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Yes, It's a long time since I had a good look at the Banfields, remember there were a lot of them and looked confusing who was who? as many had same names in different families and were down as lodging sometimes.
I have that James b 1793 married to Lydia Glassbrook and having James b 1815 as son along with Elizabeth b 1818, Mary 1818, Henry 1824, Rebecca 1827, William 1830, John 1832, Thomas 1836.

You've obviously done a lot of work on the Banfields, is the tree information available on any of the ancestry sites to view, would love to have a look and check against mine.

Thanks again.

Thanks JonW65 and Liz, really appreciate your help, there is quite a lot to sift through. ;)

They are the Banfield's I am looking for and 2B Parkway looks right.

The Banfields in my tree originate from Woodmancote (as for as I've got back to James Banfield B 1815)

Thanks again


Is there access to the following to find out if a family of Banfield's lived on Park Way, Southwick or another resource?

Southwick electoral register 1970's 1980's


Married 1861

Records will be Harriette Sawyer

When did she marry?

Are the records likely to be under Sawyer or Blackmer?

I wonder if anybody could help with any criminal registers for Sussex between 1880 and 1900 or where I might locate them?

I'm looking for records for the following person;

Harriette Sawyer (Nee Blackmer)
born Kent 1841
criminal records Brighton Sussex

I've found 3 newspaper references of 1889, 1889 and 1891 mostly drunk and breaking windows and an interesting one for 'A Bathing Impropriety in a state of intoxication on Brighton Beach'

In the newspaper reference she had numerous previous convictions of a similar nature and been to prison several times.


Thank you to you both, that has really opened up my research on the Banfield's, possibly raised a few more questions, I'll look through and evaluate.

Thanks again

I wonder if someone would help with a look up in my search for;
James Banfield born 1816 Woodmancote

I'm looking for his potential parents and siblings

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks all for the input, really appreciate the help. I've put together all the information given and her history I have found below to try to hopefully help solve the mystery although I think it will take some time to find what happened to her.

1880  10th November born Elm, Cambridgeshire
1881  Friday Bridge, Elm, Cambridgeshire on census 5 months old
1882  Death of Mother Isabella Denton
1891  Friday Bridge, 2, Barracks, Friday Bridge, Elm, Cambridgeshire on census
1901  23, Gathorne Terrace, Potter Newton, Leeds - Servant
1901  Esther Foster single with 1 child living with widowed mother at 66 John St.
1905  Death of brother Francis John Bates and sister Emma Jane Bates
1911  Esther Foster boarder with 2 children living at 78 Church Street
1913  26th September - 406, Hitchin Road, Luton. Leslie Spalding Bates born.
1913  6th November - 333, High Town Road, Luton residence when registered.
1913  6th November  - occupation - Theatre attendant when Leslie registered
1915  2nd June - 16, Park place, Park Street,Luton. Albert Spalding Kitchener Bates born
1915  12th July - occupation - Domestic servant when Albert birth registered
1915 - 7 Park Lane -Esther Foster
1916 - 16, Park place, Park Street,Luton - Mrs Bates
1916 - 7 Park Lane -Esther Foster
1917 - 16, Park place, Park Street,Luton - Mrs Bates
1917 - 7 Park Lane -Esther Foster
1918 - 16, Park place, Park Street,Luton - Mrs Bates
1918 - 7 Park Lane -Esther Foster
1919 - 7 Park Lane - Ada Bates, Emma Burton and Esther Foster
1920 - 7 Park Lane - Ada Bates, Emma Burton and Esther Foster
1921 - 7 Park Lane - Ada Bates, Emma Burton and Esther Foster
1922 - 7 Park Lane - Ada Bates, Emma Burton and Esther Foster
1923 - 7 Park Lane - Ada Bates, Emma Burton and Esther Foster
1924 - 7 Park Lane - Ada Bates, Emma Burton and Esther Foster
1925 - 7 Park Lane - Ada Bates, Emma Burton and Esther Foster
1926 - 7 Park Lane - Ada Bates, Emma Burton and Esther Foster
1932 - Death of Father Thomas Bates
1939 - Esther Foster as widow at 23 Bury Park Road, Luton

Park Place was a set of 16 addresses that were between 70 & 72 Park Street....

At #16 in the 1911 Luton Directory is Hugh Bunyan
At #16 in the 1917 Luton Directory is Mrs Bates !

Seems Luton Central Library local studies section has these....
Directories and Almanacs
Luton directories, 1903 - 1975
Bedfordshire directories, 1785 1940
Bedfordshire directories on CD-ROM: 1830, 1847, 1864, 1869, 1877, 1890, 1898
Luton News almanacs, 1900 - 1916
Telephone directories, Luton and surrounding area, 1961 to date

Regards John

Fantastic, thanks for that John, just what I was hoping for.

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