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Family History Beginners Board / Re: Family Clark
« on: Saturday 09 January 16 20:54 GMT (UK)  »
My deepest respect and thanks, for your help to
Annette7 and Jim1
If you need help about the Danish archive, you just ask me
I will look after the snellman connection to my Scottish family and then I have my German family Joerdens/Bastiansen.
I’m also looking after pic of family memers.
I think that the following 3 people visit Denmark maybe is a part of my family:
Nr. 1
Navn: William Georg Clark Alder: 44 Civilstand: Gift
Husstandsstilling: creaturhandler Fødested: England 93 Vesterbrogade 18, stuen a. Stednavn: Udb. Vester, Gl. Kongeveis Rode matr. 9
Sogn: Vesterbrogade (lige numre) Kilde: FT-1880 KIPnr: C5139 Lbnr: 525
Nr. 2
Navn: Simon Clark Alder: 31 Civilstand: Gift
Husstandsstilling: Skibsfører Fødested: England 104 "Antilope" Stednavn: Kjøbenhavns Havn og Inderrhed
Sogn: Skibe i havnen Kilde: FT-1880 KIPnr: C8507 Lbnr: 501

Nr. 3
Navn: Robert Clark Alder: 29 Civilstand: Ugift
Husstandsstilling: Matros Fødested: England 104 "Antilope" Stednavn: Kjøbenhavns Havn og Inderrhed
Sogn: Skibe i havnen Kilde: FT-1880 KIPnr: C8507 Lbnr: 510 Kommentar: en maskinmester hedder også Robert Clark

Best regards
Lars Alexander Clark
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Family History Beginners Board / Re: Family Clark
« on: Friday 08 January 16 16:28 GMT (UK)  »

Yes that is my grandfather and he dies 23/4-1914
he married my grandmother Emma frederikke petersen - on this link you can see a pic he took of my grandmother and my father (first pic on the webpage) and then some pic he took
I have never seen a pic of him, because my grandmother was made at him and destroyed all the pic of him
He was educated as clerk - but later worked as Photograf
was divorse 14/6/1919
he married again Anna and got one child
I'm not quite sure if he went to New York and was married to Laura Clark (Carls), before he married my grandmother

fra 1900
•Name: Alexander Clark
•Titles: Residence: New York City, New York, New York
•Birth Date: Sep 1873
•Birthplace: Denmark
•Relationship to Head-of-Household: Self Spouse Name: Laura Clark
•Spouse Birth Place: At Sea Father Name:

Fra udvandringsarkivet i Danmark
•Navn: Clark, Alexander
•Stilling: Bogholder
•Alder: 26
•Bestemmelsessted: N.Y. Kontrakt nr.: 119500 Forevisningsdato: 11/1/1899
•Fødested: Kjbhvn. Fødesogn: København
•Bestemmelses land: USA
•Bestemmelses by: New York City Bestemmelses stat: New York State
•Skibsnavn: Norge Bemærkninger: ANM: IDkode: D9701C1509

Lignende oplysninger findes også for Laura Carls senere Laura Clark (født marts 1875) og at de bliver gift 1898


Groom's Name: Alexander Clark
Bride's Name: Laura Carls
Marriage Date: 30 Nov 1898
Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, New York
Groom's Father's Name: Alexander
Groom's Mother's Name: Thora Olson
Bride's Father's Name: Louis
Bride's Mother's Name: Emma Rottenberg

fx. udvandret fra Danmark

Navn:  Clark, Laura Stilling:  Frue
Alder:  23 Bestemmelsessted:  NY.
Kontrakt nr.:  87800 Forevisningsdato:  4/20/1899
Sidste oph.sted:  Amerika Bestemmelses land:  USA
Bestemmelses by:  New York City Bestemmelses stat:  New York State
Skibsnavn:  Indirekte
IDkode:  I9899C1607

You can see on this link what I at the moment know about my family:

best regard

Lars A. Clark

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Family Clark
« on: Friday 08 January 16 09:39 GMT (UK)  »
I wrote it wrong Alexander Clark is my g.. grandfather and Thomas his brother

I'm very grateful for your help

I have 4 generation of Alexander Clark - then I have the name Lars Alexander Clark and my daughters have the names Daniela Alexandra Clark and Alexandra Fernanda Clark

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Family Clark
« on: Friday 08 January 16 06:39 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks for the useful information

I very grateful for your information, i know from my father who died when is was 16 that there was a Doctor Thomas in the family, because my mother wanted me to have the name Thomas, but my sisters and brother wanted the name Lars - so that is my G..grandfather Thomas Clark.

best regards

Lars A. Clark

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Family Clark
« on: Thursday 07 January 16 21:51 GMT (UK)  »
thanks for the new information, i will try to checked it with info i have from Danish arkive
It's a war memorial - here is a link to my webpage with information

Another clue is that as far as i know my father got a Family three , from a solicitor in Edinburch (Robson mc Lean 28 Abercromby place) - but that was many years ago (my fathe died in 1978)

best regards
Lars A. Clark

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Family Clark
« on: Wednesday 06 January 16 15:48 GMT (UK)  »
It maybe one of them, but i do not know if my great grand father came from stoneyburn, he was selling cows when he arrived to Denmark - and later he was teaching English in denmark Copenhagen.
I do know that when they in Stoneyburn wanted to move the monoment to another place they had to ask my father for permission and my fathers cousin in Brisbane Australia for permission (snellman)
unfortunately Alexander Clark is a very commend name in Scotland, so it is difficult to find him - I know when he died in Copenhagen and how old he was - then the calculation tell me that he is born around 1818 +/- 1 year

best regards

Lars A. Clark

Family History Beginners Board / Family Clark
« on: Wednesday 06 January 16 10:32 GMT (UK)  »
I'm looking for information about my family in Scotland. y great grandfather came to denmark 1868, hi was born in Scotland ca. 1818 (Alexander Clark).
I do know that my family is owner of a monoment in Stoneyburn, and from that i got the information about Elizabeth Clark, Agnes Clark possibly sisters, and one of them was married to Alexander Dalziel
You are welcome to visit my webpage about my family

Lars Alexander Clark

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