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Since this posting... I am beginning to wonder if she was actually married in England at all.

I found the Bristol Register of Servants and it shows her, Joane Roper of Burnham On Sea, Somerset, Spinster, to same (prev Entry the master was one George Hale- who, from other entries in the book, seems to have had property in Virginia), mariner, 4 years.

She would have been about 20-22 years old at this time (the entry was dated 28 Sept 1657).  4 years would have her at 1661 and the record I have at this point shows that she was possibly married in 65-66 (the son was born in 1666).

Begs the question on what she would have done with herself from 1661 to 65, and where the heck did she marry?

I mean, I doubt that after serving an indenture she would hop a ship back to England.

Also, is there a database I can access that has probate records?  There was a scan I read, where it says Joane had a brother who stayed in England, and he handled her part of the will when their father died. 

Edited to add:  I found in Isle of Wight County, Virginia Will and Deed book... A power of atty letter from William Cooke on Behalf of his wife Joane, one of the daughters of Hugh Roper of Burneham, Somerset to one George Stort of Bristol to handle/receive legacy from her fathers will and authority to arrest, etc should the legacy be withheld by brother, Hugh.  It is dated 09 Apr 1665.... If this helps find a probate record

I was wondering if anyone could possibly be willing to look this marriage up for me.  I saw a note on it but it wasn't documented and I am hesitant to trust it.

I believe that William may be  the son of William and Mary Blackbourne Cook (or Cooke) perhaps from Gloucester.

Joan would be the daughter of a Hugh Roper & UNK mother at this time and local to Somerset (I think it says Burnham but the writing is a bit difficult).

Any Help appreciated :D 

Cornwall / Re: Look-up? Faull Marriage 1845-1847
« on: Friday 20 March 15 15:47 GMT (UK)  »
Ok!  Got the Registration today and it has shed considerable light on the subject! 

Saying that, there is a possible marriage in St Agnes 25 Jan 1847 for a William Faul & Sarah Yourin both living at Wheal Rose, her father George, his father Henry, all the men miners, both witnesses surname Faul, both spouses sign with their mark.

Faull is not uncommon in the area. There is a baptism for a William, son of Henry & Jenifer of Wheal Rose, 28 March 1825 at St Agnes.

This appears to be the correct information for this family.  Elizabeth's birth registration says she was born in Wheal Rose and her parents are William and Sarah Faull (nee "Uren").  I am going to say that since Uren sounds like "Yourin" that this was a mis-spelling of the maiden surname. 

Thank You Osprey for finding that information on their marriage for me as it provides me with Sarah's father's name :)

Upward and Onward!!  :D

Editied to add:

This has thrown a wrench in what information I had for what I thought was the correct William Faull!  If the William that married Sarah Yourin is the father of my Elizabeth Jane-- then the records I have for William (parents: Thomas and Grace per baptism record dated 09 Jul 1829 at St. Agnus) are incorrect. 

AHHHHHH! <ripping hair out of my head>

Cornwall / Re: Look-up? Faull Marriage 1845-1847
« on: Thursday 26 February 15 13:57 GMT (UK)  »
I went ahead and ordered Elizabeth J's birth registration.  I hope it is the right one :) 

Thank you guys for the help

Cornwall / Re: Look-up? Faull Marriage 1845-1847
« on: Wednesday 25 February 15 23:33 GMT (UK)  »
They have a daughter age 1 Elizabeth J with them in 1851. There is a baptism at St Ewe 1849  on Cornwall OPC having her mother's name as Jane, father William, whereas the baptism of her older sister Emily has her mother's name Sally.
FreeBMD has only one birth reg for an Elizabeth J and it is registered Redruth March 1/4 1850. Redruth  is where the family is in 1851

Elizabeth Jane Faull marries George Dyer (they travel to the US in 1870) and it is through her I am looking for this particular family.  Her date of birth (from her death cert issued in Pennsylvania) is 22 Feb 1849.

If the mother is Jane then there is this marriage
 St Ewe, 23 Dec 1843
William Faull full age of St Cleer bachelor  a miner, father  William a miner
Jane VIAN, full age of Little Polgooth, spinster father Richard  deceased
Witnesses  William Faull and John Faull

But father's name not correct. The birth certificate for One of the children would sort it.

I saw this one but discounted it because William would only be aged 14... not of majority/age to marry (from what I understand the age was 16)

this  one  is  closer     as  in StAustell
Marriages Dec 1849   

Faul  William     Austell St  9 32   

Ley  Susan     St Austel  9 32   

This is promising because the census lists Sally as being from St Austel.  Even though it would mean that when Elizabeth was born her parents weren't married?  Would they indicate that in the christening record?

  There  is this  one ,   
Marriages Sep 1842   

FAULL  William    Helston  9 152   

THOMAS  Sarah     Helston  9 152   


Age issue again... he would only be 13 years old in 1842

Cornwall / Look-up? Faull Marriage 1845-1847
« on: Wednesday 25 February 15 20:43 GMT (UK)  »

I am looking for the marriage of a William Faull b. 1829 St. Agnus, Cornwall  to a woman named Sally (Susan, Sarah??) between the years of 1845 and 1847. His Parents were Thomas and Grace Faull (they are named in his christening record as well as in residence with him in the 1841 Census)

All I know about "Sally" is that she was born St. Austell abt 1826 (I would +/-2 or 5 years on that since the 1851 census seems to be a couple of years off for everyone).

If anyone could help me out with this it would be much appreciated.

Thank you for your time :)

Dorset Lookup Requests / Re: Marriage Records pre 1820? (Trusham, Chudleigh)
« on: Tuesday 24 February 15 21:36 GMT (UK)  »
Ah... that's what I was afraid you'd say.  I did find the year in the familysearch data base, but (as you stated) couldn't see the image without a sub to FindMyPast.

Still though... thank you so much for finding it for me.

Here's a link to the marriage :

You will need a sub to FindMyPast to see an image and the baptisms don't seem to be on familysearch at all.

Dorset Lookup Requests / Re: Marriage Records pre 1820? (Trusham, Chudleigh)
« on: Tuesday 24 February 15 20:51 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks!!  This is a good candidate because I have those names (Richard and Jane)  with Joanna in the 1841 Census as neighbors to both the Satterly's and her son George with his wife Grace (Satterly)  on the same page!  Thanks Again!


I forgot to ask for the source info!  Could you link to where you found it?

There is a baptism for George Dyer at Trusham 5 Mar 1815 William Dyer , husbandman , and Johanna

Also :-
Francis 10 Sep 1801
Jane 25 Mar 1820
Mary 10 Jan 1808
Thomas 26 Jan 1806
Richard 18 Jan 1818
Susanna 29 Nov 1812

William Dyer m Johanna Martin 2 Dec 1798 Plymouth Charles - the only likely marriage I could see.

Durham / Re: A point in the right direction (Bernard Castle)
« on: Tuesday 24 February 15 20:45 GMT (UK)  »

" Barnard Castle was formerly a chapelry in the gift of the vicar of Gainford"

This makes sense and flicked a switch.  The christening record had the place listed as Gainford, Chapelry of Barnard Castle....

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