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Europe / Re: Finding family in France and Belgium
« on: Thursday 30 July 20 17:43 BST (UK)  »
Oh my word Joger,  you have been busy.... coming so close to the here and now!!!!
I would say without a shadow of a doubt Charles Roger and Isabelle Charlotte Leonie Gronemann are my distant relations..

Thank you so much....

fingers are still crossed.....


 Alexander Simon the second son born to Captain Henry Theodore Simon and Juliet Sophia Rodyk in Penang 1848 .  After  the death of HTS in or around Calicut in june 1854 we loose track of the two boys,  My information about them is pretty sparse.  I have seen a Bombay Gazette article in the january 1855 which suggests that HTS had wanted Captain Thomas Loughnan Jameson  of the N I ,  to help look after the two boys
Alexander,  the info is just about non existant... ,
where did he and his brother go, who looked after them, what education did they receive.  Could it be that as a six year old he didnt know how his name was spent, but knew how it sounded..... and could it be that my Alexander  is in fact the Alexander Simoone/Simoen that marries Florintina (not sure of spelling)and lives in Tavoy
The older one Henry Charles Simon born sept 1846 turns up in Coonoor getting married to  Eliza Helen King. in 1872, he has becme a coffee planter
Any one got any ideas, where do I need to look
Thank you in anticipation, so far my requests for help on this site have been met with an amazing response

Europe / Re: Finding family in France and Belgium
« on: Wednesday 15 July 20 15:15 BST (UK)  »
thank you,  I have an ancestry membership, and found Firmin.  the documents (in french of course) were his marriage and his death..  But I have messaged IsabellaCaliri who manages the tree asking if she might have some  information.
So thank you again.
At this rate we well find Roger B L Simon  survived  beyong the 1950's...I am hoping that his name on his mothers burial record does not mean he is buried there , but that he is the one who organised the burial.....
Any UK stuff I can help you with. As I say I have an Ancestry membership

Europe / Re: Finding family in France and Belgium
« on: Tuesday 14 July 20 13:44 BST (UK)  »
Again Thankyou.#Unfortunately we know nothing  about Leonie and the children,  and what happened to them.  Did they ever come to visit the extended family in England  who knows

Europe / Re: Finding family in France and Belgium
« on: Monday 13 July 20 13:45 BST (UK)  »
Thanks Joger.  My brother is in Belgium and I have  a friend in Brussels who is a researcher... so may I can get them to make some enquiries.

Thank you for your time.  Is your area of expertise Europe?  or world wide?  I still have  areas of research ,so was wondering if I ask here , or start a new thread.


Europe / Re: Finding family in France and Belgium
« on: Sunday 12 July 20 14:26 BST (UK)  »
Good afternoon. Apologies.  No child called Avril to my knowledge.  Marguerite birth was April 9th..  and we know nothing about  her at all.  Completely off the radar.

As to Isabelle the teacher.... no idea at the moment at to what age she taught or where.  I have a vague thought it may have been in Cannes. After the Divorce from Raymond Martin in 1948, does she automatically revert to her maiden name?..


Europe / Re: Finding family in France and Belgium
« on: Saturday 11 July 20 14:49 BST (UK)  »
Specifically looking for the three children of Adam Charles Simon and Leonie Adolphine Houdret ,
We know nothing of Margeuite  Hortense, only her birth.  and when her father was shot in 1915, she was called Maggie...
Roger seems to have become a mechanic, was with his mother early 1930's but then we dont have anything  concrete, unless perhaps he arranged his mothers burial in 1959, as his name in on the sheet.
Isabelle , we know she married Raymond Martin in 1935 and divorced in 48, at the time of her death in 1993 she was in Cannes, and had been a school teacher.  In the 1960's sometime she collected her father's British war medals.

I know Leonie  had a very hard time after her husband died, the authorities wouldnt accept her as British and issue passports to allow her and the children to come to the UK where she had family. (documents found on line National Archives. so to discover more about Leonie would be nice to know.  did she ever get to be "Comfortable"....

so to find either descendants,  or the end of the line ... would help complete the picture.
Thank you again

Europe / Re: Finding family in France and Belgium
« on: Friday 10 July 20 17:42 BST (UK)  »
Oh my..... How wonderful.   I really didnt expect to have information.

You are amazing.  thank you so much for your help

Europe / Re: Finding family in France and Belgium
« on: Friday 10 July 20 13:21 BST (UK)  »
Hi there This is the message from my cousin, who is hoping that that this will be read by french speakers.. also hoping that that the wonderful roots chat is world wide!!

Nous, descendants des SIMON de Penang, recherchons nos cousins nés SIMON

Charles Adam Simon épouse Léonie Adolphine Houdret, Belgique

Enfants: Marguerite Hortense Amélie Joséphine née à Forrest, Bruxelles le 7 avril 1909 .
Domicile: inconnu

Roger Louis Bertrand né à Forrest, Bruxelles le 9 novembre 1910. Domicilé à Paris

Isabelle Charlotte Berthe née à Namur, Belgique le 21 juin 1915. Domicilée à Cannes

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