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The Common Room / Re: Finding Gunner Collingbourne
« on: Wednesday 01 December 10 17:17 GMT (UK)  »
That sounds great!  I look forward to seeing anything you have whenever you are allowed to use the personal messages!

The Common Room / Re: Finding Gunner Collingbourne
« on: Monday 29 November 10 18:33 GMT (UK)  »
Hi there somethingth cousin something removed!

I did know about the tree - in fact I sent my dad hunting round the park for it and went to see it last Christmas when I was visiting.

My great grandmother Harriet Annie Rubery was staying her brother David Charles Collingbourne along with Bert, Irene and Doris (and grandma Mary Ann) in 1911. Harriet Annie's husband had just died the year before.

I would love to see some more pictures of Bert.  Do you have scans you could email me?  I will send you a personal message with my email address if that is possible.

I have developed quite a soft spot for Bert and was very surprised to find out that we actually even went to the same school in Coventry!  I had stood in front of the memorial list with his name on every day for assembly and never knew I was related to anyone on that list!

Hi Sharon

I spent a whole afternoon in London Road last year - I forgot quite how BIG it is.  So many of the stones are damaged or had been laid down as they were in danger of falling (I was convinced that mine would be the ones that had fallen face down ;D).  I even climbed up some of the steep bits to look at the stones hidden away in the very scratchy bushes!!  So many of the older stones just seem very lonely and sad, like they have been forgotten. 

Most of my lot would probably not have been able to afford a stone, but I hate to think they may be the ones that can't be read anymore.

My first clues about Bert were from a random search on CWCG!  It led to my best (so far) discovery.  I don't know if this link will work but you can try copying and pasting if not.,171028.0.html


Thanks again Sharon

The William Pitman one is WP the elders second marriage.  The couple were 65 and 62 and there was even a prenup! "If he dies first, his wife is to have 600 (the value of her estate); should she die first 600 was to go to her next of kin unless she had otherwise directed."  Thanks for confirming his father was named Henry!

David Collingbourne's family's story is rather sad.  They had 4 children, Bert, Reggie, Irene and Doris.  Reggie died aged 11 months. David's wife Sarah died in 1898 aged 30 (complications from childbirth), Then in 1916 Bert died in France in the War (age 23) and Doris died just over a year later in 1817.

I know just what you mean about it being a pain.  I have to take some time out every now and then and try to ignore the names to concentrate on places and general social history.  The go back to it all with a fresh eye.  I had no interest in history at school - all wars and kings and dates, and have realised now that I am interested - but more in what life was like for 'ordinary' people.  You know, what kind of life would I have had... though from my lot the answer seems to be that I would be popping out babies every 18 months for 20 years so I don't envy my female ancestors at all!! 

What are your names in Coventry - unlikely that there's any link but you never know!

Hope you got the gardening done in the breaks between the rain.  Lovely summer were having!



You are an absolute star!  There is even a few completely new people for me - though it is rather sad that it is because they are children who were born and died between censuses.

I was actually born and brought up in Cov but moved 'oop north' to Yorkshire 15 years ago.  I only get to go back a couple of times a year to visit the folks (and squeeze in a bit of research, but not too much or my mum will think that's all I go back for!).

William Pitman C's Susannah married Ralph Smyth who in 1881 was 'Gilder Printseller & Tailor Master Employing 13 Men 3 Boys' He had a shop in High Street. 
Another of his daughters Mary married Walter Claridge and they had the Craven Arms Hotel in High Street (I haven't worked out which of the banks down high street was built on that site!)  From what I remember their grave is also in London Road just behind Sophia and WP's - which I managed to walk past 3! times (and it's right by the path) before I saw the great big letters SOPHIA COLLINGBOURNE on a great big hulking stone plinth!!

William Pitman C made his fortune as a Pawnbroker and Clothier and on the A2A National Archives site there are many references to him, & his son William Pitman Jr.  The property sales on Jr's death in 1902 included nos. 8 and 9 Much Park St, nos. 16 and 17 Broadgate, no. 12 Warwick Row; no. 7 Much Park St,  no.10 Much Park St.; nos. 14, 16, 18, 20 Cope St, Fernilee in Warwick Row. Also, premises in Much Park St. and Summerland Butts, Coventry, late belonging to W.P.Collingbourne the elder.  Not bad considering WP the elder was a Boot & Shoemaker in 1841  :o  :o

My poor family, weavers mostly - moving into the watch and cycle industry later - were pretty much based around Hillfields.  3 G Grandad Thomas was only 3 years old when his father (also a weaver) died, WP and the eldest son Henry were in their early teens. 

There aren't that many Collingbournes around at all so they are a nice bunch to be researching.  2 G Grandad Thomas did manage to marry a BROWN though!

I need to get busy entering all the info you have found into my family file so I'd better stop wittering on!

Thanks again


Thanks for the very kind offer.

As the Yates connection is 'unofficial' so to speak - I'll leave them, but I would be very interested in any other Collingbournes.  Just about all the Collingbourne's in Coventry are linked (very probably) to Henry Collingbourne b1767 whose father Pitman Collingbourne moved to Coventry from Gloucestershire.

I did wander round London Road when I was in Coventry and found some rellies (including the family of David Collingbourne my GG Uncle) and some more distant ones from the rich side of the family (none of the money trickled over to my side of course!) headed by William Pitman Collingbourne.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Thanks Sharon, that's great!!

I had the Collingbourne burial details but not the last addresses and the important detail that Susannah was buried in a 'Yates plot'  (I didn't know of the Yates connection when I was in Coventry looking things up!).

From a quick look at census & IGI extracted records it looks like Thomas could be William's older brother. 

In 1881 William & Susan Yates have a 6 year old Willie living with them and I was trying to work out if this was his first wife's child but couldn't find a Willie/William Yates born at the right time (or the first wife's death for that matter).  But just this week I had another look at FreeBMD and there is a rather intriguing 'William Thomas Y ANGLISH' who was born exactly the right time...Y for YATES perhaps??  I have decided (for now at least) to claim him as mine!

Still no sign of James Angliss though.  Did a runner good and proper is what I think  ;)

Thanks again for the info.  Great Great Aunt Susannah has certainly led me a merry dance!

Best wishes


Hello Margaret

Have sent you a PM


Hi Ceeoh

Most of my Hindson's are Durham and I haven't much source/confirmation/documentation on this line, but I do have a link with the 'top bit' of Yorkshire (/Cleveland).

I have a James Hindson born 1836 in Sunderland.  From census and IGI extracted records his father is James Atkinson Hindson born 1810 in Marske in Cleveland.  James senior is the illegitimate child of Jane Hindson.  I did wonder whether the Atkinson middle name came from the father - but there is a Jane Hindson with father Joseph Hindson christened 1785 near Marske in Guisbrough and also a marriage between a Joseph Hindson and Elizabeth Atkinson in 1780 Guisbrough...  a bit of a leap I know... ::)

I did wander along this possible branch for a while and I think that Joseph and Elizabeth had a son George (christened 1794 from IGI) and he may be the  George (shoemaker) in Carlton in 1841 with wife Mary & children Joseph, William, Mary and Sarah.  Is that your George???

As I say - I am pretty much adopting the Guisbrough Hindson's with little reason except a wild hunch, but if that is the George you have then there could be a link even if only in my overactive imagination!!

I'd love to hear more about your Hindson's - even if it is just to confirm I have gone a bit mad with the guesswork



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