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Nottinghamshire / Re: WISHER & related name interests
« on: Tuesday 08 May 18 05:30 BST (UK)  »
I've just found Olive's death - registered at Hull in 1986 (under Olive Ellerker, so obviously never remarried).

Nottinghamshire / Re: WISHER & related name interests
« on: Tuesday 08 May 18 05:10 BST (UK)  »
Hi Kate,
Olive and the two children were living at 3 St Georges Ave, South Parade, Kingston-upon-Hull, Yorks in the 1939 Register.  William, her husband, is not in the household; he may already be in the services, but I was unable to find him.

Hi Annie,
Sorry, the Olive May we're discussing married a William Londesborough Ellerker; her maiden name was Wisher, so the birth you found in 1908 is not for her.  Our Olive's birth was registered in Q3, 1901 in Grimsby r.d.  Thanks for the lookup, though.

Nottinghamshire / Re: WISHER & related name interests
« on: Monday 07 May 18 23:03 BST (UK)  »
Hi Kate, I have Olive May Wisher in the Lincolnshire side of my tree.  She was born in 1901 and was the 4th of 10 children of Frederick Wisher and Nellie (a.k.a. Ellen and Helen) Jennings.  I assume you are researching through the Ellerker side of the family?

Derbyshire / Re: WISHER & DENNY
« on: Saturday 18 October 14 03:36 BST (UK)  »

Many thanks for your detailed information about Arthur's family, and also my apologies for not replying sooner (family matters, of the living kind!).

First to answer your last question.  I'm related to Arthur through his older brother, James (1860-1922).  My paternal grandmother was Gertrude Denny (1906-1968), who was a grand-daughter of James via his son James (1885-1933).  My interest in the Denny family is centered mainly on those who stayed in Nottingham, though I'm also quite familiar with their family in Coventry. 
I don't know if you have access to Find My Past or any of the other sites that have digitized newspapers, but I'm going to transcribe an article which was in the Nottingham Evening Post, dated 1 February, 1902:
Among the recipients of the medal for long service and good conduct in the current  army orders is Colour-Sergent Arthur Denny, Derbyshire  Regiment.  Colour Sergent Denny enlisted in the Derbyshire regiment in 1883, and has served continuously in that regiment from that date. He was promoted sergent in December, 1888, and transferred to the 3rd Battalion, Derbyshire Regiment, in 1893 for duty on the permanent staff, being promoted colour-sergent in 1895."
I also have another child for Arthur and Annie, other than those you mentioned, and her name was Sarah Ann(e).  Her birth was registered in 1891 under the 45th regiment overseas births (the same method as her other siblings).  I also have a death for Sarah Ann(e) in 1893 in the Shardlow registration district.
So how are you related to Arthur?  All the Richards I have in my Denny tree are from the 17- and 1800s  ;)
Take care.

Derbyshire / Re: WISHER & DENNY
« on: Friday 11 July 14 16:27 BST (UK)  »
I'd be very interested to hear about you're wife's family, as I don't have much on Arthur beyond what I've found on the birth/marriage/death indexes.  I do know that he received a long service medal, from his time in the  Sherwood Foresters, and that the his family moved back down to Coventry.  They originally moved from Coventry to Nottingham in the 1860s and worked for the Raleigh Bicycle company in Radford.


Derbyshire / Re: WISHER & DENNY
« on: Wednesday 31 March 10 14:56 BST (UK)  »

You deserve a gold star!  This is definitely her.  I have a marriage between an Eric Wisher and Edith Asher in 1940 in Derby.  There is also another daughter, Ann, born in 1942.

As you say, there are many transcription errors and with such an uncommon surname as Wisher I've come across some over the years.  I was once contacted by a guy who couldn't find anything out about his family at all.  Going on the information he gave me, nothing fit in anywhere.  Like you it niggled and  bubbled until I did some serious digging...found out he wasn't a Wisher at all, but Wisker!  He'd spent his whole life using a surname that his Dad, for whatever reason, deliberately mis-spelled when registering the birth (his parents marriage was down as Wisker, so it's very weird).

Anyway, many thanks again!
Denise, in drizzly Vancouver

Derbyshire / Re: WISHER & DENNY
« on: Monday 29 March 10 14:32 BST (UK)  »

Mavis Wisher is one of my dead-ends!  I don't know anything about her, other than she married a Barry Baker in 1966.  So if you can recall anything about her parents or siblings, I'd appreciate it.

As for the music shop, yes it was the family business.  That side of the family came from Burton Joyce then Loughborough, originally being instrument makers.  When they moved to Derby just before the 1861 census, they set up a sheet music sellers shop.  That evolved into what you knew it as in the 60s.  If you do a google image search for Wisher, someone's got an old photo of the shop logo!

Take care.

One Name Studies: T to Z / WISHER (GOONS #3832)
« on: Wednesday 01 June 05 18:39 BST (UK)  »
My one name study is the surname WISHER, which is predominantly a Midlands name.

I have managed to trace the line back to the late 1600s to east Nottinghamshire.  Various off-shoots migrated into the adjacent counties of Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, Cambridgeshire and Yorkshire, and into London.

Variant spellings I've discovered - WHISHER, WISSAW, WISSER, WISHSHAW, WISHEAR, WISHAW.


Thanks, Sue.  Unfortunately I'm looking for info from trades directories; I've got the scan with them on the 1861 census.

My main problem is trying to get a more accurate year of when John Denham would have died.  There are so many John WYNN deaths in London at the time, that it's hard to say which is him (and I don't want to buy a bunch of certificates on the off-chance!).

Thanks for your help, anyway.

Newstead ;)

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