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This looks like Andrew's second marriage in 1845  That 1851 census entry you found for an Andrew, with a stepson Walker could have been the right one for Andrew?


Also, potentially a sister Ann. There is a death for a 74 yr old Ann Hyslop in 1870, mother's mm Dempster in Kirkconnel. The other surname is Rigg. I can see births at the right time and areas for an Ann Hyslop and a Charles Rigg. A possibility.


Added: In summary, this is what showing for this Ann Hyslop

Take that back! John it is for father's name. Looking back I came across this death yesterday (by co incidence, on the same page of the register as the death of James H, son of Andrew H and Janet Black):

Yeah! Well done  ;)

Suggest you keep an open mind on name of his father (I would have thought James is also a possibility for father's name). Informants to deaths as we know can make mistakes.


It is so hard in these communities with the concentration of similar names  ::) There seems to be very little in the OPRs for the names I have been looking at. Maybe the families belonged non presbyterian chapels.

There are a few references to the URR UNITED ASSOCIATE for baptism (Andrew H father James in 1825 for example).


Martha is a name that carried through the line of James H and wife Jane Dickson. Wondering whether brothers could have married sisters?

Possible birth for a Martha with same parents as Jane

The birth year does not agree with the age quoted on My Heritage. Without sources, it is always a guess.



He has acquired a wife Mary who has a son James Walker.

Just to note that Andrew is showing as a widower in his 1861 census entry at his niece's household. Just for consideration, there is a marriage for an Andrew to a Martha Dickson in 1814 in Urr

My Heritage has:

Martha Hyslop (born Dickson), 1792 - 1818
Martha Hyslop (born Dickson) was born on month day 1792, at birth place .
Martha married Andrew Hyslop on month day 1814, at age 22.
Andrew was born Circa 1792.
They had 2 daughters: Agnes Hyslop and one other child .
Martha passed away on month day 1818, at death place .

I don't have a subs and sources not shown.


Yes, did see that entry for a possible for Andrew. Just not sure that he would go from farmer of 70 acres in 1851 to agricultural labourer by 1861...but a maybe for sure.

Just looking at the names of the children of James and wife Jane Dickson for any clues for grandparents' names. I am sure you have this but just for reference here. From SP there is the following and those with c. are approx. birth years:

1810 - Agnes
1812 - Margaret  - Jane's mother's name
c.1814 - James
1816 - John
1819 - Martha
1821 - Andrew Blyth
1825 - David - Jane's father's name
1828 - Martha Bigham Laurie
1832 - Jean Riddick

There may be others who do not show on this index.


Was James Hyslop still alive in 1851 & 1861 or was Jane widowed by then?

Added: Have you found Andrew in 1851?


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