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Some Warrell's clearly stayed in Convoy, I see a Thomas Warrill with son David in 1822 in Convoy, this is likely a typo or the original was difficult to read. (Also a son George, think he may have died)
If this is the David who killed Wilson, than his father Thomas and your James could be brothers or such.

Your biggest problem is the lack of records before c1820, there isn't even Tlthe Applotment records for Convoy.

Exactly. I assumed that Thomas and James were probably brothers, but as you said the lack of records certainly makes that a murky assumption at best. Add to that the variations of the spelling of the name, and its tough. Even after moving over here to the states, that name in different branches of the family, changed spellings either by typo's or something. I did find some other records of Warrell's still in Convoy as late as 1845, so who knows, perhaps there are still some there today. The real reason I was investigating this was to see if the Warrell's were actually even Irish, or if they came from Scotland, as my hunch tells me. And if so, how long were they in Ireland? All things are hard to say for sure. Perhaps this warrants an investigative trip to Convoy??? LOL

After taking a minute to look at the info, David Warrell (the one accused of killing), isn't a son of either James Warrell or Sarah Wilson (my 4th great grandparents), so these two families must have had even deeper ties, and perhaps several family members married to each other. Thank you again Sinann for finding that tidbit!!

He was still in Convoy in 1822

Wow! Such great info, thank you so much! Looks like we may have some pretty colorful characters back in the family tree!


I am actively searching for more information about James Warrell. I know he was born in Co. Donegal, Ireland, probably around the Convoy area. I believe he would have been born around 1785 or so. I have not been able to find any information on his parents. I know he was married to Sarah Wilson, and left for the States sometime around 1825. Most of the information that I know is from the following page:

Any other information would be greatly appreciated!

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