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Lanarkshire / Re: Missing Sister of my Grandad
« on: Wednesday 22 September 21 19:34 BST (UK)  »
i'm not sure about the unlikelyhood of the birth father being named on a certificate
or a record of birth and baptism
i have seen  a fair  few where father is named in scotland
ialthough birthfather is supposed to be present i think it was sometimes waved

other clever ways women had of identifying birth father was to use both his forename or variations  + the surname  as middle names so she could be jean wilma /wilhemena stewart + others maiden name

how are you getting on with groupin your dna matches to the unknown side of the family do you have any family names in a cluster which could relate to the  unknown descendants ?

My comment re. the father's name being unlikely to be on the certificate was based on the scenario Stewarty has provided.

My understanding is that a father had to attend the birth registration for his name to be included on the birth certificate.  Or it was added after paternity was established or admitted at court.

Looby  :)

Lanarkshire / Re: Missing Sister of my Grandad
« on: Wednesday 22 September 21 15:59 BST (UK)  »
Have you tried looking at the Jean/Jeanie births 1920 in Lesmahagow to see if any are registered as illegitimate?
Would love it better being in Reg House to search for her as its costing me so is having to go on the back burner, I just wish Granddad knew more, would be lovely to see his face if I found her.. Thank you Sancti for everything

Your problem is even if you find an illegitimate birth of a Jean/ Jeanie,  unless your great-grandfather is named on the birth certificate ( which is unlikely/ he would need to attend at the Registrars  office with the birth mum and agree to his name being recorded as child's father), you still can't definitively say this is your grandfather's half sister.

Looby  :)

Lanarkshire / Re: Missing Sister of my Grandad
« on: Tuesday 21 September 21 10:48 BST (UK)  »
             There is Stonehouse, just three miles from Sandford and 7.9 miles from Lesmahagow.
Where is this Stonehaven place?   

Yes, Doddsie - Stonehouse is not far from Lesmahagow and Strathaven ( which comes under parish of Avondale)

Stonehaven, however is a fishing town on the North East coast about 15 miles from Aberdeen.  You get lovely fish and chips there

Looby  :)

Lanarkshire / Re: Missing Sister of my Grandad
« on: Saturday 18 September 21 21:39 BST (UK)  »
NAS Catalogue Search

Its an "Action of Removal" which covers a host of civil issues including failure to pay settlements.  You can't tell unless you get it. You typically file them where you think that person might be or have assets.  So it could one or at several courts.

I'm not suggesting this is the one but it would be along these lines if she took him to court for nonpayment or restrict/deny access.  This is the only one in the NAS.

There is no Paternity Cases covering that period but its third party.  You would have to access the Sheriff Court Records.


Thanks for further info Don.
Yes it would be similar to that one.
I looked on Scottish Indexes too - but that period is maybe too recent.

I thought it worth suggesting to Stewarty076  -
Just thought a single woman with a child at time would need financial assistance and would perhaps pursue the father for payment.

The 1921 Census, when it is eventually released may help narrow down potential mothers/babies.
I'm not sure if it has been mentioned to Stewarty076, so apologies if it has, but sometimes (but not always) unmarried mothers gave their child the father's surname as a middle name -
I know there have been a couple of suggestions of girls born with the forename and middle name Jean Stewart earlier in the thread.

Looby  :)

Lanarkshire / Re: Missing Sister of my Grandad
« on: Saturday 18 September 21 19:30 BST (UK)  »
Loobey - you mean like this?

SC5 Stonehaven Sheriff Court 1652-1988
SC5/8 Processes - preservation, 1st series 1671-1986
Country code GB
Repository code 234
Repository National Records of Scotland
Reference SC5/8/1921/1
William Gordon and Margaret Ann Collie or Gordon v William Stewart
Dates 1921
Access status Open
Location Off site
Description Action for removal.
Level File
Previous numbers SC5/8/458
Departmental cipher A15/1921

Being honest, I can't tell from the info provided. Where did you find it?
This is certainly an indexed record of a legal case brought by William and Margaret Ann (Collie) Gordon against a William Stewart - but I can't tell if it is a paternity case. The year is 1921 and the case is being heard in Stonehaven Sheriff Court - miles from Lesmahagow.

Looby :)

Lanarkshire / Re: Missing Sister of my Grandad
« on: Saturday 18 September 21 17:35 BST (UK)  »
Hi again,

I don't think this has been mentioned on the thread but.....
I wonder if the mother of the little girl took legal steps to seek paternity of her child and therefore be awarded 'maintainence' payments from your great-grandfather? Something worth considering.

Looby :)

Ayrshire / Re: Location of Brayhead, Dundonald / Dreghorn Parish, 1600s
« on: Tuesday 14 September 21 16:07 BST (UK)  »
Have you looked at the Roy Military Map of the Lowlands?

There is a Braehead  - near Old Rome and not far from Gatehead.

Looby :)

Durham / Re: Professional Footballer at Sunderland AFC
« on: Wednesday 08 September 21 01:05 BST (UK)  »
The British Newspaper Archive is the same data as is accessed on Findmypast. Both sites are part of Brightsolid.
There may be some differences in the search facility.

Thank you Spelk. I didn't know that. The search facility and the transcriptions on BNA are not brilliant. I think they rely on their users transcribing for them and therefore improving the search facility


Durham / Re: Professional Footballer at Sunderland AFC
« on: Tuesday 07 September 21 22:10 BST (UK)  »
Just noting that I am distantly related to Tom Rowlandson, a goalkeeper. He mostly played for Corinthian FC, the London amateur side, but his family home was near Darlington and he played for Sunderland in 1903-04.

He was said by some to be the best amateur goalie of his day, and he also played for the England amateur side. Sadly, like so many footballers, he was killed in action in WW1.

Sounds like he was a fine goalie, Arthurk. And such a shame he was lost in WW1.
My Hugh Wilson moved to play at Bedminster in 1901 - so their paths may not have crossed. Hugh was too old to serve in WW1 but I believe at least one of his sons did.

Looby :)

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