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Lanarkshire / Re: Kirkhill burial ground - Cambusnethan parish
« on: Thursday 03 September 20 09:33 BST (UK)  »
   Back to Mary Nicol / Bell / Beattie - What I reckon happened was that her husband Thomas Beattie died in 1879, Mary crossed the Atlantic in May 1880, arriving on SS Ethiopia on 11th May in time to be reunited with one of her Beattie sons in time to be censused with him in June 1880. She eventually died in 1900 in La Salle, Illinois. The best help that I had was from the married name of her daughter Margaret. Margaret married Thomas McDill in Scotland, crossed the Atlantic as 'Middle' and appeared in US as 'Medill', and this family name has been used in US since then in that branch.

Lanarkshire / Re: Kirkhill burial ground - Cambusnethan parish
« on: Tuesday 18 August 20 12:15 BST (UK)  »
Answering my own question -
Mary Nicol/Bell/Beattie went to U.S. In their 1880 census she was 60 in Pennsylvania living with one of her Beattie sons, James 19 now spelt Beatty, a coal miner.
The other Beattie son Thomas 22 now spelt Beaty, also a miner, was in the same state, married in US to Ella 19, and they have a baby daughter Mary 0.
When they emigrated I can't find, but if Lodger is correct about old Thomas Beattie having died in 1879, they ( including Thomas ! ) appear to have moved pretty fast.
Already in Pennsylvania was one of Mary's Bell children, Margaret, who had married Robert McDill ( Middle/Medill ) before she emigrated in 1866 along with their young family.
Also in that party was her brother Duncan Bell who had been born after his father Duncan was killed in the Wishaw mine. And Duncan jnr became ......a miner.

Lanarkshire / Re: Kirkhill burial ground - Cambusnethan parish
« on: Saturday 21 March 20 17:40 GMT (UK)  »
I was amazed to find that in 1851 there were 305 tambourers in Cambusnethan,(  but I'm only a man ). The youngest was 7. One of mine was one of the few 9-y-olds.
And 1859 map of Wishaw / Cambusnethan area on

Fife / Re: Searching for fishing boat owner
« on: Saturday 01 February 20 21:56 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks, MonicaL, yes I had checked that - its the page ( 1911 ) on which s'people have them  as 'Kedy'. They are on their own in no 8. If you want any detail in Shore St then, I've got the whole page.

Fife / Re: Searching for fishing boat owner
« on: Friday 31 January 20 00:12 GMT (UK)  »
Yes I was wrong, but maybe not that far away. But thank you again Harry and MonicaL for setting me off again.

Anyway re David Keay - David Keay fisherman 43 of Fowler Street Cellardyke, son of Alex Keay and Ann Birrell  m  at  528 Springburn Road,  Denniston, Glasgow,  Jean Smith 41 of 53 John Street, Cellardyke, dau of William Smith fisherman and Jean Wallace. [ GLASGOW ! ]

And yes by the Valuation rolls, David takes over at no 8 for many years after his father dies [ and when he dies it is John Robertson ( Annie's Husband ) who takes over - which I expect will lead to Annie until she died inn 1954, and my mother, Annie's niece, sold, as she couldn't cope with the damp ]. David was not the eldest son, but was still at home when his father Alex died.

David and Jean appear as KEDY for Keay in 1911 census. I  have told scotlandspeople, and suggested they reimburse me for pointing this out ( I am an Aberdonian ).

They don't appear to have any children. [ or are keeping it quiet ]

There are more Keays born around this time -
1902 Robert Andrew Keay b [ possibly illigit ] to xxxx and Agnes Keay
1902 Mary Ann Tarvit Keay b to John and Mary Ann Keay [ Wilson ]
1903 George Barclay Keay  b to Walter and Janet Keay  [ Barclay ]
1904 Helen Heugh Keay     b to John and Mary Ann Keay

I reject the illigit one.
It may be that which are the parents can be solved if any sharp-eyed baby lover can spot if we are looking at a male or female baby, please.

And as Harry politely suggests - it doesn't matter.

[ John Boyter Keay was b 31/12/1879, son of Andrew Keay and Isabella Boyter ( they m 1854 ) John m 1900 Mary Ann Wilson ]
[ Walter Keay  was b 1871, son of Andrew Keay and Isabella.
Walter m 1899 Janet Barclay ]

But it really doesn't matter who the baby is. The group could still be as I suggested, largely Keays.
John and Annie Robertson on the left, David and Jean in the doorway, Young Alex at back right, the baby's mother holding the baby, and the father on the right.

