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What page is ending on pls

.ive put this story aside to read later .
Read 1st and last  page .looks like 1 for " history mysteries "

It is the era im investigating for t"fostered "babies
 passed off as bitrh babies
But missing birth certs or dna not matching

It would be great to find one of the midsing bBies

But you found solution

Advice given on wi ll help my detective assistants learn skills of ancestry .Will my 17 year old grandson be.reeled in bybexciting way i do fsmily tree .  Sorry rambling 

US Completed Requests / Re: Fellman girls
« on: Monday 28 January 19 11:20 GMT (UK)  »
Id like to take the opportunity to thank you all for help and let you know that im going to speak to a granddaughter of Estelle Fellman ...I believe her mother my granma Maisies  cousin is still alive.!

Sandra thanks so much for all the names you supplied me with

Also i know realise that the missing elder sister was Rebecca Bloch so the sibling im missing is after 1874  before 1887

Out of the 12 full siblings can now name
4 boys and deceased unnamed  baby boy
+ 5 girls  ?
And Rachel who died in manchester who was either a sister or wife of unfound brother ( maybe nathan Philman )
Apologies for multiple threads when i started
Needed some on different forums
I will now close this thread and keep the one on emigrants board

Cheshire / Re: Baby Annie Jones 1911 who is she .& why crossed out ?
« on: Monday 28 January 19 11:01 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks Guy your explanations are clear and very good assumptions

He WAS  head of household
Mother wasnt working

 14 year old Winnie was his full sister

Where does it say daughters age ...i saw blank column

What do people think about this theory

George.s  fiancee / wife not  living there
There  due to illness work or death

Baby being nursed by his family but died around census time 

My sister says if a baby died before baptism it had to be buried outside cemetary is this true ?

Great news
Ive had a message from Granddaughter of Esther/Estelle FELLMAN
With a phone number
Just got to find a suitable time to call

So although my mum doesnt have any jewish  cousins
She is pleased
 Maisie FELLMAN roberts jones b 1899
Had at least 1 cousin who is still alive today ....

Maisies father George Jacob FELLMAN b 1871was the second eldest of Samuel FELLMANs 18 children and Estelle Fellman was the 2nd youngest born 1897

Denbighshire / Re: David Jones Mary Ann Onions 1915
« on: Monday 28 January 19 07:25 GMT (UK)  »
Would this site be of use ?

Denbighshire / Re: Publican Butcher and Farmer in 1851 .
« on: Monday 28 January 19 02:35 GMT (UK)  »
Surprisngly Dorcas names at all.

Denbighshire / Re: Publican Butcher and Farmer in 1851 .
« on: Monday 28 January 19 02:29 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks Jill what a great page

I looked at Enochs too

There is only one Enoch JONES
buried  in Ruabon age 67
So he was the one in asylum

He had a son Ellis  in 1858 who died  in aug aged 1 month the couple were living in Hulme .

Denbighshire / Re: Publican Butcher and Farmer in 1851 .
« on: Monday 28 January 19 02:22 GMT (UK)  »
Ok i found the Abiah list
There seem to be twins

And a death at 4 weeks

Im not sure how others relate to my great grand father ..he could be named after a relative

Abiah  he spelt his name with an h
His son.had no h  to distinguish them

Denbighshire / Re: Publican Butcher and Farmer in 1851 .
« on: Monday 28 January 19 02:13 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you
I got onto the sitecand looked at jones marriages

Ended up scrolling down thru the centuries from 1600 my thimb did olympic scrolling at speed blocked at 1757 before i could find any Abiahs there must be an easier way
His first son with wife Ann williams was Abia David JONES also a butcher i think

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