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Antrim / Re: Dundrod Cemetery
« on: Thursday 21 October 21 11:00 BST (UK)  »
Dundrod burial records are not held by PRONI on microfilm so only option is local contact
There are certainly a number of more recent Graham headstones there, can see 3 in Streetview

Antrim / Re: John Neeson of 4 Ballybollen Road
« on: Sunday 10 October 21 14:52 BST (UK)  »
Agree, the reference to Ballybollen would be to the townland only in 1864, no house or road names existed till 1970's.

Further to the Drifter's comments the coloured maps on Askabout Ireland are some 10-20 years later than the printed books, the originals can be accessed in PRONI and later map revisions. One can come across numbers on the printed Griffiths that do not show on the coloured map for the same entry. But people never knew of or referred to these numbers, they were often illiterate and were for official tax purposes only. They are handy for us today as enable us to match a name in a Townland with specific fields & house.
For the Republic counties only FindMyPast has a separate collection entitled Griffith's Surveys Maps and Plans, 1847-1864 apparently of the original maps but are faint black and white images.

EDIT: didn't look at date of 1st post, see now was 2004

The Common Room / Re: 1939 register redacted entry is blank
« on: Saturday 09 October 21 01:44 BST (UK)  »
Findmypast update several times a year and can submit proof to them to reveal if have a subscription. Ancestry do once a year and proof has to be sent to National Archives who make a charge of 24.35.

Is not unusual to find Findmypasts more up to date & different than Ancestry's.

Both Findmypast and Ancestry publicise when they update the Register but they don't work together. Findmypast did the original scanning and imaging and sent them to TNA. TNA released images to Ancestry who did their own transcriptions of them.
eg for the 1921 census under FAQ Findmypast say "Any transcription created by the service provider will be their IP but the census and the archival-quality images remain the property of The National Archives, who through this project now own a digital surrogate of this important national resource. The cost of creating digital images from the paper originals, transcribing those records to create the necessary information to make them useful, and building and hosting the infrastructure to present the images and data to the general public is beyond the resources of The National Archives."

"The 1939 Register is available on subscription genealogy websites Ancestry, Findmypast, TheGenealogist and MyHeritage. Both TheGenealogist and MyHeritage only offer the transcription at present, with no images. The transcription they use is the same as the one used by Findmypast. Ancestry uses its own transcription along with images."

It is obviously easier for computer systems to match male deaths with respective DOB's than females who change names and bear in mind the differences in recent death indexes we can see which go from age to at death to DOB to 2007 and back to age only for the very recent that we can only see on the GRO website (hence Ancestry & Findmypast give us Greypower info which is only 55%). If someone emigrated or even moved to Scotland or Northern Ireland no computer match will be found and either someone has to submit info or wait till 100 years after the DOB transcribed & record then opens.

Canada / Re: Alexander stewart,Belfast, living and died in Canada
« on: Sunday 03 October 21 16:28 BST (UK)  »
Does the first one not sound more plausible given the RUC connection?
Eileen, I favoured the Leopold Street Barracks (born Derrygarve 1897) until found had father James and then married bigamously in New York 1929 [replies 8 & 13], also Dean seems to think went to Montreal so was erring back to the other. Though quite possible he re-married if not intending to return home, not sure if Margaret 'his beloved wife' was expecting a return or not.

Think your suggestion of his RUC record might be worthwhile even at 25, if it has a DOB then we know which one, we are all beginning to re-tread ground and duplicate research.


Canada / Re: Alexander stewart,Belfast, living and died in Canada
« on: Saturday 02 October 21 15:09 BST (UK)  »
To clarify -
1) The wife of Alexander and his son Terence (born 1924) never went to Canada ?
2) Where did the wife and child live after Alexander went to Canada ?
3) Did Alexander ever return home ?  Did he send money home to support wife and child ?
4) Did his wife remarry ?

answering from the Antrim board comments you linked to in reply #4 above.
1) correct, wife Margaret & children remained in Belfast. Dean says he believes Alexander went alone to Canada #31 (and #9 this thread).
2) at 21 Rockmore Road, Belfast, Margaret's mother's home ref reply #6 & 21, noting that Margaret's mother Catherine married a Thomas Hutchinson after her first husband Terence died.
3) currently unknown if sent money [Dean?], thought seems to be parents separated; wife's 1965 death notice still says beloved wife of late Alexander #21. Wife Margaret is presumably buried in Millfield R.C. Cemetery, Belfast tel. 028 9061 3972 (is not in the Belfast Council's City Cemetery which is practically adjacent to Rockmore Road BT12 7PD).
4) no STEWART- February 12, 1965, at the Mater Hospital, MARGARET...

Canada / Re: Alexander stewart,Belfast, living and died in Canada
« on: Saturday 02 October 21 14:42 BST (UK)  »
is it also possible to get the service records for the RUC

Eileen, I didn't know the answer to that, only about the former/older RIC ones on Ancestry & Findmypast.
Turns out one can from the RUC museum in Knock, Belfast. per their genealogy page we can search for individuals and supply their service record at a charge of 25 per search.


Canada / Re: Alexander stewart,Belfast, living and died in Canada
« on: Saturday 02 October 21 08:27 BST (UK)  »
To be clear I'm not suggesting the 1923 marriage is not him, I was just beginning to wonder if the entry of father William was true on it, it is not unknown for an illegitimate child to invent a father's name on their marriage cert.

In the period 1892 to 1900 there are only 4 births of an Alexander Stewart with a father William 1895 in Derry 1896 in Ballybrick, Banbridge District 1896 in Belfast father a Cooper
and 1899 in Belfast father a Labourer

all have been discussed, the final one died as a child. The only R.C appeared to be the Cooper.

and searching for unknown [unnamed] male Stewart 1895-1900 only one with a father William was born 1898 Belfast who turns out to be a Thomas

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