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Thanks people for your input.  The reason I thought he could have died in Glasgow is that I felt he might have been taken to Hospital before the Ship left port.   
Another Newspaper report said - "As the barque was hauling out from the wharf at Glasgow, the cook, John Morgans, fell into the water, but was rescued by Captain Crombie, who jumped into the 
water with a rope. Next day the cook died suddenly."
Obviously the Captain thought he was O.K.
The "Deaths at Sea" has a handwritten note on it "died from the effects of immersion in the Clyde" at 2 a.m. on the 20th, so he probably died unexpectedly in his sleep. 
Now it has been pointed out I should have see the latitude & longitude but my copy is very hard to read.
Given the ships proximity to land I would have thought the might have landed the body in Wales or Ireland but perhaps the Captain was on a tight schedule and landing with a body might have meant a couple of days of paperwork.  Or maybe they were off a very dangerous part of the Coast.
One day I might come across a family member who knows a bit more.

I am trying to find out if there would have been a Scottish Death Cert or Burial Record or an Inquest (Marine or Civil).
He was recorded on the "Died at Sea" Register.  But according to Newspaper Report he was pulled out of the water and died the next day.

Daily Commercial News and Shipping Lists Sydne NSW Thurs 5 Sep 1901
After a passage of 109 days the barque  Inveramsay arrived last evening from Glasgow 
with a large general cargo. She is to the agency of Messrs. Mason Brothers Ltd.
From here the vessel proceeds to Newcastle  with part cargo.
As the result of accidents during the voyage  two seamen were lost. John Morgans, cook 
and steward, fell overboard as the barque was leaving Glasgow, and although pluckily 
rescued by Captain Crombie, finally succumbed on May 20."
Deaths at sea, 1781-1968      Series BT 334 Box  0028 Page  13
Barque INVERAMSAY Ships No.88563 Registered Aberdeen
Ship left Glasgow 18/5/1901
John Morgans Cook/Steward (age 45 born Fishguard) Last abode Penrhos House Holyhead (Wales) died in Glasgow 20/5/1901 from effects of drowning after falling overboard into River Clyde
from his ship prior to departure to Sydney.


Pembrokeshire / Re: Timothy WILLIAMS - Buried GRANSTON 1825
« on: Sunday 30 April 17 07:24 BST (UK)  »
Hi Osprey

Thank-you very much for this information. 
A relative who is visiting this area in a few weeks will be pleased to have a Churchyard to visit.
I suspect that you are right about no money for a Tombstone.  I have followed his widow and their widowed daughter through the Census until their deaths in 1871 & 1902 respectively and they were living a very hand to mouth existence.

I'll leave this post open for another week in case any William/s descendants happen to see it, and then mark it as finalized.

Pembrokeshire / Timothy WILLIAMS - Buried GRANSTON 1825
« on: Wednesday 26 April 17 08:09 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to find out where exactly this ancestor is buried and if there is a Church/Cemetery/gravestone to visit.
I have found a Burial Record :-
Timothy WILLIAM occ: Tailor of Trefasser age 35 buried GRANSTON 12/7/1825 - John Bowen Curate of Llanwnda.
His daughter Mary Howells age 28 and her husband John Howell age 25 were also buried there in Mar and April 1852.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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