The one who might have come down from Aberdeen but didn't was Janie ( with her brother Alex and sister Annie ), but she had a baby in 1903, and married in 1905, so was ' busy '.
Having known Annie, I expect she was behind the family event. As my own granny died youngish, and Annie had no children, then Annie was like a 'granny' to us. And she had  great affection for Cellardyke.

Fife / Re: Searching for fishing boat owner
« on: Wednesday 29 January 20 22:51 GMT (UK)  »
HA HA - while typing all this, my post which I'll post anyway, has been overtaken by the post from MonicaL !!!

Thanks Harry, but I may have got it - let me test you with a few names before I lash out all my savings on certificates -

Alex Keay and Helen Hughes had amongst their children - Alex b abt 1823, Andrew 1825, and Thomas 1842

Alex m Ann Birrell.
Their son Alex b abt 1850 m Mary Watson
Their children included Annie* b 1874 who married in 1898 John Robertson
John and Annie had no children (and were close to my mother whose own mum Janie died young)

Andrew m 1854 Isabella Davidson./Boyter
They had a son Walter b 1866 who m Janet Barclay in 1899
Walter and Janet had a dau Annie b abt 1900

Thomas m Margaret
They had a dau Helen* b 1872

Thats the easy bit
Now in 1891 Annie* 16 and Helen* 19 are both living with Alex ( b 1823 )
This Alex is Annie's grandfather and Helen's uncle !

By 1901 Annie has married and gone to Aberdeen
Helen Keay is not yet married and is on her own aged 29. She dies in 1906 aged 35

I reckon that Annie is there not just because she has taken husband John down, but because she would have had a friendship with her cousin once removed, Helen. Which also suggests Helen is in the photo, and could be the one holding the baby.

And the baby looks about a year old, and could be Walter and Janet's Annie who was b 1900
And that could be Walter and Janet in the doorway, and they could be the residents
Which dates the photo 1901. [ The year after the Bernicia ]

What do you think, Harry. Am I on the right track, or talking rubbish ?
If you think what I have is 'possible', then I'll have a stab at the certs and censi.

Good to hear you are still there to keep us in order

Fife / Re: Searching for fishing boat owner
« on: Tuesday 28 January 20 22:24 GMT (UK)  »
Hallo Harry, or anyone else who can help. Which Keays or family married into them was in no 8 Shore St. in 1900 ? It may help to unravel our mystery photo of a christening group outside the house. Annie and her hubby John are probably down from Aberdeen, and young Alex is there too, but they are not now resident. Please.

[ There is a baby Andrew, but his grandparents live in the same house, but they are not in the picture, so he is unlikely.
I favour a baby Annie, dau of Walter and Janet, which might explain old Annie's presence. But I hadn't heard of a Walter. He is likely to be a son of Andrew and Isabella, and Andrew is son of Alex Keay and Helen Hughes ]

Fife / Re: Thomas Russell and Jessie Hughes, and son * Russell, Fife to Australia
« on: Thursday 27 June 19 21:39 BST (UK)  »
Gosh, I had to write that lot down, but good to see how the family has spread down under. I do remember visiting Carl, Hetty and "aunt" Aggie each year when we visited Cellardyke.
I did have a quick think, and guess you are a very far-off relation from two different directions. 1. Russell and Hughes, and 2. Swinton Keay Muir and Birrell. Don't worry, this is quite common in Fife.
I'll have a proper go again at disentangling you all in the Winter. Believe it or not, we have Summer today.
Best wishes to the Aussie side, ( and to Harry, who knows more than the rest of us put together - Harry, if I see an intelligent-looking young man on Aug 3rd, I'll say hello. And if the harbour's not clear of seaweed, I'll ask great-aunt Annie to get on to the council - if she was still alive, that dead swan wouldn't have lasted long )

Fife / Re: Searching for fishing boat owner
« on: Tuesday 23 April 19 19:47 BST (UK)  »
And welcome also from another fellow-Dyker - from the Keay family ( and hello to my "cousin" Harry Watson ). Yes I recognise your Dove St line - Henry's dau Elizabeth married a George Anderson Keay, son of George Rhynd Keay, descended from a line of Alexander Keays at 8 Shore St.  The line of George Keays established themselves further up Shore St., number 8 being too small to accommodate them all

[ Tell me if I'm talking rubbish, Harry ]

What made me laugh was the thought of a Dove St Reid using 8 Shore St as a quick route to the harbour - The back door of no 8 is upstairs in Dove St., so a quick run in, jump down the stairs and out through the front door - and you are bang opposite the steps. No long detour round by the Watsons at 6 Shore St.

Or a handy spot for Reids to quietly meet their Keay friends.
When we used to go for holidays in the 1940s-1950s, the only person to use the back door was the coalman.

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