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Dear John,

Thank you for your message.

My husband is descended from Moses' brother William (1817-1891) and his wife Rachel Bateman so you share the common ancestors Thomas Bowman (1783-1842) and Jane Bateman (1781-1859) making you distant cousins.

Our branch is from William's daughter Martha Bowman who married John Bentley.  He was a butcher in The Shambles and she carried on the business after he died.

I have really enjoyed looking at your tree especially the photographs. Thomas and Jane Bowman are also buried in York Cemetery with a headstone which I could not see on your tree.  My tree is not on Ancestry but I think others on there have added the photograph to their trees.

I don't have any further information on Frances Brownley at the moment but would be happy to help with that or any other aspect of the Bowman tree if I can.

I did find the marriage for Hannah and James Bowman, who were the original subjects of this thread, in the end.  It took place on 11 Sep 1860 at St Maurice, York.

All the best for now,

Hi Pinetree
Thanks for the reply keep your eyes open for The Brownleys



I'm pretty sure this is the right family - thank you  ;)

I had this James BOWMAN as son of Moses and Frances because his widow, Hannah BOWMAN was living with Frances on later census returns as daughter (I assumed d-in-law).  However I now think Hannah really was Frances's daughter and she married this James BOWMAN (possibly her cousin).

All I need now is the marriage to prove my theory but no luck so far with the index pages  :(

Perhaps they didn't bother making it legal as they already had the same name  ;D

Thank you again for your help.


Hi,My name is John Pattison

 I am  decended from Moses Bowman, through his daughter Mary 1847 who married George Dunning Ellis, their daughter Frances Eleanor married my Grandfather  Ernest Henry Pattison.

Im still trying to find the ancestors of Frances Brownley ??

You can see my tree Pattison 2013-2014 on Ancestry

Best Wishes


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