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'A Lost Child
Mrs Annie Bass, wife of Andrew Bass, a pile-driver, at present lying dangerously ill in the Alfred Hospital, has reported to the police that on the 9th inst. a girl named "Tottie" Mitchell, 18 years of age. whom she had previously known as a domestic servant employed by a friend, induced her to permit her little girl, Clara, who is three years of age, to go with her for a while to 36 or 46 Madeline-street, Carlton. The girl and the child have both disappeared, and the mother is anxious to obtain tidings of her child, and would be grateful to anyone who would give the police any information likely to assist them in their search for her.'

1892 'A LOST CHILD.', The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), 23 November, p. 6.,

ADD - 1899 Court case re neighbour troubles
1899 'Prahran Police Court.', Prahran Chronicle (Vic. : 1894 - 1906; 1914 - 1918), 11 November, p. 3. ,

Marriage Andrew BASS and Annie CHAPMAN; District Sydney; NSW reg 488/1884

1885 Eliza BASS born Sydney
f - Andrew m - Annie NSW reg 1356/1885

1890 Clara born Hotham West Vic reg 14145/1890
m - Annie CHAFFMAN f - Andw Dominick

1891 Lily May born Hotham West Vic re 34134/1891
m - Annie CHAPPMAN f - Andw Dominick

1896 - Ernest Andrew born South Yarra Vic reg 6878/1896
m - Annie CHAPMAN f - Andw Dominick BASS

1901 - death Ernest Andrew 'Prn A H' aged 4y Vic reg 3370/1901
m - Annie CHAPMAN f - Andw Domnick BASS

Andrew Dominick BASS
Died Bentleigh Victoria reg 8382/1924
f - Nicholas BASS
m - Eliza SIMPSON

Funeral notice

Australia / Re: Leslie William Bryce born 26 Jul 1899 Balmain, New South Wales
« on: Thursday 13 May 21 18:01 BST (UK)  »

Jean Stein BRYCE
Died 27 June 1986
Queensland reg 1986//6698
Born 1901
M - Mary Elizabeth STEIN
F - James Gibson BRYCE

Australia / Re: Western Australia, Walter PENKETH, born 1831, Salford, Lancashire
« on: Thursday 13 May 21 01:07 BST (UK)  »
From Ancestry

1861 departed Victoria for Otago per Genii, born about 1835 (as Walter Penketh)

1862 departed Victoria for London per Swiftsure, born about 1831 (as W Penketh)

1863 arrived Melbourne per Morning Light from Liverpool, born about 1831 (as Walter Penketh) and under the same number 4499 - Alfred Penketh 36y; Hughes family, James 25y, Ann 25y, Eliza infant, John 41y, Ann 15y


Note - have not seen any evidence of further troubles with the law, can you maybe link to the site with the claim?

Australia / Re: Western Australia, Walter PENKETH, born 1831, Salford, Lancashire
« on: Thursday 13 May 21 00:50 BST (UK)  »
From Grey River Argus, Volume VII, Issue 464, 5 January 1869, Page 2

'A young man named Walter Penketh, better known as Wat. the Baker, died here on Monday morning, after only a week's illness...


This is probably him in Victoria in 1860

'If Walter Penketh, late of the Dredge, Geelong, will call at the Supreme Court Hotel on Monday, 26th inst., he will hear of employment'


Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Re: Marriage place
« on: Tuesday 11 May 21 05:45 BST (UK)  »
Birchen, Dornoch?


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