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Inverness / Re: Catherine Smith (Rose)
« on: Thursday 16 April 20 15:39 BST (UK)  »
You might find something in Beattie, Alastair G & Beattie, Margaret H (1996) Pre-1855 Gravestone Inscriptions in Inverness District - East. Scottish Genealogy Society : Edinburgh. A few years earlier so might have caught inscriptions that were fading. Not everyone had a gravestone though.

Inverness / Re: Locating "Ardtraigh" Union Road, Fort William
« on: Thursday 16 April 20 13:21 BST (UK)  »
112 - no name
113 - Maryfield House
122 - Brasside Villa, Fassifern Road (probably Braeside)

111 and 112 could both be Maryfield House too - I suspect several schedules at the same address but Ancestry is unclear.

Initial thought: did Ardtraigh become Clashfern? (adjoins Glenan) and Ardlair (really Ardblair) very close too. Station Hotel breaks the sequence somewhat.
Update: FindMyPast confirms Maryfield is Mayfield and Ardlair is Ardblair.

Inverness / Re: Locating "Ardtraigh" Union Road, Fort William
« on: Thursday 16 April 20 12:55 BST (UK)  »
Trawling the 1901 census. Ardtraigh is schedule 115 in RD 520 (Kilmallie), enumeration district 3. Schedules found so far:
109 - Glendissary House
110 - no name
111 - no name
114 - Maryfield House (could this really be Mayfield??)
116 - Glenan House
117 - Glenan House
118- Ardlair House
120 - Ardllan House (probably Ardlair too - Ancestry transcription)
121- Station Hotel.

NB One house could have more than one household, hence duplicate names.

Caithness / Re: Surname confusion
« on: Friday 27 December 19 15:11 GMT (UK)  »
Usually wildcards work better, yes, because the more obscure name variations depend on someone having found them and persuaded SP to add them to the list of known variations. I have no idea why this search wouldn't work. Next time I am in the SP centre I'll try to replicate it and if it still misbehaves I'll demonstrate it to them.

I raised a similar issue with ScotlandsPeople a few weeks ago and was told "There is currently a known issue when searching using name variants with second names." My example was not a name variant but was, as you have used, asterisks in place of no, one or more letters. There is a note on the ScotlandsPeople website

I have just replicated my search and there is definitely still an issue with use of wildcards, and variants.

World War Two / WW2 Casualty List - numeric code query
« on: Monday 24 June 19 15:43 BST (UK)  »
Using the Army Casualty lists on FindMyPast I have found two records for one man. The numeric code on one (L1215/..) clearly links that record to an updated list. However on the updated list there is a code 582 which does not link back to the original list and it does not appear to link to a third list as list 582 is dated more than a year before the death in question. What else could it be? I've noticed a number of other entries with 581, 580 codes.

I've also seen the discussion at

Orkney / Re: Peter Baikie & Helen Moar, HELP PLEASE!
« on: Friday 17 May 19 11:22 BST (UK)  »
Re Huntow surname - this is an Orkney surname, mainly Birsay I think.

Stirlingshire / Re: Tracing a Scottish Marriage: Charles Wilson & Cathrin Claperton
« on: Thursday 05 October 17 17:25 BST (UK)  »
Do the baptisms you found give any clues about where the children were baptised? Sometimes an entry will say baptised by the minister of the Secession church or baptised in the Relief Kirk and so on. If they were baptised there, chances are that parents also married outside the established Church of Scotland. If so, the records may very well not be on ScotlandsPeople.

Orkney / Re: Peter Baikie & Helen Moar, HELP PLEASE!
« on: Friday 01 September 17 11:58 BST (UK)  »
Do you hold any other information about them? What is the source for the possible dates that you have posted?

They appear to be listed at Cluick, Evie, in the 1841 census aged 60 and 55 respectively, but remember that ages over 15 were rounded down to the nearest 5 in that census. Also with them: Peter (25), Ellen (25), Margaret (20), May (15), Ann (15) and Mary (14). All born Orkney.   You will find some census information on but always check the full record on ScotlandsPeople.

In 1851 (Freecen again) Helen (69) widow, Peter (36) single and Ann (26) single, surname Beakie (Orkney Family History Society transcribe as Baikie and are probably correct) were at St Andrews, Evie; Helen and Peter born Stromness but Ann in Evie. That implies Peter senior died before Helen. I can't immediately see them in Stromness in the 1821 census (Orkney Family History Society transcription) but there iare two other Peter Baikie - one a 59 year old fisherman listed with Margaret leask and others,  the second a 29 year old, possibly the son of Thomas Baikie and Janet Beaton, certainly listed with them at Drydale.

Hope this helps a little.

Orkney / Re: Orkney resources
« on: Friday 05 May 17 12:23 BST (UK)  »
I now have indexes for the Walls, Orkney, Kirk Session records 1837-1875, on my website

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