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The Common Room / Re: Norman name?
« on: Sunday 02 May 21 01:33 BST (UK)  »

As Yorky suggests the use of De + place name seems to be a common way to describe a person by naming where they lived in the time frame you are looking at. I have also seen this in connection with my own name which is an English place name and a very Anglo-Saxon one at that. After a time the De was dropped and the place name became a surname.

It appears that before the large house called Shernfold Park was built in the 19th Century there was a place called Shernfold within the parish of Frant. Maybe a hamlet or maybe just a farm.

I think you may find this book, which you can read online, of interest.

Best wishes

The Common Room / Re: New Ancestry hints help
« on: Thursday 08 April 21 05:00 BST (UK)  »
What annoys me about the hints is that they are often not for the Profile person one is working on but for a child of that person. It is not necessary to attach the the birth/baptism or death/burial to the father/mother of the child. I have seen some trees with 20 or 30 records attached most of which are not for the the subject of the Profile they are attached to.

Ancestry congratulated me today on having 7 people to my new tree. This was accompanied with digital confetti flashing on and off. I was informed that they now have enough information the send me hints. Can't wait to see these as nobody else has this information in their tree. That is one reason why I am putting the information on Ancestry.

I was also informed that "Collecting names and adding them to your tree is only the first step! There are lots of ways to grow a strong Ancestry family tree.  Learn how." Apparently one can "piggy back" on other peoples' trees.  Note the verb is Collecting - not Researching.
I have also noticed that pictures and coats of Arms are not turning up in my hints. Did they stop this or have I just been lucky lately?


Canada / Re: Court Records in Ontario
« on: Friday 12 February 21 21:59 GMT (UK)  »

Hi Don.

Thanks for your response. I'll give my contact the link.
Might be a while before we get to look at any microfilm that is not online though.


Canada / Court Records in Ontario
« on: Wednesday 10 February 21 21:24 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Canadian Roots Chatters

Someone I have been corresponding with in the US has asked me about Court Records in Ontario in the 1860s and 1870s. An ancestor of hers was running two families in Ontario and Michigan and she wants to know if he was ever charged and convicted of desertion or bigamy. I found a list of prisoners on a site run by Michael Stephenson, however the miscreant's name or his assumed name do not appear.

The Canadian family lived in Durham County in 1850s - 1870s. How were such cases handled at that time? If he was fined or ordered to pay for his children's upkeep as opposed to jail time, which it seems would be counterproductive, do any court records of such cases survive?

Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated.
Thanks for reading.

Shropshire / Re: Andrew Penson - Looking for his marraige c. 1716
« on: Saturday 12 December 20 21:33 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Garstonite

Unfortunately the link you gave does not have the information I am seeking. I know Andrew Penson married someone called Ann(e) but no surname or date or place of marriage is stated in the extract. I have tried looking for the researcher mentioned. I found a site that mentioned her but my security program put up a warning against.

The mystery continues.


The Common Room / Re: Why do you or don't you put your Trees on Genealogy sites?
« on: Saturday 28 November 20 20:16 GMT (UK)  »
Interesting thread Jettejjane

For me making trees public is about sharing and making the research as accurate as possible. I have many trees or parts of trees that I keep on Ancestry. Most are private but when I am satisfied they are as correct as they can be I make them public. If there are concerns I make notes in the comments box and invite comments.
I am willing to share information and don't really worry that I have paid for it or traveled a long way to get it. Where copyright is an issue I describe the pertinent information and tell them where the document can be obtained.

If I see other trees are missing the information I have, I do try and contact the owner. Not always successfully however especially if the facts I am offering do not line up with the family tradition that they are related to some well known family. One relative, confronted with hard evidence that what she had been told as a child was not correct, just refused to believe it.

If I had not made one of the trees I have worked on public, then I would not have been contacted by specialist medieval researcher who informed me that one of the wives in the tree leads to a royal connection and directed me to a site where I could find out more.

