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No booster jabs for us yet… we’re having our flu jabs tomorrow though so I shall ask if they’ve any idea when we’ll be getting the booster.

Awoke to the bedroom blind clattering and I could hear the rain and definitely the wind too… by about 10.30 it had all passed and the sun was out… good opportunity to get some washing out but I had quite a battle getting the sheets pegged down! The wind was chilly too hard to believe that yesterday I sat outside in shorts and a scrappy top enjoying the sunshine 😂😂… ah well autumns definitely arrived.

All this fuel lark is madness… there’s no actual shortage… just not enough drivers to deliver it! When my Tesco delivery came this afternoon the driver told me it had taken him 20 minutes to find fuel! He’d also heard on the radio a driver of a fuel tanker had had to go to three garages before he found one he could fill up to then enable him to go and deliver his fuel… not sure I quite get that one 😳😳.

What’s happening to this country… is everything turning to pot? I do wonder whether some of the politicians have got their heads stuck in the sand!
I wonder what tomorrow will bring….


The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary > Summary - Week ending 26th September
« on: Friday 24 September 21 23:19 BST (UK)  »
Lots of news since I last wrote…

LM - so good to hear you’d had a wonderful time with your cousins and between you hopefully you can sort out your grandfather once you get your DNA test results…. We’re all dying to hear how it turns out…very exciting..

Viktoria- sorry to hear you’re having problems with your legs and hope your doctors allayed your worry…
I bet your SiL was over the moon with his Spitfire flight… such magical planes… Duxfords not far from me… friend of our has been up to East Kirby for a day with a Lancaster…

MH - hope your foot is better for it’s extra day of rest today…. Not good for dancing on when it’s like that and painful I’m sure… hope your H is waiting on you hand and foot… excuse the pun!….

Well had my day at The Chelsea Flower show today with my daughter ( her pressie to me) we had a wonderful time, saw loads of beautiful plants, some beautiful gardens… although you can’t get as near as you’d like for long… too many people 😢. Standing in the queue for a coffee I looked along the line of people to see a friend from our village… all those people there too we did have a laugh about it…Weather was glorious, feet very tired now…
didn’t stay overnight with our daughter as boys have either class mates or year group children tested positive with covid ( 4-11yr age range)… although us and them all negative didn’t want to risk it… sadly missing the boys running in the Ealing mini mile tomorrow.

This is a picture of the plant of the year…. Think I might have found something more stunning but what do I know… diddly squat about plants 😂😂. It’s called Eternal Flame


Opps sorry folks… don’t know how to put them the right way up 😩😬

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary > Summary - Week ending 26th September
« on: Wednesday 22 September 21 10:36 BST (UK)  »
Another week and nearing the end of the month… where has the time gone this year…
It’s good to hear more people out and about and doing what you used to do..wearing face coverings in our house is still important in public inside places..

The weather is still glorious so there’s lots of hedge trimming and clearing to be done in the garden so that’s our task this week.

On Friday we’re going to Chelsea Flower Show with our daughter - her birthday pressie to me - never been before so very excited to see it all especially as it’s being held at an unusual time of year…. Bit hesitant about number of people and we will have to travel for a short distance on the underground…. Lateral flow test going to be done before going.

We are still being careful but one has to resume some sort of normal life… we’re double jabbed and I did take part in an antibody study and I have them… as we get older it’s important that we can enjoy life before it’s too late and each year we live under restrictions takes that valuable time away….

Hope everyone else has a good week and can enjoy life a little more before winter sets in…


The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary > Summary - Week ending 19th September
« on: Sunday 19 September 21 23:18 BST (UK)  »
Well thankyou everyone for your good wishes… it’s been a wonderful w/end I couldn’t have wished for more… great weather, wonderful to see family and friends.. the pub we had lunch in on Saturday was excellent food fantastic and staff there delightful…
My lounge looks like a florists shop and I’ve even had to borrow an extra vase… down to earth tomorrow and lots of thank you cards to write!
My OH said for our 50th wedding anniversary we’re going away as he couldn’t cope with organising another do! He needs to belong to the WI…. they are great organisers 😂😂.

Your food festival sounds very eclectic RTL and some of the combinations for ice creams very unusual… it’s so nice to be doing normal things again!
Hope you see your fox again ready with the camera next time..


The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary > Summary - Week ending 19th September
« on: Saturday 18 September 21 00:37 BST (UK)  »
Thanks everyone for your good wishes… it’s certainly been a full on day…

Starting with being brought a cuppa in bed along with all my cards!
A FaceTime with my wonderful Son in Brisbane so sad they couldn’t get home to join the celebrations 😢 but as they’re moving house next Friday they’ve got their hands full!
Finally breakfast … lots of good wishes from friends by text and calls…
Decided to get some washing on the line.. OH thought me bonkers on my birthday!
Lateral flow tests taken… dratted things… all good!
Huge bouquet of wonderful flowers arrived from OH… filled two huge vases with them!
Messages from my oldest and dearest friend on her way round M25 to us… lots traffic…
She finally arrived at about 4pm… with lots more gorgeous flowers…so lovely to see her in the flesh after 2 years… we’ve known one another since we were aged 6 when we lived in Ethiopia…
Weather was glorious so sat outside with a cuppa…
Daughter, husband and the boys finally arrived about 7.30 and another large floral arrangement… she’s made two enormous cakes… I said there’s only 23 of us tomorrow! Ones a back up just in case 😳😳…in case of what I’m not sure!…
We had champagne before dinner … I’d made a chicken casserole with dauphinois potatoes and last of our runner beans…. Lemon tart and summer pud for desert… all went down very well… lots of lovely pressies including from my daughter a day out next week to Chelsea Flower Show… wonderful… never been before so a real treat to look forward to.
A wonderful evening to spend with family and tomorrow’s lunch with friends and rest of family to look forward to as well… not cooked by me this time but at a local establishment…. Weather looks good so drinks and canapés outside first…
Wonderful to be spoilt and so pleased to be able to celebrate… everyone taking lateral flow test to be on safe side…
I could get used to all this attention… but I’m sure it’ll all soon be over 😢.


