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Canada / Re: Peter William Fletcher (1832 - 1913)
« on: Yesterday at 01:23 »
Just adding:  there may also be another earlier baptism,
as it is close to the area & date they were married  ;)
John Fletcher  b. 24 Jan 1823   Chr: 2 Mar 1823
Winwick, Lancashire, Eng U K  Parents Daniel & Martha

Adding: Here's the image...Buried in a mixup of jumbled together dates.
and he is listed as occ: Husbandman...Thus the more rural abode!

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Re: Jean Horn birth details
« on: Sunday 26 November 23 14:08 GMT (UK)  »
Sorry about the url in my reply above. It worked at the time.  Try again...
Use previous & next dwelling feature to see the other dwellings

It is a conundrum that William's father was called George at his death.

The results on census after 1841 say Tarves, Tarves (Parish & District)
However, NONE of the Horn dwellings are within the actual town of Tarves.
New map of Tarves -
Old Map of Tarves -
Make larger & reduce slightly to see that Bartholchapel & Mosside are close to Keithfield. 
Can't see any Upperwoodhill which is where Wm Sr. dwelled on census.
However, you can see Silvermoss & Courtstone which are near his 1871 census dwelling.
Also on one census a few dwellings before Wm Sr. is a Bartlechaple dwelling his son William in the Smith households of Bartlechaple aren't very far away...
The fact that George is within one of the Smith dwelling sites in 1841, prior to William's 1st
son William being in one of their dwellings in 1851 & 1861 is pretty compelling.
Also George has daughters Jean & Christian ( Jean & Jane being interchangeable)

Canada / Re: Canadian WW1 records
« on: Monday 20 November 23 13:17 GMT (UK)  »
  I know this isn't your direct family, but I looked into the 1921 census. The Military papers EileenWilson found say he was in Smoky Falls in 1919 & tried all versions of forename with just surname L* in Nipissing. Makes me wonder if they didn't get out to some of the norther logging camps to enumerate. Saw that his cousin Honore was still a soldier in Simcoe 1921.

  I did find a sister may have had a son's birth (registered) there in 1925
Délia Lacoursière & Ferdinand Charron- son R* Charron b. Dec-28, 1925  Smoky Falls, Ont.

His sister Blanche Lacourciére married Albert Dubuc , 28 Dec 1920 in Smoky Falls

Lots of the family & off-shoots also lived near many of the waterfall towns in Ontario which would have welcomed back the men to employ in logging camps, millls & log driving. While looking for Omer I found this lovely family page, & will share for others searching the surname.

World War Two / Re: Charles Pierre Moliere Canadian Armoured Brigade
« on: Saturday 18 November 23 03:52 GMT (UK)  »
  In case you didn't find the other half sibings...There were 4 children born in England - 2 lads & 2 gals 1942 to 1948 and the girl married 1963. I will personal message details in case you don't have it
  I'll personal message John, as perhaps he didn't get notified...when the site has an overload it can dump notifications. He also may have changed his email contact info though...
All the best J.J.

Sadly, that night raid had one of the most losses of the war up to then...

Scroll down to just before the image.

Didn't find much about the night raid other than targeting resources/rail junction. 
Previous recent bombardments would have put some heavy defences into motion.
Losses are listed in number of "aircraft" only.

This site still has him as "missing" rather than K.I.A.

 Adding: The aircraft itself has more information on the sortie than of the men themselves.
Approximate map of above locations

United States of America / Re: James Earl circa 1860s Ohio
« on: Wednesday 15 November 23 22:12 GMT (UK)  »
  Just going to post a map of the locations of those Earls I found, which are in a close nutshell only 15-20mins of each other within the very large State of Ohio. When you think of the large expanse the other family members covered until they finally settled down in an area...
  Confusing, yes, but also intriguing that the forenames James & Thomas are interchangeable as the husband's name! Still I am glad to have shared for those seeking that family as it may resolve several questions for them.

