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Australia / Re: George James DONALD & family Queensland
« on: Tuesday 04 December 12 05:29 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Veronica,

Thank you for this info. Also a warm welcome to rootschat.  I have no info on Ernest James SMITH but see I have a different wife for him. It could be because this lady is buried with him at Mt Gravatt Cemetery in Brisbane.

I hope the link works.

If you post 2 more times I can send a personal message with me email address for you to contact me so we can exchange more info.

I did not know that John SMITH was a convict so that was new to me as well.   I am doing some searching now to try and find more info on Ernest James SMITH. He is my 2nd great grand uncle if that helps.

I will do a search to find out how many children he had and to what wife etc. Look forward to hearing from you

Newbe :)
I think that Ernest James Smith might have married again, did he get a divorce from Harriet, I have not been able to find a record of one, but we can hope.   I have no doubt that he would have married again, but this is something I will have to investigate further.   Thanks for the link to the cemetery I will check it out now.   I hope this covers my two posts.   All a bit new on how this all works, but I guess I will catch on.  Regards

Australia / Re: George James DONALD & family Queensland
« on: Tuesday 04 December 12 05:24 GMT (UK)  »
Well thank you for getting back to me so fast.  I hope all the information I have put together so far is correct, but I am still trying to find out more information on John Smith and his convict background.  So will hopefully be able to give you more as I get it.


Australia / Re: George James DONALD & family Queensland
« on: Tuesday 04 December 12 00:39 GMT (UK)  »
Hello Newbe,
I was doing searches on some newly found relatives in the Donald/Smith family and came across your post from a couple of years ago.   My association with the Donald/Smith family is a little mysterious.  All my life I was under the impression that my great grandfather was a Joseph Flynn, married to Harriet Finamor and they lived and died in Brisbane, in the same street I grew up.  Now doing family research, I find that Joseph Flynn was not my biological g grandfather, but that Harriet Finamor, married Ernest James Smith in 1894, they had two children, Charles Ernest Smith b)1894 and Eileen Irene Jesse Smith b) 1904 in Sydney(my grandmother).    :o  Something occurred after 1904 between Harriet and Ernest, but it seems not a divorce, and Harriet took up with Joseph Flynn and they had a further two sons, but never married.  Eileen IJ Smith then took the Flynn name, and this is the reason that the Smith connection was lost, and was never mentioned.   

Investigating my biological ancestor Ernest James Smith, has proven very interesting as it has turned up my first convict in the family tree, John Smith convicted of pick pocketing in 1833 and sentenced to 7 years transportation at the age of 14.   He married Isabella Donald in 1846 and had many many children, one of which was Ernest James Smith.

So Isabella Donald is my (paternal) G G Grandmother and I see she is your 3rd Great grandmother, so I guess we are related in some way.

I am very interested in any information you may have found in your journey on Ernest James Smith and what happened to him.  I am having trouble finding any record of him at all after my grandmothers birth.  I have her birth certificate, and I have John Smith's d) 1899 death certificate from Ancestry, so I know I have the right family.

Any information we could share would be great.  Hope to speak to you soon.   Veronica Wark

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