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The Common Room / Re: Two part question re:wills
« on: Friday 08 March 24 10:25 GMT (UK)  »
Yes CaroleW they were in a nursing home and a charge was put against their property. They were well looked after and together which is the most important thing; especially during the covid period.

I am now going through the accounts I have received from the solicitor, all seems to be in order. The care home fees are eye-watering. Unfortunately there wasn't a power of attorney just a "deputy" who seemed to take over their lives.

The Common Room / Re: Two part question re:wills
« on: Thursday 07 March 24 12:38 GMT (UK)  »
Before an application for probate is submitted there should be documented records of the balance in each bank account plus any other financial assets - shares/bonds etc etc

There should be an estimated market value of any property plus any valuables eg Jewellery/car etc

The above form the gross estate from which is deducted funeral & associated costs/ any debts etc.

You mention the ashes were "husband & wife" so am assuming this was a double death??   Were there 2 wills?
Yes it was a husband and wife. Wife died first and left everything to husband. But her will isn't appearing on the probate records so her assets were probably under the probate limit.

There are a lot of expenses re: care home fees etc: which we are not disputing.

I have contacted the solicitor, today and asked for details of all assets and costs regarding the estate. Hopefully I will get a prompt reply.

Thank you for your help.

The Common Room / Re: Two part question re:wills
« on: Thursday 07 March 24 11:01 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you all for your replies.

Agree CaroleW about the perils of having a solicitor as an executor. My hubby and I have our children as our executors.

It has come to light that from the net figure that things like estate agent fees, house expenses, professional fees were taken. Which doesn't seem right to me.

We will approach the solicitor for a breakdown of the gross and net figure. We are residual beneficaiaries so are able to do so.

I have already complained to the solicitor about their lack of communication etc:

There is also a so called "friend" who was taking care of the deceased finances. The solicitor allowed her to arrange the funerals, we didn't know we could challenge this decision, the funeral director then allowed her to collect the ashes of the deceased (husband and wife) even though the correct paperwork wasn't in place.

This friend than had the ashes scattered but didn't inform the family. It has been and continues to be an horrendous time.

Sorry to go on, I will stop here!

Once again thank you for your help it's much appreciated.

The Common Room / Two part question re:wills
« on: Wednesday 06 March 24 19:04 GMT (UK)  »
Can someone help with the following queries:

1.If a deceased person's gross estate is valued at 150,000, once all payments and debts are paid it leaves a net figure of 50,000. This is to be divided equally (as stated in the will) between 10 inheritors which would be 5000 each. However, the inheritors only received 4000 each so does anyone know of any situation where the inheritors would not receive the full amount?

2.Should the solicitor who was the executor of the estate, provide the inheritors with a full breakdown of where the 100,000 went?

Cornwall / Re: Helston workhouse burials
« on: Monday 27 November 23 18:49 GMT (UK)  »
Sorry to come in late, Polly are you living in cornwall? I'm driving distance to Helston if I can help take pictures or if you know which graveyard and roughly were I might be able yo find a mark if one exists
Thank you for your kind offer. I frequently visit Cornwall and know the cemetery and the area well. Sadly, there won't be a gravestone as that branch of my family were poorer than church mice.
I will be visiting family after Christmas and will visit then. Once again many thanks.

Cornwall / Re: Helston workhouse burials
« on: Thursday 09 November 23 13:54 GMT (UK)  »
I discovered that Hetty is indeed buried in Helston cemetery. She is in a mass children's grave.

Thank you for the link osprey. The burial services office have been really helpful and very prompt in their replies.

Hetty's death certificate states she died in Helston workhouse, of marasmus aged 5 months. I should imagine my great grandmother was undernourished herself and would have struggled to feed a baby.

Thanks to all that have helped with my enquiry.

Cornwall / Re: Helston workhouse burials
« on: Sunday 24 September 23 23:07 BST (UK)  »
Thank you osprey for the information. I will check it out.

Cornwall / Re: Helston workhouse burials
« on: Sunday 24 September 23 18:58 BST (UK)  »
In the 1881 census was the mother of Hetty living in the town of Helston or a parish outside of Helston?

In the 1881 census the mother of Hetty, Mary Ann Date, was living on a farm in Gunwalloe, which is quite close to Helston. When she became pregnant she applied to enter the workhouse. I believe the father of the child did not support her.

Of course Hetty may have been placed in a coffin with a deceased adult. Which I think was common practice then.

Cornwall / Re: Helston workhouse burials
« on: Thursday 21 September 23 16:22 BST (UK)  »
Thanks all for your help. I will send for her death certificate at some point it may throw up a clue.

I believe my great grandmother grew up in the workhouse and in 1882 she applied to enter it for her confinement according to the newspaper The Cornishman dated 21st April 1882. Sadly Hetty died when she was a few months old. I think it was then my g grandmother went back into service. Returning to  the workhouse in 1887 with another baby on the way...this one survived.

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