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New Zealand / Re: RAF New Zealand
« on: Today at 15:50 »
He may well be alive - and as the split with the family was acrimonious I can't place details in public domain - I actually hope to find another branch of the family who has the 'missing link' that I've been looking for these 20plus years! Thanks for the hint about births etc - could be vital

New Zealand / Re: RAF New Zealand
« on: Today at 10:30 »
Thank you all. I too am reliant on passenger lists, where my belief is that my uncle-in-law was from NZ (no real proof of this) but no records in the UK.  I will follow up your suggestions - I'm now almost 80 and in lockdown in the UK so I am hoping to breakdown a few brick walls in my research. Will be in touch.

New Zealand / Re: RAF New Zealand
« on: Yesterday at 19:20 »
Thank you for your help

New Zealand / RAF New Zealand
« on: Yesterday at 16:39 »
Could anyone tell me how to search records of men who served in the RAF in WWII? Man concerned allegedly came from New Zealand. Any advice as to which website would provide most info - don't mind paying subscription but this is the first NZ ancestor (well - distant inlaw!) I have encountered - and am not sure how much I've heard is anecdotal!!

Thanks for any hints.

Lancashire / Re: 44 Huskinsson Street Liverpool
« on: Tuesday 23 June 20 18:01 BST (UK)  »
On the FindMyPast census search pages, the very first item (above the 'name" fields) is for you to choose whether to search for a person or an address:

Thanks - you've no idea how long I struggled with that!!

Lancashire / Re: 44 Huskinsson Street Liverpool
« on: Tuesday 23 June 20 16:21 BST (UK)  »
Sorry - my fault the confusion. Am looking for a person who came to this country about 1871 - totally changed his name and identity. Only clues I have he might have lived in Huskisson street, but I have just been through the 1871 census (thanks to above rootschatters) but no success. Can someone tell me when using findmypast where do you put the street name? Do I need to add Liverpool? As I say, I subscribed to findmypast for many years and never used this facility so am completely foxed by the search form. Thanks again for all the help.

Lancashire / Re: 44 Huskinsson Street Liverpool
« on: Tuesday 23 June 20 15:27 BST (UK)  »
Thank you all. I gave up my findmypast sub last year (never having used the address search!) and just kept ancestry because of the DNA test. Now I regret it. But am very grateful for your help. Keeping fingers crossed re sarch for Samuel W Chaddock

Lancashire / Re: 44 Huskinsson Street Liverpool
« on: Tuesday 23 June 20 14:41 BST (UK)  »
I'd like to find Huskisson Street in the 1871 census, but not sure how to find it. Can anyone help please? Thank you

« on: Wednesday 05 February 20 20:49 GMT (UK)  »
Hi - I don't remember Vine Street, but from the directions the others on here give, it seems like it's near the city centre in the south end. You may remember the recent BBC television programme about the history of a house  - well that was in Falkner Street (near the university). If you manage to see that programme it might give you some idea of the area.

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