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"On Thursday died, at Hurn-Court in
Hampshire, Mrs. Dorothy Hooper, daughter
of the late Edward Hooper, Esq; by the Lady
Dorothy, daughter of Anthony, second Earl
of Shaftsbury, and sister of Edward Hooper,
Esq; Commissioner of the Customs."

   December 16, 1783 - December 18, 1783
Publication: General Evening Post

"Last Thursday died at Bath, advanced in Years, the
Lady Dorothy Hooper, wife of Edward Hooper, of
Hurn-Court in the County of Southamptoon, Esq; her
Ladyship was one of the Daughters of the Right Hon.
Anthony Ashley-Cooper, the second Earl of Shaftsbury,
by the Lady Dorothy Manners, one of the daughters of
John Earl of Rutland."

   May 9, 1749 - May 11, 1749
Publication: London Evening Post

Also mentions of the HOOPERS here in this edition:
(use the search - eg for "Boveridge")

A genealogy of Edward HOOPER, and history of Boveridge in:
"The history and antiquities of the county of Dorset: compiled from the best and most ancient historians, inquisitiones post mortem, and other valuable records and MSS. in the public offices, and libraries, and in private hands. With a copy of Domesday book and the Inquisitio Gheldi for the county: interspersed with some remarkable particulars of natural history; and adorned with a correct map of the county, and views of antiquities, seats of the nobility and gentry, &c. By John Hutchins, M.A. Rector of the Holy Trinity in Wareham, and of Swyre, in the county of Dorset. In two volumes "
Published 1774

a manor, tything and hamlet one mile and a half
N.E. from Cranborn, in Upwinborn hundred. In
Domesday Book, the Church of St Mary of Cran-" [continued in attachment]

There is a monument in St Paul's Covent Garden, not sure how this relates to your Edward, possibly his father as I have some references to "Edward Hooper jnr of Hurn Court" - although that may be the son you mention.  :-\
"Mary Hooper, third daughter of Edward Hooper of Hurn Court in the County of Southampton, Esq., March 30, 1696.
With her lie interred two Daughters of Catherine her eldest Sister, by John Venables of Woodcot in Hampshire, Esq., Mary and Elizabeth Venables."

"The history and survey of the cities of London and Westminster, Borough of Southwark, and parts adjacent."
Mottley, John,  Stow, John  published 1753

There is a detailed genealogy of Dorothy in:
"A genealogical history of the Royal families of England, from William the Conqueror to the present Royal grand children: Treating distinctly of their Marriages, Children, and Collateral Branches: and shewing Their Titles, Offices, Births, Deaths, and Places of Birth and Burial; with a View of their Lives. Together with The Descent of the several Foreign Princes now reigning, and of the several Noble and Eminent Families in England, that are sprung from the Blood Royal of this Kingdom, down to the Present Year. Collected from Mr. Rapin, and other authentic historians, Necessary to refer to In reading larger Histories of England, or other Kingdoms connected with Great Britain, many being remarkably deficient in Genealogy"
Publication Date 1753

Also in this one by Arthur Collins published 1709:

When the Collins was updated in 1756, it now says Edward was of "Hurn-court in com' Southamp. Esq; and died 1749" (not sure if the death refers to Edward or Dorothy.)

Oh well done Monica!

I wish I could find "The Broken Story", just a few references to it. Not on your list, but here is the music to another of Edith COOKE's songs "Two Marionettes"

Durham / Re: Burn Crook Hill Tanfield
« on: Yesterday at 11:24 »
I studied the OS maps for a while yesterday and came to the same possibility - that Crookbank etc which are very near to the north of Tanfield may be the place. I can see no references to "Burn Crook Hill" or similar in newspapers of the time.  :-\

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