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Norfolk / Re: Hapton, Norfolk WW1
« on: Thursday 09 August 18 07:07 BST (UK)  »
Names that I managed to research but would love to find a photo of:
Fred JL Green, Geo H Groom, Wm Pye, John Sheldrake, Bertie Fish, John Barrett, Jms Anscomb, Fred Arnold, Frank Dye, Fred H Fuller, Wm J Haylett, Reg H Ludkin, Ed S Newstead, Clare Roberts, Ernest Shearing, Stan Shearing, Geo Whitham, Nat Wilkinson, Jesse Woolterton and Jms Wright, Hugh C Copeman (DSO, CMG),Frank H Goodrum, Fred Scrancher,

Names that I have been unable to find much military info: (especially where they served),
Sam Cornelius Brown (RAF?), Alf Harvey (7215 Roy. Light Marine Inf), Clare Roberts (T3/024008 RASC), Sid W Scrancher ( Norfolk & Beds/Herts), Geo H Sheldrake, Ernest Wilkinson (? RN), Ernest N Hurry (RN), Arthur J Meek , Ed J Rowe (?RASC).

They all have a Hapton connection, but weren’t necessarily born in Hapton. Any info gratefully received. Thank you

Norfolk / Hapton, Norfolk WW1
« on: Sunday 05 August 18 18:47 BST (UK)  »
I am currently researching the men remembered on the Hapton roll of honour. I would be very interested in any info, particularly photos. If you are connected in any way with Hapton, please get in touch. Thank you.

Suffolk / Re: Lavenham, Suffolk
« on: Thursday 21 January 16 16:29 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Steve B,
Sorry for the long delay but haven't been able to spend time on my family tree for ages. I just wanted to thank you for all your help with the Snells of Lavenham. You were absolutely right, I was on the wrong track! Have now adjusted the tree to include Sarah Ann Snell b1821, mother Susan Snell b 1797, daughter to Thomas Snell b 1762.
Sadly haven't been able to get any further with the family, so if you know of any one else on this line, I'd be happy to chat to them.
Thanks again,

Suffolk / Re: Lavenham, Suffolk
« on: Wednesday 06 May 15 22:04 BST (UK)  »
Hi SteveB,
Thanks for all the info. Brilliant. Thanks also for trying to track down the lost ones. I've been trying for years, but still hoping someone, somewhere will shed some light.
Harry Edward Mills mother was Susan (Susannah) Mills b 1845, actually in Pentlow. His father (on birth certificate but not parish records), was Thomas Bird b 1847 LM although Susan & Thomas never married. Susan's father was Henry Mills, b 1814 Acton. His father James b 1782, was actually born in Hull, although all his siblings and parents were from Lavenham.
Let me know if you require any further info.
Thanks for your help,

Suffolk / Re: Looking for wife of John Nickerson, Barningham, please
« on: Sunday 03 May 15 18:26 BST (UK)  »
Hello annes,
I've had a chance to review the census and I think I might be on the wrong track. John did have a brother James, b 1820 who in 1841 was living with his mother & father, whereas John, b 1815, in 1841 is living with his wife, so there must be a James & a John. John's wife Mary says she was born in Stanton, as does John.
Any ideas?

Suffolk / Re: Looking for wife of John Nickerson, Barningham, please
« on: Sunday 03 May 15 15:30 BST (UK)  »
Thats interesting annes!
I was not sure about the Norwich record.
I'm guessing perhaps he was christened James but known as John. I know Sophia was his mother. However, is it odd that a daughter Maria is baptised 2 years before the marriage? I've also got a son, George, b 1841??
Thanks for your help,

Suffolk / Re: Looking for wife of John Nickerson, Barningham, please
« on: Saturday 02 May 15 14:45 BST (UK)  »
Thanks Maggsie, that's helpful.

Suffolk / Re: Lavenham, Suffolk
« on: Saturday 02 May 15 12:26 BST (UK)  »
Hi SteveB,
Yes, thank you, would be very interested. I haven't got any further back than Joseph b 1725 & Ruth Gridley.
Also, I am descended through Sarah, b 1816, Mary Anne, b 1846 and Ruth, b 1869. Can't find fathers for Mary Anne or Ruth, or even a birth record for Ruth who, according to the census was born in Norwich. She was married to my g grandfather Harry Edward Mills in 1893, Long Melford. Any ideas?
According to the census Mary Anne married Albert Clover, but can't find any record of that either.
Any help gratefully received.

Suffolk / Looking for wife of John Nickerson, Barningham, please
« on: Saturday 02 May 15 11:43 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone please help me find a maiden name for the wife of John Nickerson, b 1815 in Barningham, m abt 1838. I think she's called Mary Anne & b abt 1820? Mother to George, b 1841.
Thank you

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