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I see that the Library of Congress has in its rare book collection an account of the trial of Richard Lawrence published in 1835.  Maybe a librarian would be willing to consult it to see if any members of his family were identified, perhaps as witnesses to his mental condition.

Wikipedia has updated their info on Lawrence. They claim he was born in Lancashire and that they settled in Virginia near D.C. No source given, but anyone can post anything on that sight. Maybe Ann, et al can be found in Va. ????   

Thanks. I have a copy of the trial. Also have copies of the NILES REGISTER and period newspapers. Lawrence's father is never mentioned by name. He did say that his father drove a coal cart in England but that doesn't reveal much without a location. Ann may have been Richard's mother or maybe a cousin (???) and Jane Francis is another mystery. I'll ask Rock Creek Cemetery and see if they will reveal who owned the lot, etc. That might be protected information and me not being family might be another road block.

Thanks for the message. Yes, I've found a lot of those interviews and none of them mention parents names or actual place of origin other than England. I've been searching on and I found where Elizabeth married Samuel Redfern in 1827 and Eliza married Joseph Cuvillier in 1832.  Charles Laskey said that his uncle was Richard Lawrence's father but no actual names given. I found a Charles Lawrence Laskey and tend to think this is the right family. I'll keep digging and if I find anything I'll post it. Cheers!

I'm looking for a death record and obit for ANN LAWRENCE. She died April 20, 1847 in Washington D.C. Burial was in the Rock Creek Cemetery. According to the headstone (Seen on FIND A GRAVE) there is a JANE FRANCIS LAWRENCE buried with her. She died in 1811 and that is all I know. Buried with them is RICHARD LAWRENCE the failed assassin who tried to shoot President Andrew Jackson in 1835. (He died June 1861) I don't know how or if these folks are related. Would like to find out. We know Richard was born in England in 1808 (or thereabout)  ???

US Lookup Requests / Re: Birth Record for Anna Maria SMITH NYC 1830
« on: Tuesday 29 October 19 14:08 GMT (UK)  »
This is asking a question. I wish I had more but this is about it. Family stories are the source for the father's name (William Smith) After they left NY for Texas, census and various land and death records cover the rest.  No parish or ward is known. I don't know if there are any surviving ship passenger lists. Some of the ships from NY that went to Texas as the time were the CULL, CLIMAX, CHAUNCY.

London & Middlesex Lookup Requests / Re: Wm. James STAINES in Shoreditch Middlesex
« on: Tuesday 29 October 19 14:03 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks. Sorry to say it's not a match but I can eliminate this name for the nonce.  :'(

US Lookup Requests / Birth Record for Anna Maria SMITH NYC 1830
« on: Monday 28 October 19 15:21 GMT (UK)  »
Anna was born in NYC Sept. 1830. Parents were William Smith (from NY) and Mary Smith (Boston Mass.) Mary was Protestant. They left NY at the end of the year for Texas arriving in 1831.

London & Middlesex Lookup Requests / Wm. James STAINES in Shoreditch Middlesex
« on: Monday 28 October 19 15:17 GMT (UK)  »
Born March 3, 1778. Parents: Unknown. If he had a son named William born in 1820 and if the son left the UK by 1840 for America I may have a match

Cornwall / Family of Charles Lawrence Laskey
« on: Thursday 10 October 19 16:30 BST (UK)  »
Looking for this family in Cornwall. Baptism Jul 23, 1812. Father: John Turner Laskey. Mother: Susanna (Maiden name unknown) Hope to find Charles Lawrence Laskey's uncle's name. Need to find out when they immigrated to the USA. Believe it was between 1821-1828. Living in Georgetown Dist. of Columbia. If I have the wrong bunch, let me know. Thanks 

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