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Banffshire / Geddes, Grant, Clark
« on: Thursday 23 June 22 10:50 BST (UK)  »
Hello all - I have a problem with 2 Alexander Geddes.  They may be 2 separate people or just 1. 
I have an Alexander Geddes married to a Margaret Grant in Deskford 6 Feb 1808.  Children were John 1808-1885, Alexander 1811-1899, James 1814-1866, Elizabeth 1816-1880, Mary Ann Innes 1818 and William 1829-1896.
I also have an Alexander Geddes married to a Margaret Clarke (1811-1884)  25 Nov 1841 Deskford.  Children Helen 1842-1913, George 1844-1871, Elspet - 1846, Isobel 1849, Catherine Macintosh 1852-1933 and Alexander 1854-1903.
People have the one Alexander having married both these Margarets.  I haven't been able to find a death for Margaret Grant between say 1829-1842 to try to prove this is the same Alexander.
If it is indeed the same Alexander, the one I have for these two women was born 1787 and died 1871.  Death cert says his wife was Margaret Clark.  Doesn't mention a first wife at all. His death cert also says his parents were James Geddes and ?? Iness.  However other trees have his parents as Peter Geddes and Ann Young.  I know death registrations are only as good as the knowledge of the person giving the details but this family really has me stumped. 
I have an 1851 census at Deskford - 3 Craibstone - which shows Alexander 63, Margaret 40, Helen 9, George 7, Elspet 5 and Isabella 2.  Craibstone is also the place Alexander who says his wife was Margaret Clark, died.  1861 census - Deskford - House on Craibstone shows Alexander 73, Margaret 50, Isabella 12, Catherine 9, Alexander 6.  I believe the 51 and 61 fits the Alexander I have dying in 1871 married to Margaret Clark. 
Can anyone throw any light on whether the one Alexander had two wives and two families or are they two separate families?
I do have another Alexander I had a query with but for the moment can't recall what it was. Be happy with any help with the above.  Thank you.

The Common Room / Re: searching query - Glasgow
« on: Wednesday 15 June 22 06:20 BST (UK)  »
Thank you Graham_of_that_ilk - yes I have all of that.  I have been to the cemetery in Townsville, Queensland, Australia where Jane and she and Peter Jnr's four children are buried.  They are buried opposite my Macdonald family. 

Banffshire / Re: Thomson, Stewart, Cowie, McIntosh
« on: Sunday 13 June 21 22:42 BST (UK)  »
Thank you Ruth Helen. Im just in a bis on my way to work so will check him out later to see if he is in my tree somewhere

Banffshire / Re: Thomson, Stewart, Cowie, McIntosh
« on: Sunday 13 June 21 12:54 BST (UK)  »
Yes thats the information i found too. Janet or Jessie just disappears after 1871. I found that later marriage too. Had found the right one earlier though.

Banffshire / Re: Thomson, Stewart, Cowie, McIntosh
« on: Sunday 13 June 21 03:47 BST (UK)  »
I think Forfarian is right.

In 1871 you mention that Ann is with her grandparents, so if I have the correct census this is Ann.

STEWART   ANN   1871   F   6   164/ 8/ 43   Rathven   Banff

Also at this reference the THOMSON family.


William   Thomson   Head   Married   56   1825   Fisherman   Buckie, Banffshire,
Margaret   Thomson   Wife   Married   57   1824   -   Buckie, Banffshire, Scotland   
Jane   Cowie   Servant   Unmarried   45   1836   Domestic servant   Buckie, Banffshire, Scotland   
Ann   Stewart   Granddaughter   -   16   1865   General servant   Buckie, Banffshire, Scotland   
William   Milne   Grandson   -   5   1876   Scholar   Buckie, Banffshire, Scotland   

WILLIAM THOMPSON   Married    MARGARET COWIE   29/09/1846   Rathven
I do not see any children on SP for the above?

