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Im also researching this Gregson family and would be keen to compare notes with anyone whos interested.

Gloucestershire / Re: seward Family Sadler's Wells theatre Cheltenham
« on: Monday 22 April 19 14:30 BST (UK)  »
Hi Gemma.

My great-great-grandmother Eliza Seward (1834-1914) was the daughter of Joseph Seward (1804-1864) and granddaughter of Abraham Seward (1772-1837), the scene painter. Abraham's father Samuel Seward (c.1737-1810) was a trumpeter, puppeteer, showman and theatre owner.

Eliza married my great-great-grandfather Thomas Clifford in 1857. My great-grandfather George (1861-1943) was their 5th child.

I've only recently established the connection between Eliza's grandfather Abraham and the Seward family of showmen and musicians, and have become fascinated by it. I am thinking I would like to write an article about the family, possibly in the hope of getting it published by Cheltenham Local History Society in their research bulletin.

Gloucestershire / Re: seward Family Sadler's Wells theatre Cheltenham
« on: Monday 22 April 19 12:18 BST (UK)  »
I am also researching this Seward family. Joseph Seward (1804-1864) was my 3 x great-grandfather. Let me know if you would like to exchange information.


Gloucestershire / Death of Abraham Seward Sep 1837
« on: Sunday 03 March 19 14:03 GMT (UK)  »
The death of Abraham Seward, scene painter, at Gloucester Infirmary, was reported in the Cheltenham Journal and Gloucestershire Fashionable Weekly Gazette of 25 September 1837 (attached). But I can find no trace that his death was registered (OK, it was early days for the new system), but also no trace of a burial anywhere either.

Can anyone suggest where he might have been buried, if not in a Gloucestershire churchyard? Any civil cemeteries open in Gloucester at this date?

Further questions...

4. So far as I can see the document is undated? Am I right?

5. So far as I can see there is no indication of the nature of the relationship between the various Harryses? Correct? I think it is likely John is the father and the others his sons, but I don't think this confirms that directly in any way?


Many thanks to everyone who has responded, especially horselydown86 for his/her insight and translation. I had managed to work out the property in question, but was (am?) unsure exactly what was happening here.

Yes, I agree this does seem to be a variant of a standard fine.

Questions (apologies if these are naive/uninformed)...

1. As I understand it, a fine was a fictitious court case that was used as means of transferring the land from one party to another. This seems to be slightly different. Do we think this is part of a genuine court case, or part of the standard fine process?

2. To put things rather simplistically, are the 7 Harrys selling the land to Broade? Or are they acknowledging him as a tenant of land they hold? Should this be interpreted in the context of manorial land holding somehow?

3. What might giving a warranty against yourself mean?! Does that clause suggest there had been some genuine grievance that had been taken to court perhaps?


Can anyone help with identifying what this document is?

The Gloucestershire Archives catalogue refers to it as a fine, but I'm not convinced it is a fine. The wording refers to it as a "concordia", I think, but does not follow the normal convention "Hec est finalis concordia" etc. Also, it's not an indenture, i.e. the top edge is straight.

The text starts with the name of the county "Glouc", which is something I've seen in court records e.g. Assizes. I am wondering if this is perhaps the final outcome of a court case in one of the Equity Courts? Or something from the local manorial court (but if so why prefix the text with the county name?).

I am struggling with transcribing the text in full, but it appears to be some kind of property transaction involving land, pasture, meadows, dovecots[?], orchards [?] etc. being sold or leased by the Harrises to John Broade of Broad Campden.

Bedfordshire / Re: Adoption - Leighton Buzzard - 1919
« on: Monday 08 October 12 13:37 BST (UK)  »

Name:Doris E McIntosh
Spouse Surname:Lodge
Date of Registration:Jan-Feb-Mar 1945
Registration district:Luton
Inferred County:Bedfordshire
Volume Number:3b
Page Number:938

Name:Winifred M McIntosh
Spouse Surname:Smith
Date of Registration:Jan-Feb-Mar 1940
Registration district:Luton
Inferred County:Bedfordshire
Volume Number:3b
Page Number:1408

Bedfordshire / Re: Adoption - Leighton Buzzard - 1919
« on: Monday 08 October 12 13:24 BST (UK)  »
OK, thanks for that Ray. The enquirer has details of the passenger lists, but those births certainly look interesting. I'd missed the Winifred because that date of birth is somewhat at odds with the passenger lists, where Winifred is shown as younger than Doris. But the coincidence is enough to make me think I should notify the enquirer and suggest he obtains the certificates. If Doris's exact date of birth were to match the date of birth the family has always assumed, that would make it an even greater coincidence (perhaps more than a coincidence?).


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