I was also contacted by someone in the UK looking for descendants of a recently deceased person for probate purposes. Although the person was not showing on my tree other information led him to make contact. I had knowledge of the person and was very surprised to hear they had only recently died. I was able to give him information that satisfied him he was on the right track and that any relatives would likely be found in Canada.

Although I only started researching twenty years ago I have wanted to know about my ancestors since I was about twelve. I asked older relatives for information and kept notes of various family tales many of which turned out to be not true. Often it was a mixed-up version where someone has misunderstood some grown-up talk or not realized that someone was just making a joke. Sometimes a child had been deliberately told an untruth to soften the blow of what really happened.

I have made some great contacts through making my researched trees public and sharing and co-operating on research projects has been very productive.


Staffordshire / Re: Harper Family of Sedgley
« on: Friday 20 November 20 18:48 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Trish

Thank you very much. I seem to have a blind spot about FreeREG. Probably because when I have tried it the records I was interested in had not been transcribed. I should consult it more often.

I had found a sparse baptism index on Family Search that gave Thomas and Jane as the parents of John 1732 and John 1739. But John 1743 only mentioned father Thomas. So that made me wonder if John 1743 was in another family group.
I believe that Family Search Indexes were most often compiled from BTs so that might account for the brevity. It certainly seems that John b. 1739 died aged a little over 2 years old. Abode and father's occupation can really help.

The John son of Thomas who died in 1774 would have been about 32 if he was born 1741/42 and I think it would be unusual to be described that way once a child was over 21. This family had a son called Thomas in 1728 so the John who died in 1774 could be son of his. Brother Thomas could also have been the marriage witness for John and Lydia.

I think it's safe to say that John b.1739 did not go to Yorkshire. So I can eliminate him from my list of candidates.

Thank you again Trish
Stay Safe


Staffordshire / Harper Family of Sedgley
« on: Thursday 19 November 20 21:13 GMT (UK)  »
Hello Rootschatters of Staffs

Does anyone have information on the family of Thomas and Jane Harper of Sedgley?  Their first child was Elizabeth baptized 4 Dec 1726. I am interested in John baptized 16 Dec 1739. Does anyone know what happened to him? According to many trees he went to Yorkshire and married there. Variously described as an ag-lab or husbandman.

Since Yorkshire is quite a way from Sedgley I am not sure if the move to Yorkshire is correct. I have not been able to find any evidence to support his going to Yorkshire. Supposedly he is the same John Harper who married Hannah Newlove at Wetwang in 1771.

Sedgley is a parish that is only indexed on Ancestry, FindMyPast and Family Search online so I can't check the original images to see if he died young or married in Staffordshire. The marriage in Yorkshire states he was of Catwick (ERY) but that does not necessarily mean he was born there. His mother is said to be Jane Turner but I have not found and index or an image of a suitable Harper/Turner marriage.

Information gratefully received. Thanks for reading.

Shropshire / Re: Andrew Penson - Looking for his marraige c. 1716
« on: Wednesday 30 September 20 22:11 BST (UK)  »
Hi Mutchall

Thank you for your reply. You appear to have had as much luck in finding the marriage as I have! 

My Penson line starts with the maternal line of my 2 X Great Grandmother who was born in Wolverhampton.
Prior to that these Pensons seem to have been in the mid part of east Shropshire for many generations.  I have Andrew's father Joseph and also his father Thomas Penson (my 8 X Great Grandfather) born about 1640. I am in the process of investigating Thomas' parents.

Elizabeth Alport nee Addenbrooke did marry Francis Taylor in 1719. I found three daughters but two of them died. The probate record you suggested for Francis Taylor states that his brother John handled the Administration of the Estate. I believe that Elizabeth's burial is the one recorded at Sherriff Hales on February 3rd 1736/7. Elizabeth the wife of Fran: Taylor. There does not seem to be a probate record for her.

Thank you for your interest in this matter. 


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