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Thanks Kevin,

Martin and Mathew O'Halloran both married in that quarter in 1933 and are both listed on the same page as Maria Lewis..    :)  Patiently waiting for the hardcopy


The Michael I mentioned was Mathew O'Halloran's son, who was born in the 1930s.

Michael could be a family name but until I get the copy of the marriage cert I can't say for sure.. am unable to verify for myself by any other means.

Unfortunately, my immediate family have no idea what Mathew's father's name was or anything like that.

He died when my Grandmother was quite young and there was no contact maintained with Mathew's children and his parents or siblings. No one can recall my Great Grandmother talking about them in any great detail other than to say he was buried with his family.

 Heywood - the name is Mathew though the spelling could be with two T's or even Matthias, my uncle is named after him so that's why I am certain. Other family members are known by other names but we are all aware of what the true names are.

Roscommon / Re: Scott Family
« on: Friday 14 November 14 17:59 GMT (UK)  »
Brigid Scott is not the spelling I have been given of my GG Grandmother's maiden name...

I'm waiting to see the actual marriage certs and am currently proceeding based on the meta data/ basic information I've been able to gather about the information on the certificates.

Was this Brigid Scott married to Patrick Kinsley a tailor ??

The information I've had on the two Bridget Scotts was found through birth and baptismal records so apologies for any confusion I caused.

Roscommon / Re: Scott Family
« on: Thursday 13 November 14 23:04 GMT (UK)  »

I'm trying to confirm information about my Great Great Grandmother Bridget Kinsley nee Scott.

Her husband Patrick and their family were based around Castlerea, Co. Roscommon - Patrick was a tailor. I've found 2 Bridget Scotts who could be her based on ages on the 1911 census as well as marriage information.  One Bridget was from Castleplunkett born circa Sept 1868 to James and Catherine (nee Mulligan) with James, Patrick, John, Eliza Kate and Anne Jane as siblings

The other was Bridget Scott born circa Jan 1870, registered in Elphin Roscommon to James and Anne (nee Coyle) with James (1867) and Anne (1864) as siblings.

I've been led to believe that Bridget is from the County
Roscommon area so if anyone can give me information on theses women so I can rule them in or out of the running, I'd appreciate it


Greetings everyone!

I'm Mags and I've always had an interest in my family history. Having been laid up with a bad foot for the last few weeks, I've been building the family tree to keep myself sane but I'm coming up against brick walls.

I've applied for the marriage cert but I'm afraid the result won't get me too much farther than confirming this man married my Great Grandmother Maria in Co. Galway in 1933. Maria has a slightly unusual background regarding marriage so I'm wondering if anyone here may have heard or come across either of them in their research.

MATHEW O'HALLORAN married MARIA LEWIS formerly MARIA O'MALLEY formerly MARIA CONNOLLY in the district of MOUNTBELLEW. CO. GALWAY in 1933 (jan-march). Maria was originally from BALLYGAR, CO. GALWAY but family lore has it that she met Mathew (spelt as on the marriage cert detailing) in TUAM, CO. GALWAY.

Their daughter MARGARET (my grandmother) told her children that her father's people were from LOUGHREA, CO. GALWAY and that they were BAKERS by trade. I have had no luck finding or confirming the existence of Mathew in Loughrea from either 1901 or 1911 census forms although I have found Maria in both years and the existence of Halloran and O'Holloran bakers in the town. I don't know date of death or birth or what any family first names could be. Margaret had one brother MICHAEL but both individuals have passed on and no one left can shed any information.

Maria (approx 37 y/o) had 4 children at the time of her marriage to Mathew - 2 to each previous husband - which is why I think she may stick in people's minds especially as one of them would have been 19/20 at the time of their marriage. Mathew is supposed to be buried in Loughrea but I can't confirm this.

If there is anyone here from the LOUGHREA area, I'm curious about the graveyards there. I won't be able to visit until my foot is healed but if you can help me direct my inquires I would be grateful.

Hope someone can help me out,


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