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The Common Room / Re: HS2 and Cemeteries
« on: Monday 15 April 24 20:56 BST (UK)  »
  Says it all!

Kent / Re: Marriage of Nicholas Packer to Anne ?
« on: Sunday 14 April 24 23:09 BST (UK)  »
  I haven't had much luck either, in fact I can't find the baptism of William. You may be using a different source.

The Lighter Side / Re: 'Put away?'
« on: Sunday 31 March 24 11:15 BST (UK)  »
  A slightly happier story about one of my mother's sisters, born 1915. When I knew her in the 1950s she was to some extent part of the family, but she was nervy and a little odd. Piecing the story together since, a cousin confirmed that she was quite intelligent and I suspect she was autistic. She had an illegitimate child about 1940, which may be when she first went into a mental hospital. I don't know how the adoption of the child happened, but another aunt kept in close touch with her and her adoptive parents.
   My grandfather must have been shocked when this happened, but she was never put away and forgotten. She was in and out of mental care, but also visited us quite often (I lived with my mother and grandfather) We even had a visit once from the now grown-up child, at which point mum had to tell me who she was!

  You are lucky to have an "own GP" let alone "village family doctors". Both dying breeds. Round here GP practices have 2 or more health centres in villages several miles apart, with a changing cast of doctors. I am lucky enough so far not to have much need of them, and when I have needed appointments I try to get the same doctor, but he mainly practices in one of the further away centres.

  Clocks going forward for Easter Sunday! Glad I wasn't planning to go to any early services - I can probably cope with 11.00 even if it is really 10.00. ::)
   Eldest grand daughter is 18 on Easter Sunday.
  (I have just realised this is on the "family doctor" thread, so a bit off topic!)

  When I was a child we had "Old Dr Bellamy" and "Young Dr Bellamy". I believe the father, and possibly both, were "panel" doctors for the local mine workers? Someone else may know more about that. Surgeries for our end of the practice were held in part of a tiny cottage in the next village. After I married in 1968 and moved away, our new doctor still held surgeries in one room of a house in one village, and in his own house in another village, and still on the "turn up and wait" arrangement.
   I remember going to him for an ante-natal visit at his home surgery, and I think I must have gone straight from work, (about 12 miles by bus). Afterwards he drove me home!

The Common Room / Re: " black protestant " Meaning
« on: Monday 18 March 24 20:48 GMT (UK)  »
  There is an organization called the Royal Black Institution, linked to the Orange Order. I was somewhat startled some years ago to discover that my scottish great grandfather, then resident in New Zealand was past grand master of the Royal Black Preceptory.

Kent / Re: Frindsbury, Kent
« on: Saturday 16 March 24 20:19 GMT (UK)  »
  Welcome to RootsChat.
     Are you looking at any particular time period? There do seem to be times and places where marriages by licence are more common. Frindsbury is a bit out of my area, but someone may come along who knows more.

The Lighter Side / Re: "Where was my 2 x G Grandmother a Servant?".
« on: Wednesday 13 March 24 15:48 GMT (UK)  »
  I think you will need a local historian. I found Rose Hill in the right sort of place, but it doesn't appear to be an area of housing, possibly a large private area. (Between Langham Rd and East Downs Rd, but not now called Rose Hill.)

Beat me to it fiddlersclass!

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