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Australia / Re: info on the andersons
« on: Wednesday 31 January 24 21:49 GMT (UK)  »
1884 marriage of Alexander Anderson to Dalrymple Gower

Dalrymple Gower was the granddaughter of Tasmanian aboriginal Dolly Dalrymple Johnson through her mother, Charlotte Johnson

1891 birth of Alexander William Anderson to the above couple

1916 marriage of Alexander William Anderson to Emily Selina Keep

Haven't found yet where Bakes fits in


Hi Susie
Please know, I am not doubting your info (re the ship name), just asking to clarify... and hoping to help.

Not that my knowledge is great, but I have never heard of the MC Sloop.... Generally MC refers to something like Maritime Commission.... it would describe either the owner, the type of ship... Like SS stands for STEAMSHIP.... HMS means Her/His Majesty's Ship....

I thought the word sloop referred to the sails on a ship, the specific arrangement of the sails... and that can include the sails arrangement for gun ships.

Would you please upload a link so we can see the actual record? 

I have tried to find him in Australia, but can't seem to locate him... where was he convicted please?  England, Ireland, Scotland.... I can't see him on the Old Bailey records of the Irish transportation records, so will need more info first.

Did he go to Newcastle, or was that just on the transportation document?  Its possible he did go to Newcastle, but not get off the ship.... and went to Tassie.


HMC Sloop Sally (HM Colonial sloop?)

link to original record


Australia / Re: Patricia Harding
« on: Saturday 27 May 23 01:01 BST (UK)  »
The Trove results indicate that this book is about the same Gene Roubin

' unexpected meeting provides Gene with an opportunity to start a new life in Singapore'

The Common Room / Re: Marrying the same person twice?
« on: Saturday 11 February 23 00:48 GMT (UK)  »
The Intention to Marry (on FamilySearch) dated 11 October 1930 for Francis and Edna is signed 'Frank Noyes'

Frank Noyes, rubber worker, born London, is admitted (as destitute) to the New Town Charitable Institute on 24 September 1930 and discharged the same day

Edna and Frederick divorce in 1953


Sounds like Strathleigh or similar


Australia / Re: John & Ann (Ashton) Williams Death Records
« on: Tuesday 24 January 23 07:43 GMT (UK)  »
Possible - Anne Williams Died 4th Dec, 1889 Murray Street aged 74 years (Born 1815) Cornelian Bay Cemetery

Anne's burial is the reopening of the grave of Tudor Williams who was buried the same year

...son of the late C B Williams esq of Bristol


Australia / Re: Victorian Burial Source - Elizabeth Underdown d 1898
« on: Sunday 22 January 23 02:18 GMT (UK)  »
Is this her birth?

Elizabeth Ann Underdown
Born 1861 Inglewood Vic
f. Robert
m. Elizabeth Ann (nee Brown)
Vic reg 17652/1861


ADD: mother's maiden name McBroom, Broom or Brown according to birth regs

Australia / Re: Victorian Burial Source - Elizabeth Underdown d 1898
« on: Sunday 22 January 23 01:08 GMT (UK)  »
Could it be this one in WA, but a Bendigo newspaper notice?

WA reg 2756/1898
Eliza Underdown
f. Robert Beavis
m. Elizabeth
Died Cookernup 1898 aged 38

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