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Jomot and Smudwhisk, thanks for taking the trouble to reply, though, Jomot, I'd say it is us, the users, who are having the problems - why should Ancestry worry, they are still getting our money! Which of course is what they are all about.
Thanks again

Thanks for your reply Drosybont, it lets Firefox off the hook (I found that reason difficult to swallow), looks like Ancestry customer care again, everyone's fault but theirs. I'll keep my fingers crossed that they fix it, but won't hold my breath!

Thanks for replying, it is some relief to know I'm not the only one! Yes, Ancestry told me to clear my cookies etc, but with nil improvement. I'll try your refresher button idea, it might save my sanity!
Thanks again,

I wonder if anyone else has had this problem, and if there is a way to fix it.
Recently on ancestry when I look at an image, say a page from the census, I enlarge it. Then, when I want to move from one side to another, or move my mouse up to the save button, the whole image moves, which can be quite annoying. I'm not holding down my mouse button while I do this, and it doesn't happen on findmypast.
Also, if I want to change a date, say a year of birth, ancestry no longer lets me just highlight what I want to change and write the new info over it, I have to first delete the date then write the new one. This is also a recent problem.
I've had ancestry for some years now, and haven't had these problems before. I use Firefox. I did speak to ancestry and they told me to use Google Chrome, but surely Firefox should work properly.
Any advice would be much appreciated,

Cork / Re: BENSON family emigrated to South Africa
« on: Monday 18 January 16 19:27 GMT (UK)  »
Hello Dave,
Many thanks for the Benson information. I know very little about this part of the family, but I should say I have since learned that her name was actually Amelia Anne Catherine Benson, born in 1857, with a brother Walter John born 1860 and a sister Rosina Selina born 1864. All three were baptised in Aliwal North in 1873, Amelia being noted illiegitimate, no father's name being given for any of them, and the mother Amelia Ann described in Trade/Profession as a Purveyor. The sponsor was Sarah Maria Nolan, who, when she married in Aliwal North in 1877 was 28, a widow, and when Rosa Selina married in 1881 one of the witnesses was Henrietta Nolan, so I wonder if there is some kind of relation there between Nolan and Benson.
Thanks again,


Devon Lookup Requests / Re: Plymouth Record Office Lookup Request
« on: Sunday 16 November 14 21:01 GMT (UK)  »
Sorry to have to tell you that I don't know of any connection between the Adrian and Rebecca line and the surnames Grant and Anderson, (but of course that may only be because I haven't found it yet!)

Kent Lookup Requests / Re: Cudham Marriage c. 1835
« on: Wednesday 19 February 14 21:49 GMT (UK)  »
Hello Madwith,
I'm afraid the family history is somewhat on hold at the moment, but hope to resume shortly. Thank you for your reply, I'm more or less up to date with Phillis and her family, I think, but I have a problem with a couple of her siblings, James, born 1804, I can only find his baptism, and John, born 1820, after his baptism I can only find a possible "candidate" in 1871, a John J Dalton, 51, a Coal Merchant born West Wickham, Kent, in Camberwell with wife Ann M., 52, and in 1891 John Dalton, 71, widower, a Gardener, born Croydon. If you can shed any light on these two, I'd be grateful.
Thanks again,

Kent Lookup Requests / Re: Cudham Marriage c. 1835
« on: Thursday 16 May 13 23:57 BST (UK)  »
Hello Chris,

Many thanks for replying to my query. I was sure I could remember seeing somewhere that there was some doubt about Sarah's surname - before I realised I should write everything down as the "silver moments" start joining up and getting longer - but with your info and that of Lee plus the censuses recording that Sarah was born in Warlingham, there seems little doubt that she was in fact the daughter of George and Sarah. Thank you too for your offer of further Iverson information. I shall hang fire on that, if I may, and confine myself for the moment of the myriad offspring of Mrs Sarah Iverson and her siblings

Kind regards


Kent Lookup Requests / Re: Cudham Marriage c. 1835
« on: Sunday 12 May 13 15:20 BST (UK)  »
Hello Lee,

Thanks very much for your answer. I had thought Sarah, of Warlingham, was the daughter of George and Sarah, mailny from Censuses and the LDS information, but I've lead myself astray in the past by doing this and thought I would try and find a little more! I'll try the Licence route you suggest.
Thanks again


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