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Have we got this? Carmelia/Amelia's christening entry

Purely hypothetical, I would suggest that the 1871 census for the family (the really messy one!) should probably have read something like this:

John/Mezie Smith...we have 2 entries, father/head, ages 25 and 30
Leanne...we are guessing this is Caroline. We have 2 entries, both wife, age 30 and 24
John Smith 10 son
Nathaniel Smith 6 son
Centenia/Rosanna 3 daughter...have any registrations been found for Centenia?
Camilia 2 daughter...reads 22 daughter in law, which makes no sense


I also wondered whether daughter Centenia b. 1868 from your list, could also have been known as Rosanna? We have a 3 yr old daughter Roseanna showing in that messy 1871 census from earlier


Hi Black Patch team  ;)

Sorry for absence. Sometimes real life takes over again  ::)

Russ, from your list of children for John and Caroline, I think these two are the same person:

Wrighton Smith (1887)
Reto (Rito, Rilo) Smith (1888)

I think Rito (and the rest) are very likely just variants of the name Wrighton.


I was looking at the 1851 census entry for Allan and Flora on FreeCen. They too have had a problem with the birth place name for Flora They have it as Ethrium?

Can't see anything close to it here Some more lists to check here

Is this the family in 1841?


This is Angus and wife Christy (Gillies), my line, in 1871. Only daughter Sarah missing from here. Would need to check if she had married John MacDonald by now. Sarah and husband John have one of the main surviving stones on St Finian's Isle:

Angus McDonald 48
Christy McDonald 48
Simon McDonald 24
Margaret McDonald 18    
Ann McDonald 16
Johanna McDonald 13
Mary McDonald 11

Address: Langal, Acharacle

This is Ranald MacD and Ann (McVarish) on the 1841 census. Older children nearby or working away (Angus, my line, had just married in Glenelg and returned to Dalnabreck by 1851).

Dalnabrae/Dalnabreck and Langal, as you know, are next to each other and very close.

1851, and the family together

A really useful feature of FreeCen is that it lets you view the adjoining addresses. Just click on the tab at the top of the page (clip of section attached below). You will in essence be walking the steps of the census enumeratorin the order he wrote down the entries. For Langal and Dalnabreac, you can easily view all the entries easily enough doing this.

Around this time, some of the children stayed in Dalnabreac and others, like Angus, my line, moved over to Langal.

This is Ranald in Langal for 1861:

Ronald Mcdonald 80 Farmer of 2 acres
Janet Mcdonald 41
Ronald Mcdonald 2
Florah Mcdonald 27
Address: 4 Langal, Acharacle

At the same address in 1861, son John with his family:

John Mcdonald 40
Mary Mcdonald 28
Angus Mcdonald 11    
Donald Mcdonald 10
Catharine Mcdonald 8
Ronald Mcdonald 5
Ann Mcdonald 3
John Macdonald 1


Blast from the past re-reading this! See for quick summary on my line. Let me find some of the censuses and I will add shortly.


Argyllshire / Re: St Finians Isle - Roman Catholic burial ground on Loch Shiel
« on: Sunday 11 April 21 20:02 BST (UK)  »

Furthermore, We have discovered via 1841 & 1851 Census records and Scotlands People searches that Alexander McDonald (McVarish) (1798-1874), from Langal, was the older brother of Angus.

A little confused. Always happens when looking at MacDonalds in Moidart  ::)

Angus was born c. 1800, Alexander c. 1796 (corresponding 1874 death reg for him with parents' names).

The 1851 census above for an Allan, Flora and family in Langal has much younger children in the household including an Alexander born c. 1821. At the same time in Langal, is Alexander and wife Margaret with their family:

Alexander Mcdonald 57 farmer of 6 acres b. Langal
Peggy Mcdonald 34
Chirsty Mcdonald 12
Allan Mcdonald 10
Angus Mcdonald 8
John Mcdonald 6
Alexander Mcdonald 2

Something is not fitting here...


Argyllshire / Re: St Finians Isle - Roman Catholic burial ground on Loch Shiel
« on: Sunday 11 April 21 19:12 BST (UK)  »
So this would be the family in 1851 in Langall?:

Allan Mcdonald 80 Farmer Of 12 Acres b. Dalilea
Flora Mcdonald 70 b. Ethrinn, inverness shire (place name? Have you viewed original image?)
Alexander Mcdonald 30
John Mcdonald 28
Flora Mcdonald 26
Flora Mcdonald 18 grandchild
Jane Mcdonald 2 grandchild
Sarah Mclean 25 visitor b. Laggan Arisaig

Allan McDonald (1771-1855) and Flora McDonald (1781-1856) - If these death dates are correct, their deaths should show in the index on SP. Can't easily see them so far. Have you found these?

With you having made contact with Jean Cameron, I would assume that you have checked through the Moidart site for any mention of the family?


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