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Australia / Re: Birth lookup - Victoria,Australia
« on: Monday 13 August 07 17:47 BST (UK)  »
Hi had a quick look but haven't found a matching date
I did find this
on the Vic pioneer disc
female Margaret Finlayson
she was born 1876 place listed as Tour
reg no: 2974
parents listed as Father: Alexander Mother:Isabella Mckay
maybe someone else may find something for you
I will have another look later

Regards Raelene

Hi Joy
It doesnt matter if the photo is a black and white one,
you can still scan in the color mode which picks up more detail

Regards Raels

Australia / Re: Nicholson
« on: Tuesday 03 July 07 17:52 BST (UK)  »
Hi have pm'd

you with info i found in the phone book

Cheers Raels

Australia / Re: how do i find death?
« on: Saturday 23 June 07 17:42 BST (UK)  »
Hi Alison

 If you give us names and dates we may be able
to help.

Cheers Raels

Australia / Re: Finding a death in NSW
« on: Sunday 17 June 07 04:10 BST (UK)  »
Hi Ruskie

If you give us a name and date of birth we may be able to go from there also if you have his wifes name we can at least match the marriage and then maybe able to look for a death for you

Cheers Raels

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Re: Colouring a photo
« on: Sunday 10 June 07 16:18 BST (UK)  »
Hi Colwoodtom

Just wanted to say what a fantastic photo
I fell in love with it straight away

And to the wonderful restorers all i can say

Is Wow and double Wow what a fantastic
job everyone has done.

Cheers Raels
sorry had to comment just wish i could master the art of restoring

« on: Saturday 17 March 07 02:33 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Harribobs,

Thank you for your reply,
I will check out the site,
many thanks


Australia Resources & Offers / Re: German headstones in Australia
« on: Friday 16 March 07 14:30 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Just seen this post
There is a cemetery not far from me in a place called Grovedale in Geelong Victoria which was originally called German town its a small cemetery
wondering if Detlef knows about this one

cheers Raels

Dublin / Re: The Dublin I remember (1)
« on: Thursday 15 March 07 15:22 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Bridget,
              Thank you for sharing such a heart touching part of
your life with us. It is so beautifully written what a lovely tribute
too your family.

As I read this I too shed a tear.


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