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Technical Help / Re: Slow Browsing.
« on: Tuesday 02 October 12 22:03 BST (UK)  »
As likely as not, a slowdown is being caused by an addon within IE.
From the menu, select Tools, Manage Addons.  There will be a list of stuff that has been added to IE, not always with your consent.  Any on the list that you don't use should be deleted or disabled.  This won't affect the behaviour of IE other than stopping it slowing down.

The reason for slowdowns at the weekend is probably one addon trying to update itself.  Particular culprits for this are Java and Flash plugins.

Also delete all toolbars, I haven't found one yet that is worth a candle.  They ALL slow down your browsing.

Chrome and Firefox suffer much less than IE but they do suffer.  It is always worth mucking out your browser addons as part of regular maintenance.

Technical Help / Re: I have lost my sound again!
« on: Friday 21 September 12 20:14 BST (UK)  »
Sometimes the windows volume control icon can disappear due a conflict with a separate driver provided by the PC manufacturer.  You can delete the driver of the manufacturer if you feel confident enough but it is probably better to leave it alone and simply reboot if it goes away.  A reboot always works in this case.

If you get strange noises on certain web pages I would go into your browser's settings and turn off automatic play of sound.

Technical Help / Re: I have lost my sound again!
« on: Sunday 09 September 12 10:25 BST (UK)  »
This could be down to a number of things.  The first thing to try is updating the device driver.

Go to the Control Panel
Select Device Manager
Expand the Sound devices - they are near the end of the list
Right-click on the sound device(s) - if more than one do them one at a time
Select Update Device Driver.

The system will attempt to download a new version from the PC manufacturers site.

This often, but not always, works.  It is certainly worth a try.

Technical Help / Re: help with microsoft outlook
« on: Wednesday 22 August 12 19:32 BST (UK)  »
I can think of two options:

Firstly, return to the last restore point.  This may not work as I'm not sure if the font sizes are held in the System Volume Information directories.

Secondly, if you still have the MSOCache directory on your hard drive you should be able to perform a repair installation.

MSOCache is a hidden system directory containing a backup of the Outlook installation.  Open Control Panel, then "Programs & Features" - this is named differently on different versions of Windows and even differently named on the different display modes in Windows 7 so it could be called something else on your PC but it is reasonably intuitive.

You will get a list of installed software.  Right-click on Outlook and choose "Repair".  This will restore a large number of settings using the MSOCache records.  You may find you have to re-enter your account details but the OST file should still be recognised by the repair.

As a precaution, I would back up your PST file first.

However, if you have already recovered the font sizes on the desktop and elsewhere, it may well be something simpler than either of these.  If I think of something simpler, I'll post it!

Technical Help / Re: Not sure what these are help please?
« on: Tuesday 21 August 12 21:04 BST (UK)  »
If you are a BT Internet user you have free access to WiFi hotspots throughout the EU.  You just connect to a FON hotspot using your BT Internet username & password.  You may have a limit on the minutes you can use, it depends on your BT package.

Often the cheapest way to use 3G overseas is to buy a Pay As You Go SIM when you get there on a local carrier.  This is certainly true outside the EU.  In places like Japan it can sometimes be the only way.

Technical Help / Re: Internet Explorer
« on: Tuesday 21 August 12 20:53 BST (UK)  »
A common problem with Internet Explorer shutting down like this is add-ons rather than IE itself.  Do you have any add-ons, such as flash, and are they up to date?  You can check from the add-ons manager in IE.  If in doubt, remove all add-ons.  You can always then re-install just those that you really need as and when you need to.

Technical Help / Re: E mail in the mime format.
« on: Sunday 05 August 12 10:37 BST (UK)  »
Strictly speaking, MIME is not an email format.  It is a mechanism for encoding attachments within an email message.  When you receive an email in what is commonly called HTML Format, you actually receive a MIME-encoded HTML attachment that your email client renders in an internal browser.

Outlook Express does handle HTML S/MIME but it is possible to turn it off.  It may be that this is what has happened.

I would still recommend, like the others, using Thunderbird as your client.  An alternative is Popcorn, which is a very simple lightweight client.  Popcorn is no longer supported but you can easily find it and it is so simple that it needs no support.

Technical Help / Re: Cyndi's List - Phoenix Exploit
« on: Sunday 29 July 12 12:35 BST (UK)  »
I've just checked.  Cyndi's list is flagging up the Phoenix Exploit using AVG.

Phoenix feeds false links to the browser, hoping that you click on one to get infected.

Technical Help / Re: Internet Explorer Notice?
« on: Sunday 29 July 12 10:43 BST (UK)  »
This message need not necessarily be malware.

HTML5, which is the incoming standard for creating web pages, can store information on your PC in a number of ways.  Almost all web browsers that support HTML5 will, by default, ask the user if they wish to allow this information to be stored.

The message you are getting sounds like an HTML5 page simply requesting to store some information.

This information can be looked upon as a sort of super-cookie.  Nothing more sinister than that.

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