The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary > Summary- Week ending 12th September 2021
« on: Monday 13 September 21 15:42 BST (UK)  »
My heart goes out to you down under in both NZ and OZ…. For so few cases you are certainly living under draconian rules…😳😳

My Son lives in QLD (Brisbane) and is moving house on the 24th September… speaking to him today his biggest fear is not being able to get the removal done in case they suddenly go into one of the quick lockdowns that seem to come up every now and again!
Along with that of ever being able to get out of the country as apparently 80% of Aussies need to be vaccinated before that’s allowed we may get to see him in several years time… if we’re lucky!
However sports people, celebrities and government people can travel in and out of the country at will!!
This year they’ve missed my DiL’s parents 80th birthdays , my 70th and a wedding… I know there are many families who are going through the same nightmare and when there’s a bereavement in the family I can’t imagine the stress that puts everyone under 😢.
It’s an odd thing to say I know ….but I’m glad we don’t have grandchildren there as it’s been hard enough with the ones we have in the UK…
Keep your chin up down unders and I hope that you will all be able to come out of lockdowns soon.🤞🤞🤞


The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary > Summary- Week ending 12th September 2021
« on: Saturday 11 September 21 16:39 BST (UK)  »
Good to hear everyone is getting on with life… especially Roobarb…wow what great strides you’ve made this week… having been shut away for so long you’ve certainly spread you wings far and wide… great so pleased to hear 😀..sorry to hear your taste is still not back… that glass of Chardonnay is going be getting cobwebs on it if you don’t drink it soon 😂😂.

Viktoria you seem to cope with whatever adversity is thrown at you with great aplomb… I’m not sure I am as calm as you .. in fact I know I’m not! Keep your wonderful takes coming they’re a real tonic. Hope you get to Shropshire soon to see your friend and more of FH too!

Well  done LM for getting round to your DNA test finally… I’m so pleased I did mine a few years ago as it’s gradually confirmed not only that I am who I think I am…
 if that makes sense but I’ve found quite a few new cousins from my Dads side of the family which has always been tricky…
in fact yesterday I spent THE WHOLE DAY doing research 😳😳😀 as I thought I’d got one side incorrect …
one of my 4 x gt grandmas was married twice and I was having a hard time working it out and not finding conclusive recorded to verify it until I had that lightbulb moment when up popped a report on her and the three children from the Poor Law records and it confirmed one very important fact which had me leaping about with joy to the usual roll of the eyes from my OH 😩😩
If I’d not taken the DNA test I’d have never worked it all out in the first place so I hope you get some great results…

Bushinn - glad to hear you’re out and about and hope that your testing health issues will gradually disappear!

Mare - despite the circumstances that NZ finds itself in a bit like Oz too it’s always interesting to hear what’s going on in other countries from the horses mouth so to speak  …
I try not to read the papers too much or watch the news as I’m either going to throw the tv out the window, burst a blood vessel or jump off the nearest high place!
My son lives in Qld and is constantly having a moan about not being able to get out of the state let alone the country! He hopes to see us before 2065 he says… I’ll more than likely be deceased by then! So I hope he’s wrong!

This week has been an extremely hot one and the garden is beginning to suffer.. lovely to have the warmth at this stage of the month and can it please last until after next w/end when I’ve a big birthday to celebrate!

Take care everyone and keep on living the life we should be and watch out for all those who still don’t think of others… no RC’s included in that statement!


The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary > Summary- Week ending 12th September 2021
« on: Monday 06 September 21 15:42 BST (UK)  »
Think we might like to see a picture MH as it sounds delightful! Do you have a kitchen boy in attendance too…..
I’ve always wanted to be part of a NT place but all are too far away from us…

When in Rome with two sets of friends our men folk fancied dressing up as the Roman soldiers outside the colosseum as the ones there were getting lots of attention from young ladies..😂😂
It was the same when visiting Hadrian’s Wall just before one Easter they were looking for male volunteers for the w/e… they were disappointed we weren’t staying that long! … we ladies were quite thankful as I’m sure they’d have embarrassed us… or themselves it was bad enough when we were in the shop and they decided to don helmets and swords for a mock fight… brightened up,the day for the two ladies in the shop though…

Pleased to hear you’re back to your Morris dancing lots of exercise…


The Stay Safe Board / Re: Summary week ending 5th September
« on: Sunday 05 September 21 17:15 BST (UK)  »

 Though I'd pop in with a good news story as it's been one hell of a last 6 months round here..

 We had a chance to dress up on Thursday as we attended our eldest sons university graduation. We are so proud he's done so well to cope with the course during covid and it all paid off. He gained a 1st in History and can now begin his teaching degree.
 It was held at Franklin's Gardens in Northampton ( the rugby ground) so it was outside but still crowded. They live streamed the event so the grand parents got to watch as well.

 Back to work for me on Monday at school but a staggered start and we are again testing everyine it's going to be a long week! I'm double dosed as is eldest youngest at almost 18 only one dose.
 Just waiting to see how it will work out. My last Nhs  ping was after helping at summer school with 90 students!

 Stay safe. It's still out there.


How lovely to attend your sons graduation Tazzie…Franklin’s Gardens certainly gets well used other than the usual Saints Rugby…spent many a weekend watching them play.

Good luck with school tomorrow a hard job indeed at the best of times..

MH not tried courgette muffins another one to log! Frankly I couldn’t face another courgette in any form at the moment 😂😂


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