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Europe / Re: Vienna metro ticket
« on: Sunday 06 January 19 11:50 GMT (UK)  »
I tried, it said the image is too big, I took the photo from iPad What did I go wrong?

Europe / Re: Vienna metro ticket
« on: Sunday 06 January 19 11:25 GMT (UK)  »
As I say in my first thread, metro ticket, is it enough specific? I can tell you more if you could tell me what I need to tell you.

Thank you

Europe / Vienna metro ticket
« on: Sunday 06 January 19 03:04 GMT (UK)  »
Hello, found the ticket in granny house, how do you tell which metro station she bought the ticket? I looked all over the ticket, cannot find. Please help?

The Common Room / Death records
« on: Saturday 21 July 18 00:50 BST (UK)  »
Sorry if I am dim, do we really have every death record, not have been destroyed by the war in London? No page missing on registration of death around 1910s to 1920s?


The Common Room / App for anniversaries of events
« on: Saturday 06 January 18 14:06 GMT (UK)  »

Happy New Year!

I might be a bit idiot - is there an app to remind you the anniversaries of birth marriage death of loved deceased ones - simply alert you from the app?


Dorset / Re: A M Ramsey
« on: Saturday 06 January 18 13:56 GMT (UK)  »

Thank you so much for your time, I see what I can do.

Thank you again xx

Dorset / A M Ramsey
« on: Tuesday 14 November 17 12:43 GMT (UK)  »

Its long shot but I found some interesting items.

It related to Mrs A M Ramsey and the address was 64 Evelyn Road Bournemouth (not in the old house)

Its all info I found.

Can you do some magic please to find out the full name? Sorry if its not allowed but can you please at least tell me where I can find out? I only just need to find her family to hand over the items.

Here's hoping!

Wales / Re: Blodwin Jones
« on: Sunday 19 March 17 18:39 GMT (UK)  »
Hi, I am going with stitchwitch's way, thank you stitchwitch

hopefully GRO will help

Wales / Re: Blodwin Jones
« on: Saturday 18 March 17 19:23 GMT (UK)  »
1891 Census - 1 Spring St, Dowlais

William Jones 38 head b. Dowlais
Mary  " 33 wife - b. Carmarthenshire, Wales
David W "  13 son b. Dowlais
David 27 " brother b. Dowlais

if helps

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