Journal of 10 February 1844 in regard to, I presume, an arrest. This article appears in the online search as (I searched for the name ' John Hawes' for 1844). The article has in the free search option the following:

.....named John Hawes, coming into Ipswich, from the direction of Westerfield. Knowing Hawes to be a suspicious character, ard observing that his pockets appeared unusually....

Thanks and Merry Xmas


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