United States of America / Re: James Earl circa 1860s Ohio
« on: Wednesday 15 November 23 02:59 GMT (UK)  »
Looking at that entry for the dismissal of Thomas I found a whirly-bird of entries
that somehow fit but they don't? Are there two of each Thos. & James or mixed up entries?

1850 Thomas Earl   30  c.1820 England  Parma Township, Cuyahoga, Ohio
   Household Identifier  1768    House Number 1636  Line  19
    Mary 1820 Eng.     Isabel J Earl  1843 Eng.       Sarah L Earl  1850 Eng.
1860 Tom Earl   c. 1815  England  with James & MaryAnne  in Oxford, Erie, Ohio
   His discharge says he was 35 in 1865 & born Cambridgeshire ( so c.1830)
Next he appears in Oxford, Erie, Ohio in 1866-Oath of Identity

???Robert Earl 1860 Greenfield Township, Huron, Ohio, United States
   Birth 1830 England, United Kingdom    
???another? James Earl 1860   Ridgefield Township, Huron, Ohio, United States
Birth 1820 England, United Kingdom (Grocer?)   Alice Arnold F    27  b. New York

1870 a Thomas with family  Monroeville, Peru, Huron, Ohio, U.S.
  Oddly it also says New York on results
   Thomas Earl c. 1827 England    Jane c. 1826 England
   married before ? as  children are John Young 8   Jane Young 3
    an Elizabeth b. 22 March 1873, parents Thomas Earl & Jane Press
   marries Huron, Ohio, United States
Then, a Marriage of Jane Earl at res. of Mrs. earl June 30 1873 to Mathias Hiers or Hiess
1880 census Peru Township, Huron, Ohio, United States
   Jane Young 47  c. 1833  England   Widowed
   Jane Young 13  c.1867  Ohio   Daughter   At School
   Elizabeth Young 8 c.1872  Ohio Daughter attended sch within yr.
    all say Parent's Birthplace England

Elizabeth Earl Haas, (wife of Wm)  - death Norwalk, Huron, Ohio
b. 22 March 1873 says mother - Jane Prell or Press/ father Thomas Earl
  John Young Age 10 born Peru / death  Peru, Huron, Ohio  May 9 1872
Then I found - Elizabeth Earl   Birth  22 Mar 1871 Peru, Huron, Ohio, U.S.
?  Father: James Earl ?    Mother: Jane Pierce

Wonder if this is a bad rewrite of (?James) the father, 3 mo later
but on the same page just above the son???
 Lamier Earl  Age 50 Residence  Peru, Huron, Ohio Married
 Occ Farmer Death 30 Aug 1872  Peru, Huron, Ohio, U.S.

Just found the marriage of Thomas Earl & Jane Young 1 Feb 1870 Huron, Ohio, U S
 Just as he said on the census

United States of America / Re: James Earl circa 1860s Ohio
« on: Sunday 12 November 23 15:08 GMT (UK)  »
  Oh, absolutely...Didn't mean to offend...was adding some found info that might eventually fit in. We've have seen many searches where someone just went elsewhere to start over, especially after a war, for whatever reason.
I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that James absconded or that he and/or Mary Ann bigamously remarried in Illinois.  No death record has been found for James but, then again, we haven't found a death record for his daughter Sarah or his brother Tom, either...
  Adding ...because...stuff happens:
  Here is her brother in Aus. & children with his de facto (Common-Law) Partner
  I won't divulge the contents- Wiki entry:

United States of America / Re: James Earl circa 1860s Ohio
« on: Sunday 12 November 23 02:12 GMT (UK)  »
   Hello Erato!  If you read the page,  each entry is a different are the pages before & after with perhaps one or two names repeated only a few times more. Rathbun didn't identify as JP.
   Just read that "The marriage must then be solemnized by a judge, a retired judge or by an ordained person “in good standing with his or her religious denomination…” There are no requirements for an ordained person to register in the County or the State of Illinois in order to marry people, nor does the County or State keep track of officiants’ credentials. "   
   Religious groups may license or ordain people to perform marriages, but the state does "not" require that the officiant be ordained.  Public notaries aren't authorized, though...and this is today.

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