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Dear Aester667

Thank you so much for all your information on the Fossey/Cross families.  It has been wonderful to be able to learn so much about the American side of the family.  The familysearch site also has lots of information on the family which has been very useful so thank you for putting me in that direction.

I can see that Mary Ann Elizabeth Fossey lived to a grand old age - no doubt she had many interesting stories to tell!  She sounds like a very loving and caring person.

It has been lovely to hear from you and if I can help with any information from this side of the pond I will certainly do my best.

With very best wishes to you.

Janet (Zephyr)

Apologies Aester667 - Just found husband of Mary Ann Elizabeth on familysearch.  I should have checked there first before asking the question!


Dear Aester667

Brilliant to find a new relative (no matter how distant)!

Thank you for the information on the Fosseys and I shall certainly check out the familysearch site.  I had found six children on the censuses so nice to be able to add another two.  Found a fair few of the children's marriages (newspaper articles on findmypast) but not one for Mary Ann Elizabeth Fossey.  Could I ask who she married?

Re Hannah Papworth.  I can help!!!  On checking my tree, Hannah Johnson 1854 - 1929 (sister to Mary Ann) married George Papworth 1854 - 1921.  Marriage date 20 July 1873 Arlesey, Bedfordshire.  They had six children (that I have found) - Mary 1874 - 1907, Agnes Selina 1876 - 1971, George Albert 1879 - 1896, Harry 1881 - 1967, Hubert Lovell 1884 - 1918 and Bertram Owen 1887 - 1964. If you would like to know who they married and details of children I can let you have such details as I have.

George's parents were George Papworth and Eliza Squires.  No date of George's death but Eliza died in 1895.  Hannah Johnson and Mary Ann Johnson's parents were Samuel Johnson and Sophia Charles.

I have Jonah Fossey's parents as Daniel Fossey (1821 - ?) and Sarah Knight (1823 - ?).

Hope this helps in some way.

As I said in my previous post, my connection is through Mary Ann's sister Betsy Ann Johnson who married Robert Bardy.  Robert had a younger brother - James Bardy (1854 - 1927).  One of James' sons was Alfred Bardy who married a Mary Jane Durkin.   My Mum (Dorothy Bardy) was their youngest daughter and I am her eldest daughter!

As regards Robert Bardy and Betsy Ann Johnson: they had two sons and two daughters.  One of their sons - Horace Bardy 1886 - 1949 - married an Ethel Jackson.  I have them emigrating to the USA in 1929 arriving Buffalo, NY, USA under the name Joseph Horace Bardy!  On a social security record he says he is from York, England and on another document he says he entered the country as Horace Bardy so I am presuming Joseph Horace and Horace are the same person especially as the wife's name is Ethel in each case. On 1940 census I have the family living Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts.  They had two children - Irene Bardy 4.9.1910 who married a James Andrew Heslin, and Horace Peter Bardy 17.8.1912 - 1973.

Looks like the Johnsons/Bardys were quite adventurous spreading their wings across the ocean!

It looks like I am going to have plenty to do updating my tree with the Fosseys and Bardys who emigrated.

Thank you so much for contacting me and if I can help in any way just let me know.

I look forward to learning the name of Mary Ann Elizabeth Fossey's husband's name if you would be so kind.

With very best wishes

Zephyr (Janet)


Hello Aester667

So lovely to hear from you.  It is quite a while since I have done any research on the Fossey family - looks like I am going to be busy now knowing where they emigrated to.  I will be able to update my tree on Ancestry.

Jonah married Mary Ann Johnson.  Mary had a sister Betsy Ann Johnson who married a Robert Bardy from York, Yorkshire, England, and it is the Bardy family that is my main area of research - my line of descent being from one of Robert's brothers!  Robert and Betsy moved back to York and had two sons and two daughters, one of their sons emigrated to the USA.

How marvellous for you to have a letter and a Hymnal - that is quite a bit of history to have in the family.  Is the letter from one of Jonah's brothers or sisters?

I have now found Jonah on the censuses at Salt Creek, Reno, Kansas so am looking forward to adding his sons/daughters to my tree.  Could I ask which of his sons/daughters you are descended from?

Many thanks for contacting me with your very interesting news and I look forward to hearing from you.

With kind wishes.

Zephyr  :)

Thank you for clearing up who the Moles were.  I am now doing some research on the family so thank you for your input which is very helpful.  Kind regards


Yes, that's me.  Just replied to your message on ancestry.

Hello Sara

Further to my last message - now able to give you a reply.  I have dug out my file and do have quite a bit of info on the Pepper family.

Yes, I am now on Ancestry but I have checked my messages and do not appear to have had contact with you.  My tree is a public one so you should be able to find it (Peter Gales family tree).  My father's family came from the March/Hindon area.  I have Gales Pepper in my tree 1826 - 1888.

My father's grandfather was Alfred Gales 1856 - 1932.

I also have my tree on GenesReunited.

Hopefully you can find my tree on ancestry and we may be able to help each other out.

Best wishes.


Hello Sara

Yes, I am still researching the Gales family in between my Bardys and other branches of the family.

Unfortunately, I am out this evening, tomorrow and tomorrow evening and also Saturday and Sunday!  Blame the golf!  I will dig out my file on the Gales family and get back to you as soon as possible, hopefully Monday.

Thank you for your contact and I hope to be in touch with you soon.


Hello Jan

Thank you for contacting me.  I have Mark Eden Fearn in my tree as he is the father of Peter Joseph Fearn born 1932, died 1991.  Peter married my cousin, Patricia Mary Lund whose parents were Eleanor Bardy and Alfred Lund.  I am descended from Eleanor's sister, Dorothy Bardy.

I have my family tree on GenesReunited and also ancestry.

It may be that we have made contact on Genes?

I look forward to hearing further from you.

Zephyr (Janet)

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