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Kent Lookup Requests / Re: FUGGLE in Tenterden
« on: Saturday 13 October 18 21:25 BST (UK)  »

Kent Lookup Requests / Re: FUGGLE in Tenterden
« on: Wednesday 10 October 18 22:40 BST (UK)  »
Hi Louisa Maud:  Thank you for your message.  Did you mean FUGGLE?  I will look into this and I appreciate the heads up.

Kent Lookup Requests / Re: FUGGLE in Tenterden
« on: Saturday 06 October 18 20:24 BST (UK)  »
Hi Suz:  Yes, I agree - a very good possibility for Abbregor's baptism.  Having no idea how the name is pronounced, it's very possible the g could have a j sound.  Just checking census records now to see if he can be located on the 1841.

Thank you for your help once more.

Kent Lookup Requests / Re: FUGGLE in Tenterden
« on: Thursday 04 October 18 01:55 BST (UK)  »
Many thanks SolidRock and Suzard!  Very much appreciated information.

Kent Lookup Requests / Re: FUGGLE in Tenterden
« on: Wednesday 03 October 18 23:35 BST (UK)  »
Thanks Louisa Maud - looks like one of the entries I received was in error.  We will stay with Frances as a female - certain now that she's the one who married Abbregor Paine as we had first supposed.

Thanks to Mart 'n Al too - interesting as I live in a huge hop growing region here in Idaho, I'll have to ask around and see if anyone has heard of Fuggle hops!

Kent Lookup Requests / FUGGLE in Tenterden
« on: Wednesday 03 October 18 22:57 BST (UK)  »
Would someone have some time to check the Tenterden Parish Registers for me for the following:

Frances or Francis FUGGLE born 28 August 1824 and baptised 18 July 1830, child of Thomas FUGGLE and Sarah his wife.  I have been sent two entries, one says daughter and the other son.  I'd like to know what the actual registers says please.  (Ancestry says female).

I have a Frances FUGGLE marrying Abbregor PAINE in 1845 we have always thought to be this daughter of Thomas and Sarah, but now I'm worrying!

Thank you.

Kent Lookup Requests / Apprenticeship Records 1825-1838 Frederick BRIDGES
« on: Friday 28 September 18 18:32 BST (UK)  »
Hi:  Trying to see if my 3ggfather, Frederick BRIDGES may have been apprenticed as a shoe/boot maker somewhere in the vicinity of Tenterden, Kent.  He was apprenticed out for ten years in London in 1825 when he was ten years of age to a George Robinson but records do not show anything further on him.  Then he appears in Tenterden where he married my 3ggmother, Harriet FUGGLE in 1838.  They subsequently immigrated to Australia in 1838.  Harriet's father, Thomas FUGGLE was a shoemaker and I suppose it's possible he was turned over to him or someone else in the years between 1825 and 1838.  Anything on him in Kent in those years would be very much appreciated. 

It now appears that Frederick BRIDGES was born in Islington, Middlesex, England the illegitimate son of Mary BRIDGES, daughter of Joseph BRIDGES an excavator.  Poor Law and Removal Records of Islington confirm his birth and mother and show his removal with Mary to Warblington, Hampshire.

Mary BRIDGES contends in her examination to the overseers of the Poor Law that she is chargeable to St.. Mary Islington, giving question to was she actually born there?  The trustees determined to send Mary and Frederick to Warblington because Mary's father, Joseph had rented a house in Emsworth (in Warblington Parish) ca 1811 for four years and Mary had lived with him during that time.  Six months earlier (so around November 1814 Joseph and family moved to Alfold, Surrey where he rented a house and was still there at the time Mary was being removed from Islington (1815).  I believe it was because she was pregnant with Frederick and had been sent away to fend for herself.  She states herself that she had not lived in the family home for the past six months.

Wondering if there are directories for Warblington or Alfold from 1810 to 1815 that might show Joseph Bridges.  I have not been successful in locating a Mary Bridges born ca 1792 to Joseph Bridges that I can identify.  I have reached across the border into Sussex near both Alfold and Warblington, still without success. 

Northumberland / Re: Help with County/Parish borders
« on: Tuesday 12 December 17 00:31 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you for your very descriptive explanation.  A previous thorough search of Durham unfortunately does not show us Mary Paulin, but we will keep eyes and mind open. 

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