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World War Two / Re: Help needed understanding RAF service records.
« on: Sunday 31 March 19 08:58 BST (UK)  »
Not wishing to interfere into this thread i have a question re RAF records, my father George Edward Bacon enlisted at Cardington 1943, service # 1884157, i have a photo of him taken in Skals Denmark.
After the war my parents divorced, i stayed with my mother and my father gave me a photo of a woman and  an address in Denmark telling me if i wasnt happy in my situation    if i wrote to the woman in the pic, she would look after me ?, my mother found the photo and destroyed it, fast forward to 1990 at one of our daughters wedding a family friend of my mother asked if i had ever  had contact with my half brother born in Denmark b. circa 1944/5 ? my question is would his birth show on my fathers RAF record ?. bodger

I am only sure of him from UK 1871 cen onwards because of matching family details, i had attributed him to the wrong family from unconfirmed details , i then discovered that the Walter i had used died as a young man in Scotland, this pushed me into getting a marriage cert. and discovered Robert as the father, so what i know of his birth from census 1871, b.1842 Border Reivers, 1881 b, ????, Carlisle (?)
1891, b, Dumfriesshire, 1901, in Sheffield, 1911, b. 1843 Roxborough
So as you can see his birth place was a moving target !!
                                                         Thanks for your help , bodger

loobylooayr, I think the out of wedlock is a probability, but i am temporarily discounting the paternity case because on Walters marriage cert his father is recorded as Robert. Just musing, would Robert have traveled from Canobie to Sheffield in 1870 for an illegitimate sons  wedding ? ,or would Walter have just given his fathers name?
                                                 Thank You for your interest, bodger

How about this for a theory ? but how would i prove it ?
1851 cen, Scotland
John Little       Head   Unmarried   63   M   Blacksmith (Master)   Dumfries, Canonbie             
Robert Armstrong       Cousin   Unmarried   38   M   Blacksmith Journeyman   Dumfries,            
Nicholas Mundell       [left blank]   Unmarried   42   F   House Servant   Roxburgh,   

1851 cen,
Janet Telford       Head   Unmarried   36   F   Farm Labourer   Dumfries, Half Morton             
Walter Armstrong   Telford   Son       7   M   At School   Dumfries, Canonbie        Elizabeth Telford       Niece       3   F       Dumfries, Canonbie            Margaret Kerr       Servant       9   F   House Servant   Dumfrieshire

Could Robert Armstrong age 38 be the father of Walter Armstrong age 7 via Janet Telford, age 36          

Further to the above from Scotland's People 1851 census, Canobie, there is the following

 Janet ? Telford, head, Female , 36yr farm labourer, b.Canobie  ( i think, indistinct)
Walter Armstrong, son 7 yrs, at school
Elizabeth Telford, niece , 3 yrs
This Walter ties in with known details, but whats the story on his mothers name Telford ?

 Any suggestions ? Thank You, bodger


Dumfriesshire / Re: Walter Armstrong b.1842 (from age on marriage cert.) Dumfriesshire
« on: Wednesday 20 February 19 15:16 GMT (UK)  »
ColC, the Walter i followed
1851cen Castleton Roxborough. scholar
1861      Applegarth dumfrieshire, agricultural labourer
1871      Broom Hall St. Sheffield draper , born Border Reivers, lodging with Willm. Heny Broomhead
1881      Grammer St, Nether Hallam Ecclesall Beirlow  insurance agent, born Carlisle ?
1891      recorded as Adamson,  Ecclesall Beirlow,  chemical laboure,r born Dumfriesshire
1901          "                "            Nether Hallam ,  corporation labourer, 
1911      Ecclesall Bierlow  labourer, born Roxborough 1843
I am sure that from 1871 that his Walter & family, but anything previous is conjecture.
 If you look at the the previous post " bodger on Tuesday 06 March 07 16:32 GMT (UK)  " you can see what other Rootschatters found. Thank You for the reply, bodger

Dumfriesshire / Walter Armstrong b.1842 (from age on marriage cert.) Dumfriesshire
« on: Wednesday 20 February 19 13:54 GMT (UK)  »
I am trying to find the parents of the above, on the marriage cert fathers name is  Robert Armstrong (farmer /farrier).
 I had an original post "by bodger on Tuesday 06 March 07 16:32 GMT (UK)  " where from information supplied i incorrectly recorded Walters father as William Armstrong b. 1791 Newcastleton
I am now researching with Robert as his father any help appreciated .  Thank You  bodger

Dumfriesshire / Re: Walter Armstrong, b.1842/6
« on: Tuesday 19 February 19 13:50 GMT (UK)  »
Hi folks , well after 12 yrs Gadget i finally got around to getting Walters wedding cert. and it would appear that i may have researched the wrong Armstrongs ?, bearing in mind the info from censuses indicates Dumfrieshire, Roxborough , areas.

 Wedding cert info. Jun.6 1870, Rotherham
Walter Armstrong 28yrs. Draper , father Robert Armstrong , farmer / farrier (indistinct)
Emma Hall, 21 yrs. Spinster, father Charles Hall, Mineral Agent, all this family ties in.

So i am now looking for a Walter Armstrong b. 1842 if given age is correct ? Dumfrieshire with a father Robert ? Any suggestions. Thank You bodger 

Thank you all for your reply's, Shaun J i agree regarding the lodgers.

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