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Galway / Patrick Mulkerrin (born around 1854)
« on: Friday 16 March 18 09:46 GMT (UK)  »
Hi All
I am trying to trace the parents and siblings of Patrick Mulkerrin, born in Galway Ireland, around 1854. I know he married widow Ann Gibbons (nee Steel) who was born in Goven, Scotland around 1841. They married (if they ever did) around 1875, and had three children all born in Durham, England, and they are Patrick (born 27th April 1876), Ann (born around 1879) and Martin (born 9th September 1882), and by the 1911 census Patrick (aged 57) and Ann (71) resided at 22 Stanley Street, Jarrow. Both Patrick and Ann were buried in Jarrow Cemetery, Ann on 31st December 1918, aged 75, and Patrick on 15th January 1934, aged 80.

I also know there are many ways to spell "Mullkerrin", so if anyone can help me with finding the Parents, and siblings of Patrick, I would be very grateful.


Ireland / Re: Felix Hughes and Elizabeth Keenan
« on: Wednesday 28 June 17 10:03 BST (UK)  »
Once again
Thank You

Ireland / Re: Felix Hughes and Elizabeth Keenan
« on: Monday 26 June 17 14:58 BST (UK)  »
Thanks - But could McKenna be translate as Keenan

Ireland / Felix Hughes and Elizabeth Keenan
« on: Monday 26 June 17 10:29 BST (UK)  »
I have a baptism record of Owen Hughes on 25th May 1825 in Creggan Upper, Armagh and Louth.
His parents are Felix Hughes and Elizabeth Keenan or Kennan

Can anyone help me locate Felix and Elizabeth marriage, and did they have any other children, and their deaths.

I now that Owen Hughes may have married Alica(e) Branigan on 3rd May 1853 in Ballymore.
Also can anyone help me with Alica(e) Branigan (who were her parents etc.)

Selkirkshire / John McGinley and Bridget O'Neil
« on: Sunday 20 November 16 10:52 GMT (UK)  »
I am looking at the McGinley family. The banns for marriage for John and Bridget was on 13th November 1852 in Selkirk, but there is no actual date of the marriage form the report taken from "Scottish People".

Do anyone know when this marriage took place and who their parents were?

I know that by the 1861 census John (aged 28) and Bridget (29) both came from Ireland and resided in High Street, Selkirk.

Again do anyone know where they were actually born, and when, and did they have any siblings??

John and Bridget had 4 children in Selkirk, then moved to Jarrow / South Shields, where they had another 2 children, and where Bridget died in Q4, 1865 aged 33. John then remarried on the 30th June 1866 in South Shields to widow Jane Donoghoe / Woods.

I have all the names of the children, and other information in the Jarrow / South Shields, Durham, so I only need to see if anyone can help me with John and Bridget marriage, their siblings and their parents. Thank You.

Europe / Germany - Henry Meins and Charlotte Elfendahl
« on: Thursday 08 September 16 14:31 BST (UK)  »
I am looking for a marriage between Henry Meins and Charlotte Elfendahl around 1860 to 1866.

They had three children Henry and Mary born around 1866 and Charlotte born in Hull, England in 1870.

Charlotte Meins, aged 29 (mother) and her children Mary and Charlotte died in Hull, England 1870.

Charlotte Elfendahl was born around 1840, and Henry Meins was born around 1830, but I don not know exactly where and who their parents are.

Any help or advice where to look would be very helpful.

Thank You
Stan Baker


I have found a possible marriage of WILLIAM CRAWFORD B LAING married one of these people
MARY ANN ALSFORD, ANNIE AMELIA CLAPTON in Brentwood, Middlesex in Qtr 1 1897, if any of those person named are his wife, then when did she die, and where.

Also on find my past - there are two entries of passenger leaving for Gibraltar once in 1921 and another in 1926 who give their address as 96 George Street, Edinburgh.

I know you may have already looked at this - if so sorry to bother you.

Stan Baker

Canada / Re: Arthur Edmond(s) and Jane Anderson
« on: Thursday 02 July 15 15:19 BST (UK)  »
To Cosmas and Jacquie in Canada
Thank you and I have sent a email Vancouver Library.
Again Thank you for your help

Canada / Arthur Edmond(s) and Jane Anderson
« on: Wednesday 01 July 15 14:35 BST (UK)  »
Dear all

I am trying to trace the children of Arthur and Jane Edmond, who were married in South Shields, Durham, England, and had three children Doris (born 1910), James R (born 1913) and Arthur (born 1915) in South Shields.

The family emigrated to Vancover, British Columbia between 1926 and 1929 where Arthur worked as a carpenter.

Both Arthur and Jane died in Vancover, Arthur on 19th July 1966, and Jane on 8th December 1982 whilst residing at 3057 Pentiction Street (by their death certificates on Family Search) and both death certificates were signed by their son James R Edmond.

Can anyone help me in trying to trace what happened to Doris, James and Arthur - did they marry, and if so to who, or when they died.

I am doing my family history on the Anderson side, but I would like to try to tie up some loose ends, if any of the "Edmond" family wishes to know more about their family from South Shields please let me know

Regards and Thanks
Stan Baker

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