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Wales / Re: Jane Williams mid 19thC
« on: Friday 20 January 17 14:14 GMT (UK)  »
Hi J&L,

I'm descended from Joseph Aston (junior), via his daughter Sarah Jane, who was born in Haydock, and he was in fact baptized twice, as you say in his thirties, but also in Wales.  Unfortunately, I'm at work at present and all my data is at home, including a photograph of Joseph and his wife Jane (nee Harrison) in his later years, if you're interested.  He's buried at St. James' graveyard, Haydock with his wife; no headstone.  (According to the 1939 Register he was living in the Harold Edwardson household, in Haydock, Warrington District.)  Joseph Aston (senior) married twice apparently, I have heard from someone in America who claims that his first wife Ann didn't actually die in Wales but went to the US with their children.


Shropshire Lookup Requests / Re: Benthall registers, Shropshire - Aston
« on: Monday 10 October 11 08:43 BST (UK)  »
Hi Geoff

Thanks a lot for your help. much appreciated,

Shropshire Lookup Requests / Benthall registers, Shropshire - Aston
« on: Friday 07 October 11 12:44 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone help me by looking up a marriage for a James Aston and Margaret in Benthall (Broseley?) early 1700s?  They had a son James baptized 17 Sept 1714.  Also, any of James junior's siblings' baptismal records?

Hi Jody
Thanks for your reply and information.

I got the following from St Marks, Haydock (it's not online or on microfilm, records are kept in the church only - so far), were there 2 Henry/Harry Burrows and Ednas in the same area, do you know?  Is the address significant?

Myra, daughter of Henry and Edna Burrows, 287 Liverpool Road, engineering lecturer.  Minister - Sidney Billingham. 1938
Linda, daughter of Henry and Edna Burrows, 287 Liverpool Road, engineering lecturer.  Minister - S. Billingham. 1945

Here is the chart for Joseph Aston's [Born 1857] descendants, and a photo of Gladys Aston, Leah's sister, as mentioned in my PM.


Thanks for your reply. 

I have created a pdf chart of Joseph Aston (1857) and his descendants (of which I'm aware), which shows you what I know, but I am new to this site, so I don't know what's the best way to send/upload, etc.  Can you help?

Also, I have a photos of Leah's sisters Gladys and Sarah Jane to upload if you are interested, I would greatly appreciate any photos of the Aston family.

I can only presume he (Joseph) was baptized again because either (a) he wanted to renew his faith or (b) he wasn't sure if he was baptized, and the priest CE Bowden at St James was more insistent than most.


I am interested in knowing more about the Aston family, photos, etc.

I am descended from Joseph Aston (via one of his daughters Sarah Jane), born 18 Apr 1857; he's my great-great-grandfather. 

He was baptized again as follows (from the Lancashire online parish clerk project):

Baptisms: 14 Sep 1893 St James, Haydock, Lancashire, England
Joseph Aston - Child of Joseph Aston & Jane
    Born: 18 Apr 1857
    Abode: Powtenwydd N Wales [sic]
    Occupation: Railway Inspector
    Notes: [P in margin]
    Baptised by: C. E. Bowden Vicar
    Register: Baptisms 1877 - 1899, Page 211, Entry 1682
    Source: LDS Film 1885722

For the baptisms of his children, Collier/Miner is listed as occupation.  (There is no gravestone for Joseph at St James, I was shown the plot by the minister.)

I have other information to share and would be grateful for any other information re: Aston descendants.

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