Looking at the 1861 census I think Jessie on the 1871 census is the 14 year old daughter of William & Margaret called Janet.

Is this the mother of Ann 1865?

Yes Colin, that is what I found too. I also think Forfarian is right, but I also wonder about William and Margaret. I can't find any children either, let alone Janet/Jessie's birth.  I might buy William's death cert.  There is a Margaret born to a William Thomson and Isabel Cowie 1840.  I wonder if this is the same William.

Banffshire / Re: Thomson, Stewart, Cowie, McIntosh
« on: Sunday 13 June 21 03:39 BST (UK)  »
The thought that springs immediately to mind is that Ann/Anne/Annie was probably illegitimate.

For example, Ann Thomson, born 31 March 1865 in Rathven, mother Jessie Thomson, father not named?

There's a 24-year-old Jessie Thomson, daughter, in the household of William Thomson and Margaret Cowie in 1871.
Thank you Forfarian - I had thought Annie was probably illegitimate, but for some reason the thought to look for her under Thomson instead of Stewart hadn't occurred to me.  I am also wondering about Jessie as I haven't found her birth nor any children by William Thomson and Margaret Cowie.

Moray (Elginshire) / Re: John Stewart/Stuart and Christina Bakie/Baikie
« on: Sunday 13 June 21 03:36 BST (UK)  »
It's an awful shame I missed you.  Maybe next time  :)

Banffshire / Thomson, Stewart, Cowie, McIntosh
« on: Saturday 12 June 21 13:51 BST (UK)  »
Hello all, I am hoping someone may be able to help.  I have been searching these people for a while and recently bought a few certs but can't determine a person's birth. Her name is Ann Anne or Annie Stewart - supposedly born about 1865. Her two marriages and death certs state her parents as John Stewart and Jessie Thomson.  I have also purchased and found census for 1871 1881 1891 and 1901. As a 6 and 16 year old Annie is living with her grandparents William Thomson and Margaret Cowie. (1871 and 1881 census).  In the 1891 census she is still living with her grandparents, but this time has her 3 children living with them Margaret, John and James.  She is widowed from John McIntosh 1862-1887.  She married again in 1892 to James Cowie who died in 1927.  Annie died in 1961. William Thomson and Margaret Cowie married in Sep 1846. Margaret died in June 1902. Annie Cowie - granddaughter, notified of her death. I cannot find any children they had - so can't verify Jessie/Jane/Janet Thomson as theirs. I cannot find any marriage of John Stewart and Jessie Thomson.  I cannot find an Ann/e/ie Stewart Stuart born to a John Stewart and Jessie Thomson.  I would love to sort this out as I believe the John Stewart may be part of my Stewart line which may also help fill in some missing links.  Thanking in advance for any help you may be able to offer.

Moray (Elginshire) / Re: John Stewart/Stuart and Christina Bakie/Baikie
« on: Saturday 12 June 21 13:36 BST (UK)  »
Thank you Forfarian - that would have been lovely.  I am not sure where you are but I drove into Scotland at Gretna Green, up to Glasgow, Bannockburn, Glamis, Forfar, Brechin, Dunnotar Castle near STonehaven, over to Aberlour, all the fishing towns from Nairn around to Cullen, Elgin (of course), Aberlour, Cairngorms, Carr Bridge, Culloden, Inverness, Rosskeen, over to Big Sands, Inverewe Gardens, just over the bridge to Skye, Eilean Donan Castle, Loch Ness, Loch Lomond, Glencoe, Troon, Falkirk, Edinburgh, Dunfermline, South Queensferry.  3 weeks.  Maybe next time? I spent time with a lovely DNA match - we are still trying to find our common connection but probably is Moray/Banff/Nairn area with my father's Stewart side.  Also a lot of time with 3 2nd cousins found through my searching about 8 years ago.  We had been corresponding and phoning.  Lovely to meet and spend time in person.

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