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Yes, on Ancestry

they married on 3rd August 1870 at St. Thomas's Stepney.
Sarah Ling, spinster living in Stepney daughter of James Ling a labourer

One of the witnesses was a Sarah Smith!

I think Sarah Ling married James Chrystal Forrester
registered in the Sep quarter of 1870 in Mile End registration district

I think on the 1871 census they are in Mile End

Piece:   554
Folio:   110
Page number:   7

Ooh I think Sarah Ling on the 1851 is the Sarah he marriedÖ Sarah Lingís occupation  is a Dress Maker and on the 1871 census Isaacís wife Sarahís occupation is Tailoress! Wonder why her surname is down as Ling and not Owen though?

She may be a completely different person. On the 1861 census, Sarah Ling's birth place is in Suffolk. The Sarah Smith in 1871 has her birth place as St. George in the East

Your Portman's paternal grandmother's maiden name seems to be Phillips

GRO Reference: 1848  S Quarter in STEPNEY  Volume 02  Page 485

GRO Reference: 1844  S Quarter in STEPNEY  Volume 02  Page 4

GRO Reference: 1842  S Quarter in STEPNEY  Volume 02  Page 477

GRO Reference: 1839  D Quarter in STEPNEY  Volume 02  Page 408

Can't see anything yet for uncle Portman

1851 census

Piece:   1552
Folio:   313
Page Number:   18

I wonder whether Isaac was married before Sarah as she is only 21 in 1871 , the eldest child is Hannah age 9

In 1881 she's suddenly 41

They may not have registered all their children, but do you think Samuel and Sarah officially married?
In the 1861 census he is single and their first child seems to be Hannah in around 1862.

He had a brother, Samuel.. born in 1870.. wonder if Cohen is a mis spell of Owen?

I also wondered if Cohen was actually Owen! :-)

Is this a Jewish family? Or of Jewish descent?

Not that I am aware.. but I do have Jewish in me according to my DNA test so possibly!
What makes you ask?

The first name Isaac...and I found this:

GRO Reference: 1870  S Quarter in MILE END OLD TOWN  Volume 01C  Page 497

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