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Hi Tidgie,

I have just joined rootschat so I am new to this forum.  You will find all you need to know about Henry Herbert Coldwell-Horsfall in a book written by his grandson called The Iron Masters of Penns by John Horsfall published by Roundwood Press in 1971. 

Henry Herbert's father was Thomas Henry Coldwell born in Wakefield in 1825.  He died a prisoner of war of the Confederate Army in Sep 1864 in Charleston, South Carolina.  It is a grim story which I am researching at the moment.  Henry Herbert's mother was Elizabeth Holt, and yes in the 1861 Census she and her son HH were lodging with her brother in Horbury.  I am not sure where Thomas was, possibly in Birmingham where we can find aThomas Caldwell with roughly the right credentials.  HH had a sister called Mary Elizabeth born in 1855.  She married Rev George Simms the first vicar of St Cyprians Hay Mills, a church built by James Horsfall who married Elizabeth in 1870 after they heard of Thomas Henry's death in USA.  I can give you a great deal more information but I would be fascinated to know what your interest is?
Regards MontyR

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