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Europe / Re: Help with French History
« on: Friday 24 May 19 23:09 BST (UK)  »
 The 'De' prefix was used by so many people in Britain around the 1200's and for centuries before that.    It may have been more like the German 'Von' at one time, but generally it indicated where people were from.    My mother was a Draffan with her ancestors coming from Lesmahagow and Douglas in Lanarkshire.    In 1960 my Uncles all received a letter from a Draffen of Dundee asking about their heritage and this George Draffen had found the most likely ancestor to have been a James De Raffe who was a Chartulary Witness at the Abbey of Kelso from about 1168 and he ended up in Lesmahagow which is close to Draffan Castle (Tillietudlum in Scott's 'Old Mortality).   This James De Raffe did then sign his name as 'Draffan', 'Draffen', 'Draffin' and even Draphane at various times.     If you look into the far past of any name you are likely to find it once had 'De' before it.   My Huttons were once De Houton and other variations of the name.    Bruce was De Brus, and so on.

I have mentioned this in a more recent related but different thread, but here it is again, to close this thread.

I last week contacted my 3rd and 4th best matches on GEDmatch.  To cut a long story short, they are both descendants of an extended family living in Tudhoe, probable birthplace of my great grandmother, Jane Adamson.  We can't be sure who in the family was actually Jane's father, but it leaves me in no doubt that I have Tudhoe connections in about 1860, my grandmother, Jane Adamson almost definitely came from there, and I consider this and earlier research to meet the proof stanards.  Thanks to all.

     Well that's good news, Martin and it does bring some closure to a long search.

      All the best,  Malcolm

Northumberland / Re: The BAGNALLs of Byker, Tyne Watermen
« on: Thursday 16 May 19 00:07 BST (UK)  »
Haven't come across Allen West or Wolfs as yet but will keep an eye out for them. 
If anyone knows where the Watermen's Records are housed I could look over them if accessible - or indeed I'd be interested in any insight into the Waterman profession.  It was clearly a physically demanding and risky profession but one of great pride and comradeship.

   Whey Pet, divven't ye knaa The Keel Lad?


 He's an ug'ly body,
 A lovely Body,
 An ill faced hideous fyeul,
 But Aah hev married a Keel Lad,
 And my guid days are done.

 Now Aah thowt te marry a Parson,
 to make us say me prayers,
 But Aah hev married a Keel Lad,
 And he kicks me doon the stairs.

 Aah thowt te marry a Dyer,
 to dye me Apron Blue,
 But Aah hev married a Keel Lad,
 and he meks me Sally Roo.

 Aah thowt te marry a sailor,
 te bring us beads and lace,
 But Aah hev married a Keel Lad,
 and he's a bloody disgrace.

 Aah thowt te marry a joiner,
 te mek us a chair and stool,
 But Aah hev married a Keel Lad,
 and he's a perfect fyeul.


                        " I think it is taken onboard a ship- would others agree? "

                Unless there is something seriously wrong, of course it is ;D

    I have some doubts.   It is very odd.    That definitely looks like a Ships Air Intake and what is odd about this is that there seems to be a spectacled lady inside it, looking out.

    The thing that causes me so much doubt is the arch on the upper left.   It looks like stone slabs, and then something else.   That air intake would have to be on the foredeck just below the Bridge and yet the structure at the top appears to curve forward.

     If it was taken on a quayside then the air intake would have to have been moved  to a side deck.

     Quite odd.

Durham / Re: Blackhill Cemetery
« on: Sunday 05 May 19 07:04 BST (UK)  »
Hi Malcolm what an amazing coincidence Sarah Ann Moor's maiden name is  also Wilson & her daughter Rachel Wilson married and emigrated to NZ.
I went to Auckland libraries but there was no Consett papers to choose from as you mentioned .
So my only hope now would be a local being able to do a look up ??
thanks Bernice

      Hi Bernice,
          I have to laugh or go crackers.     You see a few of us have been helping one of my cousin's cousin to try and trace Wilson's from all around Consett and down south as far as Fatfield, for several months now.    I have just been inundated with yet another batch.

          So will see if cousin Claire of Shotley Bridge who knows were everyone is in Blackhill Cemetery - well got to use a bit of licence - can possibly get into Consett Library and have a look for any obits that date.

          May take a while.   Ga Canny, Malcolm

Durham / Re: Blackhill Cemetery
« on: Sunday 05 May 19 01:39 BST (UK)  »
thanks for the suggestion Malcolm but we dont do facebook,
we were concentrating our research on her daughter from  Craghead . but just thought it would be nice to put her to bed so to speak, and the death cert led me to try to go further but its harder from overseas as you will know
thanks Bernice

     Yes it would be good to know at least where she rests.   I feel sure that there would be an obit.  At a quick glance at British Newspaper Archives I don't see one but there again they have so few papers digitised - not at all as helpful as Papers Past NZ.     I know only too well from my own research.    I was fortunate back in the 1980's through my work to get quite a few trips home and always found a bit of time for research.

      My Great Aunt Emma Wilson nee Oliver with whom I lived during the War years in Consett, died December 1943, not long after Sarah.    There is a long obituary in the Consett Guardian or the Consett Chronicle which I found when visiting Durham County Records Office.   These papers like those of Stockton are not in BNA so not in FindMyPast either.   

       You can only find such an obit for a Consettonian by looking at the Consett papers and these will be in Durham County Records and I think at Consett Library.

       So I wonder if there is any kind person living in Consett who could take a look at the Guardian for January 1940?


Durham / Re: Blackhill Cemetery
« on: Sunday 05 May 19 00:14 BST (UK)  »
thanks very much for the heads up on Leadgate will check it out

   Hello Again Bernice,  Further to my previous post it came to mind that you could learn a lot if you join the Consett Heritage Facebook forum -

    There was even a question on Leadgate 14 hours ago - where did the name come from and the answer that came in was all IRISH.

     I don't think I was in Consett at the time of Sarah's decease, although I do know I was there in August 1939 as a wedding group photo was published in the Evening Chronicle 10th August 1939 with me in it as a 6 year old page boy.    I only got sent back to Consett mid 1940 when the Blitz got really bad, so did then know Leadgate fairly well.

     All sorts of things can emerge from the Consett Heritage page.   Last year when discussing my great Aunt Edie Bonell, a lady chipped in to tell us that they had just lifted their kitchen floor tiles and carved into the wooden floor boards in big capital letters there was 'EDITH AND ERNEST BONELL 1935'.

     I can't think where else Sarah Anne might be buried.   All my lot are down in Blackhill, right opposite grandad's old home.   Perhaps an error in her name in the records?

     If found, I could ask a cousin to photograph the grave site for you,

      All the best Malcolm, in Melbourne these last many years - but dtr in law is from Christchurch

Durham / Re: Blackhill Cemetery
« on: Saturday 04 May 19 23:30 BST (UK)  »
   Would Sarah have been living at 25 Second Street - born 6 September 1872.   Also at same adress a Robert Moor born 28 April 1901?

World War Two / Re: British POW illness Repatriations
« on: Friday 26 April 19 06:17 BST (UK)  »
  Then you should watch the movie, "The Captive Heart" -    The sign for me was the large 33 on the side of the Troopship repatriating POW's from Germany.   I have 33's showing up all the time by day and night and in just about every movie and TV show.

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