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The Common Room / Re: GRO Index - any idea what this means please
« on: Wednesday 03 July 19 14:53 BST (UK)  »
It means a correction has been sent in to the GRO, you would need to buy a copy of the certificate to seen what the correction was.

Thank you...  I was suspecting as much... fingers crossed this is him...  He appears to be buried (albeit a few years before) in a pauper grave in the same cemetery as his wife ended up in... but not the rest of his family!
Once again, thank you for your reply  :)

The Common Room / GRO Index - any idea what this means please
« on: Wednesday 03 July 19 14:30 BST (UK)  »
Hi everyone - apologies if I'm posting in the wrong area.

Can anyone help with this please...

Any idea what this means on the GRO website .... Jackson, Richard age 38 GRO ref: 1873 S quarter in Manchester volume 08D page 154 (all that's pretty standard on each result) then it says (which is not on every one) Occasional copy:A

I've never come across that before.... I'm pretty certain this is my 2nd Great Grandfather - but wanted to narrow to down a bit before I jump in with spending money...

Lancashire / Re: Sarah Ann Rothbourne 1857 birth in Hulme.
« on: Sunday 11 February 18 18:48 GMT (UK)  »
Here is link to previous RC thread


I have the family on all the census - it is trying to split them into which is mine. I've been speaking to a lady who is/has done a one-name study of Rathbone and variants and she believes my Sarah Ann is the one born to Sarah Clarke and Joseph Rathbone in 1854... hopefully this will solve my Sarah Ann problem - Now if I could only find her marriage to my second great grandfather William Taylor circa 1872/3 I'll be very happy.

Thank you everyone

aw... thank you... I wondered where it had gone - how do I copy and paste this into it?  I'm not actually looking for Sarah Ann - I found her - like buses - three at once  ::) ;D ;D

Hello again,

What or who are you looking for now please?


Lancashire / Re: Sarah Ann Rothbourne 1857 birth in Hulme.
« on: Thursday 08 February 18 12:46 GMT (UK)  »
If you want this thread merged with your earlier one just click report to moderator (Bottom right hand corner of your post) and ask them to merge it.

thank you Rosie

Lancashire / Re: Sarah Ann Rothbourne 1857 birth in Hulme.
« on: Thursday 08 February 18 12:38 GMT (UK)  »
Here is link to previous RC thread


aw... thank you... I wondered where it had gone - how do I copy and paste this into it?  I'm not actually looking for Sarah Ann - I found her - like buses - three at once  ::) ;D ;D

Lancashire / Re: Sarah Ann Rothbourne 1857 birth in Hulme.
« on: Thursday 08 February 18 12:21 GMT (UK)  »
Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can help unravel this puzzle with me please. My 2nd Great Grandmother is Sarah Ann Rathbone. She was born about 1856 (ish) and it appears she might not have married my 2nd Great Grandfather William Taylor - any proof to the contrary gratefully accepted. She had their first child James Joseph Taylor in Jan 1873, and the baby died pretty soon afterwards buried in Philips Park cemetery on 8th Mar 1873 - her name is spelt RATHBURN, and she had him in Manchester. She had my Great Grandmother Emily Taylor on 1st Apr 1874 in Salford (I'm assuming she went home to mum, older sibling or aunt for the birth) - and her name is spelt Rothbourne. She had William in 1876, he died and was buried 14/11/1877 again in Philips Park cemetery, her name is spelt RATHBURN  and in the same year she had Walter, her name spelt RATHBORNE  in Apr and he died and was buried 5th Apr 1877 in Philips Park (I should add all pauper graves). She then had Thomas Edward in 1879, her name spelt RATHBURN - then John in 1881, and finally Ethel in 1884 her name spelt the same. Sarah Ann appears in 1881 on the census as Sarah AnnTaylor age 24 years with husband William, 7 year old Emily and 2 year old Thomas Edward. Unfortunately Sarah Ann died 17th November 1888 so she doesn't appear on the 1891 census, but William registered her death as the widower of Sarah Ann Taylor, her age 31 years.

