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Thank you very much for taking the trouble to look this up.

I think the child was very ill indeed because his death certificate indicates some kind of congenital spinal deformity, malnutrition & hemiplegia, so a private baptism doesn't seem at all unlikely.

And i am correct in surmising that 'St John the Evangelist' is a C of E church in the parish of ingleton?

To 'emmsthheight' - interesting idea about military marriages - given the timeframe, it's worth looking into.  I wasn't aware that such marriages might appear in a separate index, and i didn't manage to Google.  I would appreciate info on where i can find indexes of military marriages.


I have been looking through the parish register for Kirkby (Kirby) Ravensworth in Yorkshire, and found something that may be of interest.

"Robert, son of Robert Macky, Esq of Budge Row in the parish of St Antholin in the City of London, born at Hoxton in the parish of St Leonard, Shoreditch Nov 14, 1758 was christened in this church January 19, 1769"

I have a jpg image of this page from the PR if you would like me to send it to you.  (image #78)


Jane Wilkinson
Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

I have been looking through the parish register for Kirkby (Kirby) Ravensworth in Yorkshire, and found something that may be of interest.

"Edward Pepperdy of Kirby Hill (in the parish of KR), aged 11, late of Nags Head Cou???, Lombard Street, London was buried April 25, 1806. (Registered May 10, 1806 by Thomas Buxton, Minister)"

I have a jpg image of this page from the PR is you would like me to send it.  (image #229)


Jane Wilkinson
Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

Living at Newfound England when 1st child was born.  I do not have access to RC baptismal records for the children.  Likely baptized in Richmond.

Forgot to mention that Loretta's parents were Edward Garvey and Jane Ann Eleanor Binks.

GROOM: George William Hammond (b1866), widower, from Newfound England (farm), Hauxwell / Constable Burton (in Yorkshire Dales).  George was the son of Mark Hammond and Jane Richardson
BRIDE: Loretta Teresa Garvey (b1887), spinster, from Sunderland, but may have been resident in Bainbridge in the Yorkshire Dales.

Loretta was Irish Catholic and worked for a family as a nursemaid.  She apparently spoke fondly of visiting Barrow when she worked with this family.

The marriage does not appear in the national indexes.  And they do not appear to have married in a local parish, either in the Dales, or in Sunderland (St Marys).

I don't believe any of the RC registers from this era in Barrow have been deposited, filmed or transcribed, so I believe the only way is to consult the actual parish register at the church.  Because I am in Canada, I am hoping someone might be able to have a little look for me.

Sorry, I don't know which RC parish - but I might plump for St Patrick's since he is the patron saint of Ireland.  (St Patrick's closed in 2009 and is now linked with St Columba)

I agree it would be unlikely that a body would be transported from Bournemouth to Yorkshire for burial.

I was hoping his death was some kind of accident that may have been reported in the newspaper in the Bournemouth area.

Leonard Wilkinson's probate index entry and his gravestone at Downholme, Yorkshire indicates that he died in Bournemouth on Feb 16, 1879 at the age of 50.  His death was registered in the district of Christchurch, Hampshire, which covers the parishes of Christchurch, Bransgore, Sopley, Hinton Admiral and Holdenhurst.

He was married to Ann Carter in 1874 in the Hull area - at the ripe old age of 45.  He and his two brothers, Ralph (b. 1827) and Thomas (b. 1834) all married late.  Around the time of Leonard's death, the three brothers went their separate way after living and farming together at Coldstorms (likely as tenants).

I have no idea why he would have been so far from his home at Coldstorms farm in Downholme, Yorkshire where he lived since birth.  He is from a farming family that had been firmly rooted in the Downholme / Walburn area of the Yorkshire Dales for about 85 years, so I am hoping the find a death notice, but haven't had any luck so far.

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