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The Common Room / Help with Wills.
« on: Wednesday 25 September 19 10:52 BST (UK)  »
Hello to you all, itís been a while since my last post, but after spending some time yesterday on Ancestry looking for wills, and coming away empty handed, I think I need some help.
Firstly, are All wills online? Whether it be a reference to order one, or the actual will to see.
And where is the best place to view them? After seeing the price of wills has come down to just £1.50, Iím desperate to go down this route to hopefully solve a family mystery.
One name Iím searching for is John Johnson, date of death 4th January 1922, Manchester, uk. I couldnít find any mention of him, so Iím hoping someone who knows what they are doing could help out?
I look forward to any replies.
Many thanks, Benn

Lancashire / Looking for possible burial locations
« on: Sunday 16 November 14 20:35 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all.

I'm trying to find possible burial locations for someone who died at home, living at Copestick Street, Ancoats. I've seen part of an old map showing All Souls church in Ancoats, but after reading up on it it doesn't have a graveyard.
I have also searched the manchester council burial records with no positive result.
I'm looking for the burial of John Johnson, who died at Copestick Street, in February of 1922. He was born around 1863 in Beswick / Bradford area of Manchester.
His wife died in 1948, and is buried in St.Josephs R.C cemetery, He isn't buried with her.
Any advice gratefully received,

Thanks in advance, Benn.

Lancashire / Re: Help needed .... Ways to find the correct person.
« on: Friday 24 October 14 18:05 BST (UK)  »
Hi Marj, Many thanks for the reply. I had seen the 1881 return with John lodging with the Prestage family, I have it on file but not sure about it, I just wish I could verify it in some way! I hadn't seen the 1871 census, so thanks for that, I will definitely keep that on file, his father being an iron labourer looks about right, most of the family worked in Bradford Iron works. A great help - thanks again.
Heywood, Thanks for your reply, Why would there have been a special dispensation from having the Banns read? Seems a strange one to me. His occupation on his marriage cert was 'overlooker', and his father 'General Labourer'.
Thanks again for your interest & help.

Benn  :)

Lancashire / Re: Help needed .... Ways to find the correct person.
« on: Monday 20 October 14 18:35 BST (UK)  »
Thanks for all the replies.  :)
I do have his marriage certificate, and yes it was Isabella Ackerley he married. I too searched the address and found no sign of them, I'm guessing a false address was given....or maybe a mispelling leading to the incorrect address being written down. I also can't find them in 1881 census.
I did see the death of Catherine Ackerley, I haven't yet ordered her death certificate, I didn't actually think of him being buried with her, something I will look into.
Finally, I think speaking to the registry office is probably my best way forward, I was hoping to find another way first, but will go down that route.
Thank you all for the replies. Still open to more suggestions should anyone have an idea.


Lancashire / Re: Help needed .... Ways to find the correct person.
« on: Sunday 19 October 14 21:02 BST (UK)  »
Hi Bonnie,
Yes I have looked at that, and it appears she is buried in a grave belonging to her daughters' husbands' family. No sign of John Johnson unfortunately.
Thanks for your reply.  :)


Lancashire / Re: Help needed .... Ways to find the correct person.
« on: Sunday 19 October 14 20:30 BST (UK)  »
Hi Heather, Thanks for your reply.
I think the family were based in the Bradford/Beswick areas.
In 1911 the address is 16 Park Place, Bradford, Manchester. (Prestwich reg.district)
In 1936, his son is living at 18 Copestick Street, Ancoats,
and in 1948, His widow (Isabella Johnson) dies at the same address, 18 Copestick street, Ancoats.

John Johnson was born approximately 1863, in Bradford, Manchester. (According to census). This is my next challenge - to find his birth!
His occupations are listed as mill stoker, miller fireman, Boiler Fireman & General Labourer on the various census returns & certificates I have.
I hope this extra info can be of help.

Many thanks,


Lancashire / Help needed .... Ways to find the correct person.
« on: Sunday 19 October 14 13:41 BST (UK)  »
Hello to all.
It's been some time since I was last here, but due to recent events I feel I need to get back into this.
Anyway, I'm trying to find the death certificate of my 2 x great grandfather, John Johnson. So far I have bought 3, all of which are incorrect! Although the name, age & locations all match. I have spent some time going through the bmd lists, and I think I have narrowed it down to 3 matching people. But before I carry on spending I'm wondering if there's a way of narrowing it down further, perhaps by using electoral registers to find the year he is no longer listed??
I have his address in the 1911 census, and I know he is deceased by 1936 (his son's wedding), and I have the address of his widow in 1948. Is there a way of checking the electoral roll from 1911 onwards until he is no longer listed, hopefully giving me the year of his death.
I would need to travel to Manchester library, so I want to be sure it can be done before making the journey.
Unless the electoral rolls for manchester are available online??
I hope someone can help,
Many thanks,


Lancashire / Re: Search for Salford Grave of WW1 Belgian soldier.
« on: Friday 04 July 14 16:54 BST (UK)  »
Thanks for the replies, I read in todays Manchester Evening News that his burial place has been found. A mass grave in St.Josephs RC cemetery in Moston.
Good when a story has a happy ending! :-)


Lancashire / Re: Search for Salford Grave of WW1 Belgian soldier.
« on: Wednesday 02 July 14 19:46 BST (UK)  »
Just found his death on FindMyPast,

Van Den Eynde,
born : 1893,
Age : 21
Death Quarter : 4
Death Year : 1914
District : Salford
Volume : 8D
Page : 163

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