Now for the puzzle. I, along with help from Roots chatters and my lovely 2nd cousin managed to find only 3 likely candidates for Sarah Ann Rathbone - born 1854, 1855, and 1856.
The first of these has parents Joseph and Sarah Clarke, the second has parents Joseph and Sarah Morris and the third has parents Joseph and Ann Hunt.
The daughter of Sarah Morris married a man named William Holt, who died and she remarried James Ingram I found Ms Morris as a widow residing with the family on the 1881 census.
Now one of the other girls married Charles Kitchen.  Having traced the girls through each census, it seemed as if this girl was the daughter of Ms Clarke. And that my Sarah Ann, was the daughter of Ms Hunt, whose husband died in 1858 when Sarah Ann was only 2.
However, a friendly genealogist has suggested that my Sarah Ann is the daughter of Ms Clarke and that they are from Cheshire. It has now become a tangle with no ends it seems, and I'm at a loss as to which way to go with this. It seems to me, that my Sarah Ann had Emily in Salford for a reason, and Rathbone/Clark family do not seem to fit. UNLESS, and I've been told I'm wrong, that Joseph Rathbone's parents are John Rathbone and Sarah Davis who married in Manchester and lived at least for a time in Salford....
Any ideas are most welcome - and thank you for reading.

Dumfriesshire / Re: Margaret Heughan abt 1790 to 1824 in Dumfries - help please
« on: Sunday 26 July 15 15:42 BST (UK)  »
I think it is Janet Heughan who was James McTurk's mother.  The 1871 cen. shows James' wife's name as Margaret.  That is James' second wife Margaret Nairn.  Her son is on the 1871 cen. as James' nephew, but, he is James' step-son.  They married in Dalbeattie and on his marriage cert. it said that his mother is Janet.

Thanks for answering. We have two births for a James Mcturk one in 1820 born to Margaret Heughan and James McTurk, and one in 1822 born to Janet Heuchan and James McTurk. the problem is that we can find no marriage to either, both say and lawful son.

We also have siblings of the James/Margaret but not the James/Janet. We also have another marriage to Mary Ann (or Marian/Marion) Cook to James senior with more children. James the younger is m Gt Gt Gt Grandfather, he married Mary Ann Diamond in 1847, as you can see from the extract no information on their parents.
On his 2nd Marriage his mother is Janet, on his death in Massachusetts his mother is Margaret!
We have found no births/marriages or deaths for either mother in maiden or married names, nor census entries! It's all beginning to sound very Robbie Burns :D

Hi Bev
How much do you charge for going taking grave photos. 

I am trying to get a photo of my great grandmothers grave in Gorton Cemetery, Maria Manley and her husband John Manley.  Originally in the records is was Section 29, No 50 (that was after Marias death in 1921) but then when it was reopened on Johns death on 29 May 1936 it is noted as being section D, No 50, non conformist.  I don't know if just the numbering system has changed over the years or if something is not right in the records I have found.

Many thanks for your advice and pricing.


Hi Pam, I don't charge, I take the photo's when I visit my own family graves.
I will try to get there next Sunday, we have just come back from Cemetery Crawling (as my hubby likes to call it) in Dumfries where my Scottish family originated.

I will be going to Gorton before the anniversary of my paternal Granddads passing in August, since we're off on holidays the week it falls in, next Sunday is going to be the first time I get chance until after our hols.

I'll look for the grave for you, and post the photos on here if it lets me, otherwise I'll message you for an email to send them too, :)


Charles H Broomhead was the son of Charles Broomhead and Mary. Charles senior was born 1856 Scotland, he was also a doctor - so perhaps he was James's brother and therefore Charles H was his nephew?

I do have a sibling Charles for James so I think perhaps you are right. So much for lace making in Nottingham :D

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